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Adding Cranking Amps


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  I installed LITHIUM Batteries in a lot of motorcycles for other guys, and everyone has had good things to say about them, so now it’s my turn.

 Like everyone else I am looking for long life and powerful cranking amps.


 The Harley Davidson LITHIUM Battery promises that. They offer 2-times longer battery life and more cranking amps than standard AGM batteries.

They weigh much less, have quality machined brass terminals and a built- in tester so you can tell how much charge is in it.

There is a lot of technical stuff about these type batteries, and if you really want to know about the background information it's readily available. We watched the lithium battery technology start, stumble, and dial in the product line. You know it's cool, when the factory embraces it.

The battery comes with a complete set of instruction, and I recommend you read them before installing the battery, or just ride your bike to the dealership and have them do it.


Installation will vary slightly depending what motorcycle the battery is being installed. In this case it is a 2009 FLHTC. The current battery is 3 years old, and I just felt more comfortable replacing it before my ride to Sturgis this year.


The battery comes charged, but I started off by checking its voltage with a volt meter. It should be 13.4 Volts, my meter showed 13.14, not much difference but still not full charge and I had time to boost it as I worked on other things.


I hooked up the Selectable 800 MA Dual Mode Battery Tender to make sure that it was fully charged before putting in the motorcycle.


While the battery was being topped off, I removing the seat and side panel, I like removing the main fuse when working on the battery, it also gives me the opportunity to clean the fuses while the cover is off.


I released the engine control module and using a Number 40 Torex I removed the battery hold down.


 I do have a couple of 10mm battery tools. I insulated one with some heat shrink should I accidently hit metal while loosening or tightening the cables.

Always Remove The Ground (-) Cable First and Install Last

The new battery comes in a caddy that fits into the place where the older heavier battery was.

When it was in place, I lightly added dielectric grease to the cables. I inserted the bolt and torqued to 50-60 inch pounds.

I installed the supplied foam spacer to the top of the battery followed by the battery hold down and engine control module, cleaned and replaced fuses and started the engine.

It started what seemed quicker than usual and charging was in specifications.

 I am liking this new battery and I suspect that to continue.

So, when you get ready for your new battery consider upgrading to a LITHIUM.


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Reader Comments

Brother, sorry for this bit of news. Not to rain on a parade, but I work in a dealership and take 2--3 of these back a month.

I had one on my bike. It lasted 3 months. I hope you have better luck!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Editor Response Thanks Mike. I thought Harley would have them dialed. What's the issue, do you know?

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