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Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System With Intercom


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Well as I age my hearing is not as good as it once was and rolling down the highway does not help the sounds coming from my stereo making it to my ears.

 Okay, I may be a little spoiled but I do like music and I like to listen to it while riding.

I just got a real cool new helmet and you can see the article on it at:

 To make things even better I got a H-D 30 K Boom Audio System to go with it.

 The Boom! Audio 30K Bluetooth Headset is Harley-Davidson’s flagship wireless headset engineered to simplify and extend wireless communication. The 30K Headset comes with two modules (1 Bluetooth and 1 Mesh) and offers an exceptional integrated experience when paired to the new Boom Box Radio

 My motorcycle is a 2009 FLHTC and has been modified to use Bluetooth but does not have a Boom Radio, so not all of the features work with my system. I did get to ride a motorcycle with the Boom Radio and try out those features as well and this is definitely the way to go if you like music, have a GPS, want to use your phone, talk to other riders etc.

If you have a motorcycle with a Boom Box infotainment system you can also add a Wireless Headset Interface Module (WHIM) which is sold separately to configure your headset through the motorcycles screen.

 Without the WHIM, you can control your 30K through available hands-free voice commands or the glove friendly jog dial menu navigation.

 If you prefer to use earbuds, there is an available earbud port in the base.


 The kit includes headset, additional earpads, microphones and all installation hardware.

 My son Dale has one on his helmet and agreed to help install this one on mine.

Removing Microphone
Removing Microphone

installing Microphone
installing Microphone

Because I was using the Boom Audio on a full-face helmet, Dale removed the back plate of the clamp unit, removed the boom microphone, installed the wired microphone making sure to Lock the microphone to the clamp, reattached the back plate to cover the microphone and the speaker port.



Being careful he inserted the back plate of the clamp unit between the internal padding and the external shell of the helmet, and tightened the two screws. Note: Depending on the size and shape of your helmet, you may need to change the thickness of the rubber pad between the clamp plates using the two extra rubber pads in the box. To increase the overall thickness, attach the thinner one to the original rubber pad or replace the original



The Vanocker helmet has a removable foam insert and was unsnapped to place the helmet speakers along with the hook and loop fasteners, centered to my ear, in the ear pockets of the helmet. If the helmet has deep ear pockets, you can use the speaker pads to place the speakers closer to your ears. Note: Hook Fastener • The speaker with the shorter wire is for the left ear and the speaker with the longer one is for the right ear. • To enhance the audio quality, you can make use of the foam speaker covers. Cover each speaker with the foam and attach the hook fastener at the back of the speaker. Then place the speakers in the helmet as described above. Foam covered speakers work most effectively when they are slightly touching your ears.


adhesive and wire guides
adhesive and wire guides



Hook and loop fasteners that come with the unit are used to route and keep the wiring in place. Dale used an ice cream stick to push the extra wiring into the helmet between the padding and the shell.

Though the headset comes with a charge in it, it had been charging while the helmet was being worked on. Depending on how much charge is the unit it can be fully charged in about 1.5 hours and give 13 hours of service or more. Note: • The headset includes a Fast Charging feature which allows it to charge quickly over a short period of time. For example, a user can get 5 hours of talk time after charging the headset for 20 minutes. • Any 3rd party USB charger can be used with Harley-Davidson products if the charger is approved by either the FCC, CE, IC or other locally approved agencies that Harley Davidson accepts.

 Checking the Battery Level There are two ways to check battery level, visually, with LEDs when powering on and audible method: press and hold the Phone Button and Jog Dial for more than 5 seconds as the headset powers on. A prompt will announce the remaining battery level. Note: When the battery is low while in use, you will hear a voice prompt saying “Low battery”.


 The Boom Bluetooth System comes with instructions, a Quick Start Guide, links to users guides and even a way to update it should you ever need to do that.


 I have had the opportunity to put some miles on wearing this helmet with the Boom Audio and I am Very Happy With It and I think you will as well.

 If you are interested you can get one at

The link above also has more information about all the systems that can be used depending on what year and model motorcycle you have or will be riding.



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