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Scary Shit from Glasgow to Australia

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Rogue, RFR, J.J. Solari, Bob T., Sam Burns, the Redhead, Jack McIntyre, Gearhead, Laura, Steve Bauman, Joe Smith, and the whole gang

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On Halloween the Glasgow Climate Conference will kick off with Mother Nature disguised as an SUV.
And there will be large rooms full of folks claiming Doomsday. Here are the simple facts from the co2Coalition. Check it out.

If this wasn’t ridiculous, it would actually be funny. How many doomsdays have we experienced in history. Just 100 percent of them were wrong.

I love to see ads for these puppies.
I love to see ads for these puppies.

I wonder if we sit down with a one-eyed, witchy woman who reads tea leaves for wide-eyed predictions. Would she say as the candle mysteriously blows out on her floating table, “This is Hitler’s birthday and all the evil, control freak ghosts have reemerged to take over the world again.” Hang on, let’s hit the news.

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The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

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FUEL CLEVELAND ACTION, BE THERE BE THERE, BE THERE--It's nearly time. Fuel Cleveland is happening next weekend.

Fuel Cleveland takes place Saturday, November 6th, 2021.
There are hangouts, shindigs, parties and goings-on happening all weekend.
Stay in the know as to the schedule, address and such here. See you soon!
Looking for more fun to be had while in Cleveland? We've got you covered...

The Crawford Auto and Aviation Museum in Cleveland has a killer display going, "Year Of The Motorcycle", on loan from the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, Alabama.
In addition to the motorcycle exhibit they have a really cool collection of cars, trucks and planes! We highly recommend a visit. For more info check out the Crawford Museum website.

--Lowbrow Crew

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Click for Action.

FEMA NEWS FROM THE EUROPEAN FRONT-- UK: ‘Tampering With A Motorcycle’s Environmental Performance Will Be Illegal’-- British bikers were alarmed by the suggestion that the government wanted to introduce measures that would stop motorcycle customization.

These anti-tampering proposals have generated huge concern among motorcyclists that motorcycle modification would be rendered illegal.

To find out the truth about these alleged measures, representatives of motorcyclists’ organizations met with officials from the Department for Transport.

Controversial plans for vehicle anti-tampering regulations were the subject of a high-level meeting between a delegation from the National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) and officials from the Department for Transport (DfT). The anti-tampering proposals have been put forward in the British Government’s Future of Transport Regulatory Review Consultation: Modernizing Vehicle Standards. Proposed ‘anti-tampering’ regulations are aimed at environmental performance and speed ‘defeat devices’ on new electric vehicles, but regulations are still set to impact emissions modifications of petrol motorcycles.

The proposals aim to create new offences for ‘tampering with a system, part or component of a vehicle intended or adapted for use on the road’. This would specifically outlaw advertising, supplying or installing a ‘tampering product’ and create an offence for removing or reducing the effectiveness of, or rendering inoperative a system, part or component of a vehicle.

These anti-tampering proposals would impact not only motorcycle riders, but also the thousands of accessory and component businesses which serve a thriving market in motorcycle adaptation and customization.

‘It is not the government’s intention to stop motorcycle customization, modification and adaptation where this does not relate to the environmental performance or design speed of a motorcycle.’

The meeting,with the DfT was attended by Craig Carey-Clinch (National Motorcyclists Council, NMC, Anna Zee (British Motorcyclists Federation, BMF) and Colin Brown (Motorcycle Action Group, MAG). Both BMF and MAG are members of FEMA.

The DfT immediately confirmed that it is not the government’s intention to stop motorcycle customization, modification and adaptation where this does not relate to the environmental performance or design speed of a motorcycle.

The proposals are instead aimed at ensuring the motorcycles can no longer be legally modified to generate more pollution and in the case of electric motorcycles, cannot have software changes made to increase speed. In this area, the proposals have been inspired by the practice of modifying electric bicycles and e-scooters to make them faster and more powerful.

The practice of using non-OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer part) will not be stopped, as long as these do not degrade the specified environmental performance of a bike. Modifications that improve this performance are still planned to be possible. The DfT quickly acknowledged that the consultation was not worded precisely enough and that more could have been said with regard to the specific areas of concern when it comes to ‘tampering’. The Department confirmed that it had received a huge postbag on the subject.

Although the NMC has successfully gained clarification about the scope of the anti-tampering proposals, many concerns remain about unintended consequences of the proposed regulations as they apply to existing and older motorcycles, how the regulations will be applied and the scope of what will be covered. The DfT acknowledge these concerns and have agreed that the NMC will be able to input to the development of any new regulations after the consultation period has finished.

Engine modifications often improve how a bike runs and the freedom to be able to make these changes must remain. But it does seem clear that in the drive to reduce vehicle emissions and to decarbonize all vehicle types, at the very least, modifications that lead to increased emissions from petrol motorcycles and cars are likely to be outlawed.”

Written by Wim Taal

Source: NMC

WITH TENNESSEE BREAST CANCER COALITION-- Portion of Proceeds From Exclusive Pink Cosa Salvaje Tequila Bottles to be Donated to Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Tanya Tucker's Cosa Salvaje Tequila has customized an exclusive signature pink bottle to honor and support breast cancer survivors year-round as the tequila brand partners with the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition. Tucker has always been an advocate for women's health issues and will be donating a portion of the proceeds from all of the signature pink bottles made.

"I’m so very proud to be partnering with the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition. All my life I’ve worked hard to perfect the gift I was given - it’s always a challenge. But nothing compared to the struggles these women have every day, fighting to live, stay with their families and care for their children. To be there as they grow and to help guide them through their lives. I want to help them DO that! I want to be a part of finding a cure. I hope that every sip brings us closer to that glorious day when the suffering halts and the living begins. Together we can win!" Tanya shared about the partnership.

Cosa Salvaje has customized their signature pink tequila bottles with a black leather strap bearing an embossed pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each bottle is embellished with a quote from Tucker that reads, "This bottle is dedicated to all the women fighting breast cancer. Together...we can win!"

“October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we look forward to working with Tanya to bring awareness to the financial difficulties associated with a diagnosis of breast cancer. 65 percent of Americans list unexpected medical expenses as their top financial concern and healthcare-related costs cause bankruptcy every 30 seconds. The financial burden of breast cancer is real and not just in October," shared Executive Director of the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition, Jami Wright Eller.

“Tanya and I both believe that if we all do our part, big or small, we will be able to help conquer breast cancer. Being involved with the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition makes us feel like we are one step closer," CEO/Founder of Cosa Salvaje, Elle France said.

MILITARY-THEMED ‘HONORING HEROES’ CLOTHING COLLECTION--100% of Proceeds to Benefit Non-Profit Military Organization & Fund Veteran Rehab Efforts

Indian Motorcycle, America’s First Motorcycle Company, today announced the release of an all-new, military-themed clothing collection where 100% of its proceeds will benefit the Veterans Charity Ride (VCR) and its veteran rehab efforts. The Indian Motorcycle ‘Honoring Heroes’ collection was designed to recognize and support those who have served in the United States Military, while at the same time providing resources for post-war veterans rehabilitating within the VCR program.

With eight pieces, the Indian Motorcycle Honoring Heroes collection features military-inspired casualwear for both men and women. The men’s line includes a Khaki Contrast-Sleeve T-Shirt, a Khaki Icon Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, and a Khaki Camo Hoodie. For women, the Honoring Heroes collection includes a Khaki Contrast-Sleeve with three-quarter, baseball-style sleeves, a Khaki Icon Long-Sleeve T-Shirt and a Khaki Camo Hoodie. A Khaki Icon Beanie and Khaki Camo Snapback Cap complete the exclusive collection.

Created by veteran Army Paratrooper Dave Frey, VCR leverages the therapeutic effects of motorcycle riding to create an adventure of a lifetime for wounded and amputee combat veterans adjusting to post-war life. Each year VCR hosts 15-to-20 veterans on a therapeutic ride from the Southwest to the legendary Sturgis Bike Week®. The 10-to-14-day adventure allows participating veterans the opportunity to push towards conquering their post-war challenges while out on the open road. Throughout the trip, veterans conduct team-building exercises that allow riders to share their service experience during the emotional and mind-detoxing motorcycle ride.

The Indian Motorcycle Honoring Heroes collection is available now at select Indian Motorcycle dealers around the country. To learn more about the collection visit the Indian Motorcycle Outpost. To support the Veterans Charity Ride, donate, or to learn more visit Riders can also follow along on Indian Motorcycle’s social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

THE HARLEY 3RD QUARTER REPORT--Harley's pivot to high-margin bikes delivers profit, revenue beat

Harley-Davidson Inc reported better-than-expected quarterly profit and revenue on Wednesday, in a sign that its turnaround plan, which focuses on selling more profitable bikes to affluent customers, was beginning to benefit the company.

NEWS FLASH FROM ECOSENSE--Shareholder divestment campaigns caused oil and gas shortages, a return to coal, and higher emissions

Over the last decade, climate activists have successfully pressured governments, banks, and corporations to divest from oil and natural gas companies. At first such efforts appeared to be strictly symbolic. But in recent years climate activists succeeded in driving public and private investment away from oil and gas exploration and toward renewables. The result is the worst energy crisis in 50 years.

Under-investment in oil and gas exploration is not the only cause of today’s energy crisis. The economic comeback from the covid pandemic has pushed up demand. Lack of wind in Europe meant higher demand for both natural gas and coal. And a drought in Brazil meant it had to import natural gas.

But the main cause of energy shortages is the half-decade-long under-investment in oil and gas driven by climate concerns.

“ESG [environmental, social, and governance] considerations account for much of the decline in capital expenditure by international oil companies in recent years,” notes The Financial Times today, “and the investor exodus out of oil and gas markets.” Bloomberg agrees, noting that “the market is now fixated on climate change and the dwindling appetite to invest in fossil fuels.”

China, India, the U.S., East Asia, and Europe are all mining and burning more coal to make up for the lack of natural gas. China’s government recently waived environmental safeguards on coal mining. China imposed rolling blackouts due to energy shortages while India narrowly avoided them.

Normally, the anticipation of higher oil and gas demand causes firms to increase investment in exploration. That hasn’t happened. The main reason, according to Goldman Sachs, is climate activist pressure on governments, firms, and banks to divest from oil and gas exploration.

Oil and gas exploration investments declined by half between 2011 and 2021, notes The Financial Times. New oilfield discoveries fell to historic lows between 2016 and 2020, not due to lack of oil, but lack of investment in exploration. Today firms are spending 25 percent less than they need to hold oil production steady.

The result of successful climate activism is, paradoxically, rising coal use and carbon emissions. That’s because electricity produced from natural gas produces about half of the emissions of coal.

Some of us warned that climate activist efforts against natural gas would backfire. Eight years ago, I defended fracking for making natural gas cheaper than coal. Reducing natural gas exploration would make gas more expensive, I argued, and delay the transition away from coal.

Some worry that cheap oil increases its use, but petroleum use is highly inelastic, since our cars and trucks rely on it. Little oil is burned for electricity production, and natural gas is required to balance at the intermittency of solar and wind.

The proof is in the data. Fossil fuels’ share of global energy production remain unchanged at 84 percent since 1980. To the extent emissions in Europe and the US declined, it was largely due to the transition from coal to natural gas.

As a result of successful activist pressure, governments and investors have punished oil and gas companies. When an oil and gas exploration firm, EOG Resources, announced in February that it intended to expand output, its share price dropped more than any other company on the S&P 500. Naturally, American oil and gas firms have since refused to expand production, even as prices have risen.

Social responsible investing is decades old, but ESG was embraced over the last decade by large university endowments, investment banks like Blackrock, governments, the International Energy Agency, the United Nations and eventually by oil and gas companies themselves, including Shell, Total, and many others. In May, a court in The Netherlands ordered Shell to reduce its emissions, a ruling that made firms reluctant to invest in new oil and gas exploration.

It’s not like oil and gas executives didn’t know that underinvestment would lead to today’s price shocks. It’s that they were ignored. When the former CEO of Exxon, Lee Raymond, was asked what kept him up at night he said, simply, “Reserve replacement.” Shareholders had demanded he stop investing. In 2020, under pressure from climate activists, JPMorgan Chase, America’s largest investment bank, removed Raymond from his role as the board’s lead independent director.

Part of the problem is that neither corporations nor governments are taking the right actions. Some are going in the wrong direction. The U.S. Congress appears close to approving a deal to pour $500 billion into renewables and its enabling infrastructure over the next decade. Those taxpayer subsidies could further reduce the incentive for private firms to invest in oil and gas. Even if they don’t, the Biden administration has moved to restrict oil and gas drilling on public lands.

Meanwhile, even in the middle of the global energy crisis, the United Nations and the International Energy Agency (IEA), funded by developed nations, are putting pressure on nations to reduce oil and gas investments even more than they already have.

But high oil and gas prices will create political problems for governments as they worsen inflation. And prices are likely to remain high for years not months.

“Today, investment in fossil fuel is vilified and financing has become sparse as big western banks withdraw,” notes The Financial Times. “Due to long lead times between investment and supplies, we are yet to see the full impact of this slowdown in spending on conventional oil and gas production. In other words, supplies will continue to lag behind demand for the next few years.”

As a result, even as the Biden administration prepares to promote its heavy investments in renewables in preparation for United Nations climate change talks in Scotland, it is also pressuring OPEC to increase oil production.

--Michael Shellenberger

LONE STAR RALLY NEWS--From the same people that have brought you the Search for Miss Lone Star Rally for the last 15 years, Outlaw Dave Productions is excited to be hosting the Annual Search for Miss Lone Star Rally. A premiere bikini spokesmodel contest along the Gulf Coast, Miss Lone Star Rally this year coincides with the 20th Anniversary of this motorcycle rally that sees over 400,000 attendees annually.

This annual search, sponsored by Nitrilis Health, is conducting preliminary events at motorcycle destinations and Harley-Davidson dealers throughout the month of October in Southeast Texas. Ladies from the Gulf Coast will vie for this coveted title and their share of the $10,000 cash we award.

Interested contestants should contact 1st Class Models (218) 451-6793



Sunday, October 24 at 6 pm
? Voodoo Hut in Kemah
Saturday October 30 at 12 pm
? Mancuso Crossroads
FINALS: Saturday Nov 6 Saengerfest Plaza

Party on VIP Balconies with 2021 VIP Packages!


'The motorcyclist' 1936 magazine stated 12 bikes were pre ordered for the year. The 1938 advert stated "manufactured in limited production." The 1939 Big tank advert stated "manufactured in limited production.”

All bikes were by advance order ONLY, and no dealerships. The Oct 1940 Motorcyclist mag debuted the 'Scootabout' after production of the V twin ended.

Paul Bigsby left the factory in 1941 and Gene Rhyne soon after. It has already been documented that Ernie Skelton made patterns for Crockers in 1968.

Harry Sucher wrote in 'The Antique motorcycle' vol 10 #3 1971. The Crocker Register was fabricated by Skelton and Chuck V. There are no previous owners for most of the bikes listed and most of them use HD XA-705, 706 rods and flat head pistons, do the math 3-5/16" or 3-7/16" by 3-5/8", 4-1/8" or 4-5/8" stroke.

Why they use H-D rods and pistons? because there are no Crocker rods or pistons for these "BARN FINDS". Here’s the 1940 Crocker advert:

New Zealand

click for mayhem...
click for mayhem...

INFAMOUS SMOKE OUT RALLY Is Headed Back to Salisbury For ’22

After reaching a deal between Flat Black Productions and The Source Media Group, the two-decade-long Smoke Out Rally will not only come back for 2022 but will return to the original Salisbury location at the Rowan County Fairgrounds.

Now, with more camping and more annual events at the fairground, it would seem that the Smoke Out Rally will do well at this location again.
Slated for September 9 & 10, 2022, the long-standing traditions of Smoke Out will not change. Everything that attendees have come to expect over the years, from the mini bike racing to the chopper show, is still intact. Some additions will be the Legacy Invitational that features original SmokeOut Builders in a 100-foot air-conditioned exhibition hall alongside one legacy builder that is a newcomer to the Smoke Out traditions. Already confirmed are Billy Lane, Paul Cox, Jeff Cochran, Bill Dodge, Donny Loos, Pat Patterson, and Steve Broyles, to name just a few.

Also new for 2022 is their charitable component titled “Tankful.” Which will raise money through an auction of custom-painted motorcycle tank wall art. In conjunction with Ed Kerr and the Hamsters USA®, some of the top industry paint slingers will throw down their best on a half shell provided by Paughco. All tanks will be on display throughout the Smoke Out Rally in the Legends Gallery. After the rally is over, the tanks will be auctioned off. All the proceeds will go towards the “Meals On Wheels” program in Rowan County and Spearfish, South Dakota.

While other details like the band lineup and some additional bike show info are yet to come, the big news is that Smoke Out is back. It’s in a better time of year and is headed back to the place of its former glory. Stay tuned to the @smokeoutrally on Instagram, Facebook, and of course, for more info.

My personal view on Logo for any Company or Brand. -

1. Think of any of the big companies or brands that come to your mind when you think of a particular product for a particular need and which you like -
- Example: For a Motorcycle, For a Car, For a TV Channel, For an Online Selling Website, For a Bank, etc

2. Now, do people instantly remember that Logo - a symbol - after having seen it just once?
- Why ?
- Because it is simple, clean, very limited in color and artwork, etc.

3. If there was a very complicated looking but also very beautiful intricate artwork being used by a Brand or Company as their Logo - would the customers out there be able to remember it to associate it with the Name of the Product ?

- if they find it difficult to describe a particular logo to others (example, lady asking a salesman at Walmart for a particular grocery item)

- or difficult to Recall a particular Brand Name because of association with its logo when they want to buy a particular product

- most likely they won't remember the name of the company / brand / website, etc.

4. Memory works better with Symbols - hence people remember a brand name when they remember a Logo

- which is why Logo are Registered as Trademarks by Companies.

5. Look at iconic products recognised globally - simply recognised by their Logo - a symbol for a product they admire –

- "Bar and Shield ?" - Harley-Davidson
- iconic half-bitten Apple logo of Mac and iPhone company
- Nike
- even CNN or BBC
- with the smiley underneath the word going from A to Z of that word, saying people can buy anything with best service through Amazon

6. Simplicity is more difficult and more artistic than intricate artwork.

- The "Two Fingers Not Touching" is the Most Remembered Part of the detailed intricate beautiful painting by Michelangelo in Sistine Chapel called The Creation of Adam, portraying the creation of mankind by God.

- but of course bikers pay lot of money for painting intricate artwork on their motorcycles.

- That's a different concept of "Customization" (personalized) compared to Company Logo.

--Professor Wayfarer Phd.

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We spent Halloween weekend in Deadwood. Was a great time, lots of crazy shit!! Deadwood never disappoints.

Rik Savenko
Bismarck, ND
Tuesday, November 2, 2021
Editor Response I'm sorta laid-up. Wish I was jumping from building to building in my Bandit Rules suit. Maybe we could have hooked up. Glad you had a good time.

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