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Sunday Edition

Graffiti By Cyril Huze

The Bobber No One Expected

Edited by Wilburn Roach with photos from Cyril
6/10/2010 2:15:41 PM

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full right

"Here is a Bobber that nobody expected me to build," said Cyril Huze, "Except me and my client, Paul Gren, from Orlando.

Graffiti is the first form of Hip Hop. It pre-dates Rap and all the other forms!!! Graffiti is still the only art form where the life span of a work can be as brief as hours... Like it's often the case with other non-conventional art forms. Some people have a negative point of view on graffiti based on limited or erroneous information. Same about custom motorcycles.

"When I immigrated in the US in '86, I lived in NYC," Cyril said. "The city had a big impact on me. Here's proof."

left close

Both graffiti and choppers are innovative and truly original art forms because they allow people to express ideas and share in each other's feelings via the artwork. They are created by artists doing their art for the sake of doing their art. And nobody can seriously challenge the historical relevance of any form of art, tagging walls or customizing bikes. This Graffiti Bobber was built to be reminiscent of the late '60s when aerosol culture was exploding in New-York City and when at the same time bikers began to turn their bikes into their own pieces of art.

"The bike draws a crowd," Cyril said. "And it's not illegal to spray can your own ride with graffiti." Graffiti is Cyril showing his respect to street art, on walls and on wheels.

front right 

"I had a lot of fun building this," Cyril said, "And I guess everybody will know about my wild side."

This bike demonstrates Cyril's bike building flexibility, while based in Florida. His two-wheeled artistry fluctuates from art deco creations, to stretched choppers and flowing masterpieces. Check his site or some of the other Cyril Huze Creations on Bikernet.

--Wilburn Roach



Designer & Builder: Cyril Huze
Owner: Paul Gren

Fabrication: Cyril Huze Customs (Rick Taylor)
Assembly: Cyril Huze Customs (Rick Taylor)
Year/Make: 2004 Cyril Huze Very Special Construction
Chroming: Chromemasters.

Builder: Chica modified Huze
Type: Rigid Gooseneck
Rake: 38-degrees

engine exhaust 

Year/Model: 2004 Pan/Evo TP Eng.
Displacement: 107 CI
Compression: 10.4: 1
Pistons: TP
Cases: TP polished
Heads: TP polished
Cylinders: TP Polished
Cam: Crane H4
Lifters: TP
Oil Pump: TP Pro-Series
Pushrods: TP
Motor Mount: Huze
Rocker Boxes: Pan Style
Cam Cover: Huze.
Carb: S&S G DaVinci
Air Cleaner: Goodson painted.
Pipes: MGS/Huze Black Coated..
Transmission: Year 04, 6-speed, close ratio, polished & chrome..

top tank

Inspiration: Cyril in NYC.
Paint & Graffiti: Chris Cruz
Special paint: Yo, from the Bronx.


Mirrors: Cyril Huze
Handlebars: Shorty Beach Bars, painted.
Risers: Cyril Huze
Grips: Cyril Huze
Hand controls & Grips: OMP/Huze
Foot Controls & Pegs: OMP/Huze
Clutch: Hydraulic, inside frame
Coil Bracket: Huze
Front Fender: Stolen in the Bronx.
Rear Fender: Huze, welded to frame, so it won't be stolen..
Gas Tank: Huze.
Oil Tank: Killer Chopper
Headlight: Huze painted
Turn signals: Stolen in the Bronx
Taillight: Cyril Huze L.E.D.
Primary Drive: Chain BDL
Primary Cover: Jay Brake.
Seat: Jeff Phipps (Shark with logo tooling).
Forks: Paughco Narrow Springer.

front end left


Type: Hallcraft 80-spoke, painted.
Size: 21-inch
Tire: Avon Venom MH80/90
Brake: 4-pistons PM

rear tire 

Type: Hallcraft 80-spoke, painted
Size: 18 x 7-inch
Tire: Avon 230 mm
Brake: Exile Chain Sprocket Brake 4-piston


Cyril Huze Customs
Tel: 561-392-5557
Fax: 561-392-9923

Click here to order a Huze Calendar.

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Reader Comments

Beautiful artwork…keep up the great work!

Raymond Fisher
Firth, NE
Sunday, April 2, 2023
I have this motorcycle in my garage. Needs a new battery. Can't wait to ger her fired up. Gorgeous Piece.

tim lynch
new smyrna beach, FL
Saturday, April 1, 2023
Editor Response Hold onto it!

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