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Ride Forever -
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Comfort All Year Long

By Rogue

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My 2022 Harley Ultra Limited comes from the factory with heated grips. That was good because I have been using heated grips on my previous motorcycle for years and have gotten to like them a lot.

 I have also been running a heated seat for years and again wanted to continue doing so. Well, Harley just happens to have one and it also cools, something I have not tried before even though there had been plenty of times, I would like to have had one.

 I was impressed with the design and construction as well as the ease of installation. It turned out to be a vast improvement over other seats I have used in the past.

 Okay, for those of you thinking you do not need one of these seats. No, you do not need one to ride year-round and all over the country when others have stopped riding. But it is sure nice to have one.  The thing is, once you use heated equipment, you’re not going to want to give it up. So, Spoil Yourself and join us who are already enjoying heated equipment.

 I do not think this was a difficult install at all and if you do work on your ride you should be able to do this.

Removing Seat Screw
Removing Seat Screw

After all you just have to remove the screw holding the original seat down and slide it back. Plug the new seat in using the Deutsch weather resistant connector and re-install. Well that is if you already have an Electrical Connection Harness on your motorcycle. Some motorcycles do. Mine did not.

Installing The Harness 


Phillips Screwdriver

#40 Torex
#40 Torex

3/8 Ratchet

10 MM Socket

Small Common Screwdriver

Deutsch Terminal Pin Tool
Deutsch Terminal Pin Tool




Start off by removing the Seat, Saddlebags and Side Covers.

Ok, I keep saying READ THE INSTRUCTIONS-- I do and did.

Found out a couple things had changed from my previous motorcycle. On the older one I just removed the main fuse with the key in the off position. Now the instructions say to turn the ignition (Key Switch) on before removing the fuse.

 The main fuse is under the left side cover.

 Turn Ignition Switch to the OFF Position

 Remove the Engine Control Module (ECM) from the electrical caddy on top of the battery.

Using the #40 Torx remove the electrical caddy

Remove the fuse from the Ringed Wire Harness


Locate the accessory connector, a black 3-way Molex pin housing with a weather cap under the right-side cover. (On a Softail, it is on the left side). See why I read the instructions.

The Next Two Images are not the connectors on the motorcycle But Similar and are being used to better show how to remove the plug and insert the wire.
Pin Connector Being Raised
Pin Connector Being Raised

Using a small screwdriver raise the connector out of the housing.

Tool Releasing Pin Lock
Tool Releasing Pin Lock

Use the Deutsch Pin Tool to release the wire lock and remove the white seal pin by pulling it out.
Red Wire From Ringed Wire Harness Installed In Connector
Red Wire From Ringed Wire Harness Installed In Connector

Insert the terminal end of the B+ Cable into the cavity and press the secondary lock down.

Route the ring end of the cable to the positive terminal making sure the fuse holder is accessible.

Using the 10 MM Socket Carefully remove the + Positive Battery Cable

Re-install Battery and Adapter Cables.

Re-install the electrical caddy and ECM

Re-install fuse in adapter cable.

Check that seat controls are in the Off Position

Connect the seat to the adapter harness

Confirm That The Key Switch Is In the OFF Position.

Install the Main Fuse.

Turn Key Switch on and with the seat in Cooling Mode Turn On. Listen for Fan.

Turn Key Off, make sure wires are not rubbing on anything. Plastic wire tie if necessary.

Install seat and pull up on the front of it to verify it is secure.

The day after the install the temperature dropped 20 degrees. Doesn’t much matter where you live your body adjusts to the weather and it notices that kind of change.


 On the test ride, the seat was Very Comfortable. It has Dual Zone Control for Rider and Passenger and both must use the same mode like heat or cool though each can control the level. Using just the Rider Position it warmed up rather quickly. After riding for awhile I even turned it down a little.

 May have to wait a bit to see how well the cooling part works. But I suspect I will be pleased with that too.

I also liked how it is wired so that it shuts off when the key is off.

Let's hit the road...
Our Dayrolls are all leather now, with four pocket including a tool flap. They are the shit. Click for action.
Our Dayrolls are all leather now, with four pocket including a tool flap. They are the shit. Click for action.




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