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Crash Bar Bags Add Tremendous Space to Touring Harleys


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As I got ready to go on a short trip this weekend, I thought it might be a good time to let you know about Harley’s Saddlebag Guard Bags or Crash Bar leather storage bags.

 I have been using them for many years, and when I got my new Ultra Limited it was one of the items I wanted to install.

Photo on cement to be able to see kickstand pad clearly
Photo on cement to be able to see kickstand pad clearly

I find them very convenient to store stuff I want to reach easily, like the kickstand pad I use often when parked on soft surfaces. With it in the Guard Bag, I can reach down and grab it without getting off the motorcycle.

 Things like rolled up t-shirts, socks and underwear fit perfectly. I prefer to carry water or Gatorade in my left one as opposed to on the handlebars. Okay, you have a wide variety of choices as to what you want to put in them.

There is a right and left bag so that they fit the conture of the guard correctly.

Left Bag
Left Bag

The bags are made of sturdy synthetic leather with dual zippered openings and Velcro type closure 

The bags contain an internal zippered, soft pouch perfect for smaller items.


To install the bags, remove the saddlebags and secure the leather bag to the guard with the heavy-duty snaps. I suggest putting the bottom on first and pulling up to install the snaps. It will be very tight at first and eventually loosen slightly as all leather does.

  My saddlebags, the Guard Bags and the rest of the bike were finally packed, so off to enjoy my weekend. I hope you do the same.

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