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News from Europe, USTrendy, Brass Balls, Cows, MAFR, Udey, Trikes, Bling and Rogue

By Bandit, Bob T, Rogue, Bob Clark, Mike Stevenson, Udey and the rest of the Bikernet crew

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Happy Thanksgiving,

I’ve been waiting for months to write this.
This year contained some tough obstacles, but we stepped up and conquered. I needed to finish what may be my last book. The City of Los Angeles attacked my building. I had to register my 2014 Indian—not easy in California with a 49-State model.

I had issues with the 5-Ball Salt Torpedo, Bonneville streamlined trike effort and needed to face them and take action.

Since I bought this building one of my goals was to build a deck over the patio. We encountered Bikernet website structure obstacles. Wilmington Waterfront community effort challenged us and a mural effort on the headquarters lingered.

One more, and maybe the most important issue are attacks on our Industry and an effort to combat the EPA. It’s odd. We shouldn’t need to combat any bureaucracy in our government. We pay their salaries. They should work for us, all of us. It’s nuts, but I’ve tried to do all I can to hopefully keep our industry alive and vibrant.

So, at the end of the day I want to give thanks to all the brothers and sisters, including the Bikernet Staff, who have helped me make most of our goals this year come to fruition. The book effort, “World Run,” is out and published, even other publishers are looking at it. We fixed the issue with the city. I rode my Indian to Sturgis and back, which gave me over the 7,500 miles I needed to complete my registration qualifications for California.
Another Panhead Table.
Another Panhead Table.


 Our deck is completed. Bikernet is 20 years old this year and complete revamped and mobile friendly. We have a minor commitment from the Port of Los Angeles to expand our waterfront for the Wilmington Community. I’m working with the Wilmington Youth Foundation on a Wilmington and motorcycle (of course) mural on the side of the Bikernet Headquarters and last but far from least, I’m working with Jim Betlach (V-Twin Expo), Tony San Felipo, Michael Hupy, Chris Callen (Cycle Source Magazine) hopefully the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, and perhaps Zipper’s and S&S to find balance with the EPA.
Bikernet chimes... Wait until you see the next one.
Bikernet chimes... Wait until you see the next one.

Bikers, including Rogue, the Supreme Editor of Bikernet Baggers, have always been warriors in the fight for freedom. We learned a long time ago to never give up or give in. We learned that a small group of organized folks could make a significant difference. Join you local motorcycle rights group. You can make a difference.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

The Thanksgiving Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored by Cycle Source Magazine, Iron Trader News, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, Choppertown, and Born to Ride. Hooray!

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

“2016 Holiday Special.”

Metalsport Inc. is Celebrating the Holiday Season by offering the 30" & 32" 2-D wheels in stock or new orders at a super low price to all qualified dealers.

In all finishes

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India is prospering under nationalist right wing leader Modi.
Putin revived Russia via nationalist fervor.
Phillipines leader Duerte openly publicly called Obama a son of a whore to focus on building his nation.
Trump won USA.

The swinging of the pendulum has already started and nothing can stop this. Modi, Brexit, Trump and now Le Pen. Next Angela Dorothea Merkel will fall. EU will become toothless and defunct.

It may sound like anathema to most left-leaning theorists, but globalization has clearly not been the panacea that some thought it would, rather it only helped a few while leaving a lot of others in the lurch. Those who did not enjoy the benefits are bound to react.

Societies and people define themselves using things more vital and dynamic like tradition and culture, ingrained over centuries of existence, than mere economic considerations, which too seems to have failed many.

The personal deficiencies of these leaders matter less - which politician is without deficiency? - because they are riding on the crest of a wave whose time has come. Super-nationalism is an inherently doomed ideology, and runs against every grain of historical evidence. Good walls make good neighbors.

Prophets of globalization have tried hard to pin the blame on Putin and revive anti-Russianism of the cold war era. While Putin runs a government of kleptocracy and with strong dictatorial ambitions, his excursions are limited to his neighborhood, which further gets semi-justified by the NATO policies of spreading US interventionism.

Moreover, good or bad, he ain't the guy sending suicide bombers into Europe and other parts of world using a medievalist ideology as support. Nah, the world is not going to fall into a Putin hate spree however much Obama, Clinton, Cameron, or Merkel and their propagandist media (which shared the spoils of their interventionist outreach) may try and sell. That script is clearly not working.

However, what does pose an immediate and present danger that threatens the world in a way, which cannot be ignored anymore arises from the benighted land of Saudi Barbaria and its jihadi-exporting regime. For them to fall, first and foremost their most powerful backers have to be de-fanged.

And that is exactly what is happening in world politics right now.

--Udey Way
Supreme Commander and Editor
Bikernet Trikes

Click for the Action.
Click for the Action.

This is one of the neatest this videos, You'll want to watch it to the end - obviously, sound on.

Twitter web player

--Keith Atkinson
--from Bob Clark

Endeavoring to persevere

This isn't Johnny's but Howard's Glide. We will have a tech with it next week.
This isn't Johnny's but Howard's Glide. We will have a tech with it next week.

BRAND New HUMBLE Bikernet Reader Comment!--

Very good article! I recently test rode a few of the new M-8 bikes and found myself quietly smiling with satisfaction as I drove home. My happiness came from a morning of riding on Harley's dime rather than my own, as I test rode several bikes riding for more than three hours and didn't pay for gas at all.

Seriously, what better way to explore the new bikes than at a demo event, which Harley offers several times a year at its different events as well as at the local dealers.

I have avoided the dealerships at all costs the last few months trying desperately to keep my desires at bay and not slip into the "gotta have the shiny new bike" when my latest toy still had tits on the tires.

My wife and I attended the Lone Star Rally a couple of weeks ago and I again avoided the H-D display with all their amazing new bikes begging to be ridden...I wanted to stay away. Everyone I spoke with who had the M8 was gushing over the new motor, "oh it's so much smoother, faster, quieter, better handling,"....blah, blah, blahhh.

I finally broke down this weekend and decided to try the test ride.

Humble, TX

Hang on for the suspenseful conclusion on Bikernet Baggers.--Bandit

Click to bag it.
Click to bag it.

NEW VICTORY BAGGER FROM THE DEVIL-- Thought you might get a kick out of seeing this project. It’s not everyday that you see a custom Victory Bagga. . . .

--Kent Weeks

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