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Gel Seat Giving Some More Miles



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 Back in September of 2018 I was in a bad collision on my motorcycle resulting in multiple injuries from head to toe including the loss of left leg below the knee and a crushed left hip. Due to the seriousness of these injuries, getting back on my motorcycle a year later took modifications to help with comfort and or ease of use due to my new disabilities. I had to design a push-pull cable kickstand, add an electric shifter and recently added a reverse kit to the motorcycle to navigate my obstacles.

All these mods did not help the one factor I have since getting back on a motorcycle. My tailbone was severely injured resulting in me not being able to sit very long without having discomfort and pain. Due to this my 500-mile days are long gone.

I’m able to ride in short burst, but usually after 30 minutes or so I would be ready for a break. So, the majority of my riding has been local country back roads within 50 miles of me. A trip to Daytona resulted in me having to stop in between and take a 15-minute break. Hey at least I’m getting my breeze in face, a few miles is better than no miles.

This leads me to C.C. Rider Seats ( a newly founded brand in 2020. They offer multiple personalized motorcycle seats with over 1000 styles with high quality at a reasonable price. When I came across them, I was shocked to see the variety of options for American and European motorcycles.

A Gel seat for my Street Glide caught my eye, P/N,S03-17-GBO Orange and black with honeycomb stitching that matched my motorcycle scheme perfectly.

 Highlighted in the information was the fact it was designed to reduce pressure and strain on your body. Their seat uses proprietary controlled-density polyurethane foam formula compared to stock foam which in my opinion is not as dense. The covering is high-quality vinyl with no worries about getting the seat wet. The foam will restore to natural resilience after drying out.

Delivery time was quick and well packaged. When I removed the seat, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the manufacturing and stitching.


New Seat
New Seat

Old Seat
Old Seat

Thumb Screw - Seat Retainer
Thumb Screw - Seat Retainer


Installing a new seat is a breeze. You just need the appropriate tools, which is usually an Screwdriver, Allen wrench or socket. In my case I swapped out mine for a thumb screw quite some time ago.

 Remove the rear screw at the back of the seat on the fender, if your seat also has a grab strap across the rear of the seat you will most likely need a Phillips screwdriver and remove the bolt on the side holding the strap to the fender supports. Once this is done slide the seat back and lift from the rear of the seat at the same time. Once the front of the seat is far enough back you can lift it right off.

Seat Bracket
Seat Bracket

Installed Seat Bracket
Installed Seat Bracket

 Before you can put the new seat on you need to install the rear support bracket. Insert the bracket with the offset away from the seat and push down on the plastic tab, use a dowel or a punch to push the tab down through the hole to slide it in so that both holes in the bracket all secured with the tabs in them. Inserting the seat onto the motorcycle raise the back up a little push the seat forward until the front slides into the locking plate on the motorcycle and insert screw into the back at fender. If you wish to reinstall the grab strap do so at this time

 I prefer not to have one on my motorcycle as aesthetics wise, I think it looks better without it.


Now it was time to put some miles on the new seat. My impression of sitting on the seat for the first time was it is definitely firmer than the factory.

 Never having a gel seat before, I was expecting it to be softer than what it is. I do feel the support of the seat pushes on your cheeks away from your tailbone. The seat also elevates you a little higher off the ground which is probably from the firmness not allowing sag. There is also no break in period with the seat which is a plus.

 I will say after putting several hundred miles on the seat, I like it over the stock seat. I still don’t feel that this seat is the ultimate cure for getting Me to ride for 200 miles or more in one shot. Now that being said, you must consider all of the medical conditions that I’m trying to overcome.

For the price point on this seat and the design and aesthetics it is a nice upgrade compared to the basic stock seat.

Also, browsing around I have found that the majority of their seats are getting a 4 out of 5 star rating from consumers. Check out CC Riders website located at For more information you can also email them at /

For options check the traditional American Made seats by Saddlemen or LePera Seats.


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Excellent write up on a great product!

Leane Yopp
Pilot, VA
Wednesday, June 5, 2024

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