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Amid the 2016 Show Season, with ER Long Beach, V-Twin Expo, Chicago IMS, Swiss, Pate Swap, Hand Built in Texas, You Name It!

By Bandit, Bob T, Rogue, Jeff Najar and the rest of the Bikenet crew

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I have a major bitch, actually a couple,
but I will attempt to stay focused on Freedom. I just don’t get it. What happened to freedom in this country. We all know how important freedom is for the soul, but safety, and regulation took over.

How many times has this backfired, take the War on Drugs. Is it all about making money? Now the global warming/climate change craze is building agencies to control everything around climate fear. I just recently watched a climate report and the PHD said that perhaps 50 percent of climate change is caused by human behavior or fossil fuels, and the other 50 percent is caused by climate shifts.

This is a shot of our building from 1945. They changed the zoning, so their trying to kick us out.
This is a shot of our building from 1945. They changed the zoning, so their trying to kick us out.

So, when the EPA sits down to dream up more controls, more regulations, more restrictions, why can’t we require a Freedom test over unlimited control. If they are after something that will destroy an industry, or the freedom to create, why can’t they be required to back off and allow Freedom to shine. What’s so difficult about that?

Here are two examples. They want mandatory helmet laws, when a full face helmet can break your neck. And many helmets fuck with hearing and peripheral vision. So, basically wearing helmets is a gamble yet they want to make it mandatory.

They are trying to control performance motorcycles with CARB regs. Custom motorcycles will make no significant dent in the atmosphere, yet they use any excuse to mess with this small industry, while China builds more coal fired plants. What the hell? I can dig the big picture efforts, but leave some openings for Freedom and fun.

I would call this a balanced approach. Do we want to be controlled by the agencies we create? That’s what’s happening. Join your local motorcycle rights group, quick.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by Cycle Source Magazine, Iron Trader and Chopper Town.

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Click for more info.


Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation, a Bagger World Master – Considered one of the founding fathers of extreme bagger-style builds, Paul and his crew will be displaying a multitude of custom bagger parts for sale and Baggers in Long Beach.

Hang on as Paul will debut “Rubber Knucky,” a 1940s Knucklehead they’ve fused with the signature design that’s made Bagger Nation an industry-wide leader.

Yaffe was recently inducted into the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2014 joining the ranks of Evil Kneivel and Arlen Ness.

Don’t Miss Long Beach this weekend.

LUCKY DEVIL BUILDS TEXAS Big wheel choppers—
“Because not everyone wants a wind screen and a radio,” said Kent Weeks from Lucky Devil Motor Works in Houston, Texas, “ haha! I recently did a big wheel install on this ol’ custom (built by others). “

Next, we’re hoping for a report on our Salt Torpedo. This is the year.



The 5-Ball Leathers’ Special Ops 12 Pocket Buffalo Leather vest --- Features heavy duty gun metal grey zipper front, bound leather neck trim (nothing flapping in the wind) and double needle seam construction.

Side Snap adjustment Interior Features: 2 Gun pockets with quick snap , 2 Zip pockets, 2 coin pockets and 100% cotton black/white plaid lining.

The Special Ops 12 Pocket Buffalo Leather vest was designed Boot Tough & Rattlesnake Slick –

Pat Patterson, of Led Sled Customs, worked with the 5-Ball Leather designer, Bob Kay, to create a Led Sled Jack Shirt. Watch for it in the near future.

Check 5-Ball leathers for all your leather desires...
Check 5-Ball leathers for all your leather desires...

AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Legend Wayne Rainey is the 2015 AMA Motorcyclist of the Year--
Rainey, a three-time world champion, two-time AMA Superbike champion and now president of MotoAmerica, leads a team that has revitalized professional road racing in the United States.

The AMA Motorcyclist of the Year, awarded by the AMA Board of Directors, recognizes the person or persons who had the most profound impact within the motorcycling community in the previous 12 months.


With Fairing, windshield and front light bar. Kick and Electric start, 1200 CC, good running quiet engine with Mikuni carb and no leaks.

Mustang seat, leather saddlebags, crash bars front and rear. Fresh Service and replaced battery and clutch parts.

Asking $6000-
Motorcycle is in Palm Bay Florida

Six Police Chiefs Publicly Accuse Sheriff – Claiming He Stole Their Drugs.

Sandusky County, OH — Six police chiefs publicly accused the local sheriff on Friday of stealing drugs from their departments and lying about his involvement with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The police chiefs also blamed the state’s attorney general and Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) of stalling the investigation for political purposes.

In April 2015, Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer met with Police Chief Mark Kaufman at Bellevue Police Department and allegedly told the police chief that he was collecting drugs for the DEA. Loosely managed by the DEA, the drug disposal boxes at Bellevue and the surrounding police departments were intended to keep unused pills, including antibiotics and painkillers, from being improperly discarded or illicitly sold.

Relatively new to the job, Chief Kaufman agreed to hand the drugs over to the sheriff without verifying his claims. Unbeknownst to Kaufman, the sheriff subsequently appeared two more times to steal drugs without his presence.

“Well, I didn’t realize he had been there the other two times,” Kaufman told the Sandusky Register. “And my detective didn’t think anything of it. It was the sheriff picking up these things. He told us – he told me personally – he had an agreement with DEA and just kept it in whatever facility he had, and he said they come and pick it up a couple times a year.”

After learning that Overmyer had appeared two more times in his absence to take more drugs, Kaufman brought up the subject at the police chiefs’ monthly meeting on August 19. Kaufman recalled, “I said, ‘Hey, lemme ask you guys something. You’re way more experienced than I am at this. Have you guys ever had this happen?’ And then, all of a sudden, everyone’s going, ‘Yeah, he was over at my place.’ Then we’re starting to… This wasn’t just me.”

Kaufman continued, “When I talked to DEA the next day, I learned that the sheriff in fact did not have an agreement with them, and secondly that they told me they had discontinued the pick-ups a couple years ago, and that they were starting again.”

Following the monthly meeting, chiefs Charles Horne and Kaufman repeatedly called BCI Agent Jeff Cook to request the status of the investigation and offer to be interviewed. Instead, police chiefs discovered that the BCI had informed Overmyer about the accusations against him.

Although Attorney General Mike DeWine later claimed that he had no knowledge of the accusations against Sheriff Overmyer, Gibsonburg Police Chief Paul Whitaker asserted that DeWine spoke with him on September 27, and the state’s attorney general falsely assured Whitaker that the investigation was ongoing. The next day, coincidentally on DEA Drug Take Back day, BCI Superintendent Tom Stickrath continued the false narrative, while Agent Cook informed Chief Horne that the criminal allegations against Overmyer were “trivial and minor.”

“That was the day they designated to go around to all the departments in a Ryder truck and collect all these drugs,” Whitaker recalled. “They collected 61lbs just from Clyde Police Department. So there’s a lot of drugs being collected out of a 26-county area.”

--By Andrew Emett

Free Thought Project

--from Rogue

Andrew Urlrich of Long Beach, discovered by the Bikernet Editorial team has rapidly become a builder to watch.

He won big time at the David Mann Show, and last weekend at the Sacramento, Easyriders Show. His bikes will hit the long Beach ER Show running. Hang on for the action this weekend.


Coming to Tropical Tattoo for Bike Week.

The flier is for Bike Week and Jasmine is scheduled to perform.This is the old school bike show on Thursday of Bike Week.

It is one of the things I never miss, while in Daytona.

Chance to see a lot of friends I do not get to see as much as I would like and it always make a good article.

I have been in the garage making a trike go faster. Making good progress and will have a hell of a tech article, for Bikernet Trikes, when it is done.

Bikernet Supreme Baggers Editor


The Indian Chief line makes a statement; classic lines, leathery bits, vintage paint, and brilliant chrome. What a great starting point to build upon!

Klock Werks knows that no two riders are the same and many prefer to adjust their riding position. Handlebars are the place to start adding comfort to all that style!

Klock Werks Prairie Bars combine traditional beach bar styling with a more comfortable, relaxed riding position. With a reduced reach, your shoulders, forearms, and hands will thank you after hours on the road. Prairies Bars maintain the vintage style of your Indian, offering comfort without sacrificing an ounce of style.

“At Klock Werks we take our commitment to our customers seriously. You can have a customized look that suits your style and actually improves your ride. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other,” said Brian Klock, president and visionary of Klock Werks.
Klock Werks Prairie Bar FIT KIT for 2015+ Indian Chief Classic and Chief Vintage are wider and lower than the stock bars with 3-inch more pullback for reduced reach to the handgrips and controls.

And for the first time in the aftermarket parts offering, Klock Werks makes it easy for you to replace your stock bars by including necessary cables in the convenient Prairie Bar FIT KIT! The handlebars are available in chrome or black; cables are
black in both kits.

Prairie Bar FIT KITS are in stock

915 S. Kimball St. Mitchell, SD 57301
ph: (605) 996-3700

fax: (605) 996-9900

Amber Hiles

Plus they are ready to ship through your local Drag Specialties dealer or online at

of professional road racing in late 2014 when a deal was struck among MotoAmerica, Daytona Motorsports Group and the AMA that enabled MotoAmerica to take over commercial and promotional responsibility for professional road racing in America and restored the AMA as the sanctioning body for professional road racing.

In 2015, MotoAmerica operated the first season of its professional road racing series, sanctioned by the AMA and FIM North America. The MotoAmerica series, the new home of the AMA Superbike Championship, built a strong platform and set professional road racing in America on a new path for success.

The full story of Rainey's creation and development of MotoAmerica can be found in the January issue of American Motorcyclist, the official journal of the AMA.

All proceeds from the raffle benefit the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. One chance to win is available with a $5 donation, or five chances are available with a $20 donation. To donate, see Raffle Bike or call

(614) 856-2222.

This is not a new article BUT it is an example of what is going on all over the country by The Gang Called Law Enforcement.

It’s “An Extortion Racket:” Police Chief Moved to Tears After Exposing Corruption in His Department

“Exactly like the Mafioso in New York. That’s exactly how they are operating,” Calexico Police Chief Mike Bostic said in regards to his own department.

Calexico, CA — A border town east of San Diego fired their own police chief last month “in the interest of their own citizens,” and on Oct. 13 Former Police Chief Pompeyo Tabarez was replaced with Mike Bostic.

When Bostic took over the department he found it rife with corruption. “The council members in conjunction with the police officers association and members of that association have used city funds and city resources to run what I would call an extortion racket,” said the newly-appointed police chief as he publicly accused his predecessor, members of his own department and city officials of illegally trying to undermine a criminal investigation, comparing their actions to those of the New York mafia.

“Exactly like the Mafioso in New York. That’s exactly how they are operating,” the chief said.

According to NBC San Diego, after he was on the job for three or four days, Bostic discovered the investigations unit was not working any active cases. The same was true with the narcotics and internal affairs units.

The corruption was so out of hand that the FBI has launched an investigation into the allegations. Last week during a press conference Bostic publicly denounced the corruption within the department and vowed to end it.

When he got to the part about having to call in the FBI just two weeks into his term, he was moved to tears, “I’ve literally had it,” Bostic said as he broke down.

Unfortunately police department corruption is not isolated to this small border town. There are literally dozens of instances of departments just like this one in Calexico.

What makes this case unique, however, is the fact that the whistelblower is at the top of the department. So many times we see ‘good cops’ fired, threatened, harassed, and smeared for trying to call out corruption within their own department. Bostic, being the department Chief, is seemingly able to avoid such backlash….so far.

By Eva Decesare

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--

Last update.......

Grosseto, Grosseto, Italy

APPLICATION: Universal for LS Engines.
Note: Not intended to be a direct bolt-on to OEM intake manifolds.

AVAILABLE: 01/08/16


LENGTH: 7.25 inches

WIDTH: 8.75 inches

HEIGHT: 5.5 inches





Parabolic design for precise control, smoother off-idle response and improved part-throttle drive-ability.

Billet body with stainless steel shaft
Contoured inlet profile outflows the competition's big-bore throttle bodies
Robust throttle cam assembly, featuring a three-plate design.

Dual ball-bearing design offers shaft stability and smoother operation.
Less shaft twist for superior TPS signal stability.
Four-bolt mounting for easy installation

Click for subs and more.
Click for subs and more.

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The city is trying to kick you out of the Intergalactic biker-net hq?

ya would think grandfathered in would apply, after all the improvements etc.

I had some trouble getting my building recognized as my primary residence after converting 60% of a five bay shop into my home, I can still use the rest for business if I want and still keep my 45% less property tax rate a primary gets.

But dang coming at you after the fact blows..

Tom K
Ogden, UT
Friday, January 15, 2016
Editor Response Hey Tom,

We had a meeting and there's a glitch, but I'm hoping I can work through it. It's Nuts, and I'm a busy guy. Besides, just drive across town. Plenty of building are a mess.

We'll keep up the good fight.

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