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By Bandit, Rogue, Wayfarer, Laura, Barry Green, Sam Burns, the Redhead, Gearhead, El Waggs, the Sheriff, Steve Phiel, Bob T., Bill May and the rest of the gang

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This has been an amazing year.
Absolutely don’t forget to vote. I’ve been hard at writing articles all week long and speaking to folks far and wide about everything from old gas tanks to flat track racing in the Odessa, MO.

Rumor has it that after California bans the sale of ICE vehicles, they plan to ban driving on interstates unless you are driving electric. We are living in ban times. Ban everything quick. The planet…

But there are good times ahead and the truth is coming to the surface. When someone says, “Fossil fuels are bad, hell you can see the smog,” here are some simple facts:


--Gregory Wrightstone
C02 Coalition

 Sorry, but CO2 is not a pollutant.

It’s plant food for life. If we cut it, we cut the potential for life.

We are not doomed and won’t be until another ice age hits, thousands of years from now. Then they’ll blame it on witches like they did in the 1600s.

Over the last 10,000 years, 6,100 years were warmer than it is now and there were no fossil fuels or SUVs.

Seas have been rising at a steady pace for 200 years, since the end of the little ice age.

Burning Fossil Fuels helped the planet avoid dangerously low C02 levels, not the other way around.

There you have it, the facts. Your straight pipes are cool and so is the ol’ lady’s SUV. When it’s warming life is abundant. When it cools or another ice age approaches, we’re in trouble.

For good times click...
For good times click...

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

OPEN: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm
CLOSED: Sunday and Monday

Classic of the week: 1963 Aermacchi Ala Verde

translated by most sources, “ala verde” is Italian for “green wing.” After only moderate success with the streamline-styled Chimera*, Aermacchi took the sloper 175 cc engine out to about 250ccs and adapted the stylish Chimera’s single shock spine frame into a more conventional twin shock design. The 175 and 250 versions began a 15-year run in a range of street and racing bikes. The design became a popular street bike, but also achieved amazing results in the hands of racers here, in Britain and in Europe.

Unusual with its sloping single cylinder and spine frame, this Aermacchi design was otherwise straight forward using an overhead valve air-cooled single cylinder engine. Initially using six-volt battery ignition, race versions incorporated magneto ignitions, and later machines were higher revving short strokes with five-speed gear boxes. You can imagine maintenance was simple even if you had to pull the engine, important with race bikes.

Aer Macchi means “air machine” in Italian. Aermacchi was founded in 1912 by Giulio Macchi to build airplanes. Soon after World War II, in 1951, the company expanded to make motorcycles. Harley-Davidson, looking for a way to get proven small motorcycles to their dealers, around 1960 bought a 50% share of the company, and adapted an existing Aermacchi, a 250cc motorcycle to become the Harley Sprint.

Indeed, through this 175 cc four-stroke pushrod “sloper” engine design, the Harley Sprint engine began its life. Note the dual branding on this bike’s tank graphics. Many more two-stroke and four-stroke Aermacchi-built bikes became part of the Harley-Davidson line.

Designed by Alfred Bianchi, introduced in 1956 and very radical for the time, the original Chimera was not a sales success; some documents state less than 125 of the 175cc machines were built. Available as both a 175 and a 250 it was later redesigned as a more conventional motorcycle which gave birth to the Harley-Davidson Sprint available in displacements up to 350 cc’s. Typical for the time and Italian design, the bike shifts on the right and has no intake air filtration, unusual is the left side kick starter.

A close look at this motorcycle, located in the Museum’s Cafe Racer exhibit, reveals a few custom touches. The forks have been stripped of their sheet metal covers, have been polished and alloy seal retainers installed. The front fender is trimmed a bit and the front drum brake ventilated. The seats on most Ala Verdes are decked and completely upholstered whereas this bike has a stylish hard finished seat cowl of unknown origin and special inner fender. Rims are polished alloy instead of chrome plated steel.

When you visit the National Motorcycle Museum you can take in American Picker Frank Fritz’s Sprint, John Parham’s Pebble Beach winning blue and cream Chimera* 175, and other great Italian designed motorcycles. This Ala Verde is from the Jill & John Parham Collection and all of these Sprint versions are on the Museum website under MOTORCYCLES.



Engine: Four-stroke, Two Valve, OHV Single
Displacement: 246 Cubic Centimeters
Bore and Stroke: 66mm x 72mm
Compression Ratio: 8.5:1
Electrics/Ignition: Generator w/ Points & Coil
Carburetor: 24mm Dell’Orto
Horsepower: 18HP
Lubrication: Wet Sump
Primary Drive: Helical Gears
Clutch: Multi-plate, Wet
Transmission: Five-Speed
Final Drive: Roller Chain
Wheels/Tires: 2.50 X 17 / 3.00 X 17
Brakes: 180mm Drum Front & Rear
Suspension: Hydraulic Fork / Swing Arm / Twin Shocks
Starter: Kick-Start
Top Speed: 92mph

FILM REVIEW OF THE WEEK--Another Showcase of Motorcycle Action

This week I recommend watching the wild action-comedy featuring a Triumph motorcycle with a blonde rider who ain't James Bond.

He is the "Hitman's Bodyguard" (2017) killing Belarus assassins to keep the outlaw hitman alive so that the killer can testify in International Criminal Court in Prague against a genocidal dictator from a former Soviet State, while keeping the compromised Interpol out of the way.

How is that for a complete breakdown and synopsis?

Well, that doesn't do "justice" to the balanced dose of action and comedy. Obviously the two leading men developed a very comfortable rapport off-screen and this reflects in their scenes.

Here are snippets :
"This man single-handedly ruined the word m*****## , Do you know how hard that is to do?"

The motorcycle action has poster boy Ryan Reynolds riding on a cool Triumph through the lanes of Amsterdam, where all those bicycle riders wonder what that thing on two-wheels is?

"Relax m*****##, if you hear the shot then it wasn't meant for you."

There are real outdoor adventures too, through cow pastures and hitching a ride in a van full of nuns.

"I know hamburgers who know more about love than you."

Great camaraderie by the actors, great action movie punchlines, great chase, meaning of justice and limited "rights" of the lawmen against evil guys. The gun action and unarmed combat are as good as the first "John Wick" movie.

Triumph is really capitalizing on memories of yore in Hollywood by offering Triumph motorcycles to cool well-produced movies.

I enjoyed this more than the last James Bond movie (who isn't sick of that dead lover of Bond angle anymore ? It’s as lengthy as a Martin Scorcese movie in recent times)

Have a look, foul language and high body-count. Try keeping it out of your kids' reach or just borrow the one they already have. LOL.

Poster reads: "Everyone's out to get them, if they don't kill each other first." Ain't that the story of human civilization?

Film Specialist
Bikernet Cultural Arts Department

DON’T FORGET TO VOTE-- Midterm Election Polls Show Americans Want Their Freedom

When President Joe Biden (D) again called for a ban on popular, commonly-owned semi-automatic rifles on October 13—a goal the White House press secretary repeated on October 24—he was attempting to dictate to Americans what are the key issues at stake in this midterm election on November 8.

But then, President Biden has long misunderstood the American love for freedom.

President Biden said in July that “the American people agree with this common sense action” when referring to a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to ban the sale of firearms that use a technology invented in the late nineteenth century.

So Biden, and one supposes many members of his administration, believe that taking away the freedom to own an old technology—semi-automatic firearms have been popularly sold for well over 100 years to the American public—is a winning campaign issue at a time when far-left policies have arguably caused a crime wave.

The thing is, voters say they don’t buy this false narrative.

A survey by The New York Times/Siena College? found that just 1% of likely voters said “gun policies” are the “most-important” problem facing America today.

Actually, instead of blaming semi-automatic firearms for the actions of murderers and other criminals, millions of Americans have bought their first gun over the last few years—and the number-one firearm type first-time gun buyers purchase is the semi-automatic pistol.

In the Times/Siena poll, 44% of likely voters said the economy and inflation (26% said the “economy” and 18% said “inflation”) were their top two concerns. ?The old adage “it’s the economy stupid” is still relevant.

And this poll was hardly an outlier. Actually, as The Hill reported on October 18, “Inflation, crime and immigration are entrenched as voters’ top concerns heading into next month’s midterm elections.” The Hill was citing a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll.

Also, a Monmouth University poll found that “[f]ewer than 1 in 10 select … gun control (9%)” as their most-important concern in this election; in fact, the same poll found only a 30% approval for President Biden on gun control.

This, of course, hasn’t stopped President Biden from calling for new gun and magazine bans. Americans already own over 24.4 million of the semi-automatic rifles Biden would call “assault weapons.” It is difficult to even measure the huge number of so-called “high-capacity” magazines Americans own today. Clearly, these rifles, along with semi-automatic handguns and shotguns, are in common use and therefore have constitutional protections.

All of this shows that the Biden administration is living in an ideological bubble. It believes that blaming freedom for a crime wave is a believable argument—even when policy changes, such as cash-free bail policies in some areas, are obviously letting violent criminals walk, allowing them to continue to prey on the public. Despite a lot of mainstream-media spin, a large percentage of voters are not buying the Biden administration’s false claim.

This election is, and must be, a law-and-order referendum that will, hopefully, force public officials across America to alter policies to target the criminal class in our society, not our freedom.
AMERICAS first freedom NRA

2014 Harley-Davidson FLHXS - Street Glide Special



2014 Vivid Black Harley-Davidson STREET GLIDE SPECIAL FLHXS with only 32445.00 miles!

This bike is a super clean blacked out Street Glide and some of the features/Add-ons on this bike are

* 103c.i. Motor with a 6-Speed trans.
* Tap performance exhaust
* Saddleman seat
* Passenger detachable backrest
* Black mag wheels
* Blacked out lowers
* Ball milled floorboards
* Ball milled shift linkage
* Custom horn cover

This bike is only $17,995.00

Plus, license, $85.00 documentation fee, and local sales tax. NO HIDDEN FEES like some dealers. And we have no reconditioning or prep fees. This bike has passed Lifestyle Cycles rigorous 92-point safety/mechanical/structural inspection.

Fill out an online application today. We have EZ FINANCING and EXTENDED WARRANTIES available!

Lifestyle Cycles is located at 1510 State College Blvd,Anaheim,CA,92806. Open 7 days a week.

NOT LOCAL? WE HAVE SHIPPING AVAILABLE! Call today (714) 490-0155.

We carry Street Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings, Ultras, Sportsters, Softails, Dynas, and much more!
We are California's pre-owned Harley Mega-Store with over 200 Pre-Owned Harley-Davidsons in stock!


We discovered this clean rigid, blacked out Sporty owned by Simona Roberto with terrific scenic shots.

--Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™

We're headed back to the Salt, 2022. You can be a sponsor, even if you can't make it. Just Click...
We're headed back to the Salt, 2022. You can be a sponsor, even if you can't make it. Just Click...

FREEDOM FROM THE FEDS, AMAZING--It’s Time for Turn-Key Replicas!

The long wait is over: The federal replica car law has finally taken effect. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a regulation in March permitting replica manufacturers to begin production of completed vehicles.

The law allows low-volume manufacturers to sell up to 325 new fully-functional replicas per year that resemble production vehicles from at least 25 years ago. Enthusiasts will now be able to purchase reimagined versions of classic vehicles, including everything from Roaring Twenties cars and 1930s roadsters to 1970s muscle cars and rare exotics among others.

Having a chance to sell brand-new heritage cars consumers could drive off the lot was just a dream in 2011 when SEMA worked with lawmakers in the U.S. Congress to introduce the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act. Years of advocacy on Capitol Hill by SEMA and its kit car allies led to the replica car provision becoming law as part of the 2015 highway bill.


"Could this help the motorcycle industry. I think so."

Thirteen years and going strong as ever! The Born-Free Motorcycle Show couldn’t have grown into what it has become if it hadn’t been able to stay relevant. And in my opinion, it has not only remained relevant, it has become more relevant each year.

This year Born-Free 13 was the first show to be held on the last weekend of June, its usual timeslot, since the pre-Covid Born-Free 11 in 2019. (Born-Free 12 was finally staged, after several government-mandated postponements, in August of 2021.) The excitement and energy of the invited builders, as well as the crowd, was as palpable as ever and perhaps even more so. To me, it felt like they never skipped a beat.

--Michael Lichter

Click for action!
Click for action!

We have received tremendous response regarding Dr. Greg's book. We need to know the facts, so I ordered more. Just drop me a line to with your address and I will send you a copy.
We have received tremendous response regarding Dr. Greg's book. We need to know the facts, so I ordered more. Just drop me a line to with your address and I will send you a copy.


In 2009, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, under the auspices of the Clean Air Act, falsely determined that carbon dioxide was a pollutant. This is known as the Endangerment Finding and has been used since then to enable EPA to regulate and control CO2 emissions.

It is this authority that is being used to shut down coal power plants, kill internal combustion vehicles, ban natural gas for home heating and the misguided attempt to achieve a net zero economy.

On October 14th, the Concerned Household Electricity Consumers Council petitioned the United States Court Of Appeals For The District Of Columbia for a review of their petition to repeal the Endangerment Findings.

The CO2 Coalition, along with Doctors William Happer and Richard Lindzen, filed an amicus brief in support of their petition.

Our amicus brief found that the Endangerment Findings should be rescinded immediately because they were based on:
  • Speculative theories and not on the scientific method
  • False science based on consensus, fabricated material, and models that don’t work
  • Government opinion, not real science
  • Censorship of any science that contradicted their notion of man-made catastrophic warming
In addition, we found that net zero will disastrously reduce food worldwide and eliminate the major source of low-cost energy for the US and people worldwide.

This is a hugely important case that is only now making its way through our legal system.

To see the amicus brief that was officially filed October 21, 2022, go to: Happer Linzen CO2 Coalition Amicus Brief–filed

Who will be Miss Lone Star Rally this year?

Outlaw Dave Productions is excited to be hosting the annual search for Miss Lone Star Rally coinciding with the 21st anniversary of this moto-centric event that sees over 400,000 attendees annually.

The “Search 2022” brought to you by Refinally and Ameristar Roofing, has hosted preliminary events throughout southeast Texas during the month of October. Ladies from the gulf coast vied to make the finals for this coveted title! Now we will see who gets their share of the $10,000 cash we award for the contest! We thank Jackie’s for once again being our host venue.


Orion Pictures
Photo Credit: Mark Shepard

"Jerry Lee was a Christian, an American icon and the greatest piano player in the world. People will be listening to 'Great Balls of Fire' and 'Whole Lot of Shakin'' 500 years from now.

I will miss him. God bless you Jerry Lee."

-Dennis Quaid


We love to feature motorcycle art from whenever, the past, current, it doesn’t matter. Art and motorcycles are cool. This art was created by Lyndell Dean Wolff.



Imagine a gold fish…A giant goldfish directly from the pits of hell with huge teeth.

That is the image you will see when your bike begins to wobble at high speed and you suddenly realize the goldfish you are riding is going to take a huge bite out of your backside!

A bike that is not set up properly can really ruin your day.

The folks at Lowbrow Customs have created this article to help you avoid that experience. You’re Welcome!

PS - Share the Rake & Trail article with your friends and help them sort out that custom front end by posting up

Learn about why wheelbase matters, and how it affects the handling of your motorcycle.

Rake and trail

When you know what to do, taking measurements and figuring out your rake and trail is easy. We show you how!

Help from the Lowbrow training department:

Click for Action.
Click for Action.


"I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university."

--Albert Einstein
Epoch Bright


by Joseph Reagan, Director of Military and Veterans Outreach for Wreaths Across America and Afghanistan Veteran.

The 11th hour has become synonymous with Veterans Day, originally called Armistice day, in recognition of the document signed at the 11th hour, or the 11th day, of the 11th month. In reality, the Armistice ending the war to end all wars was signed around 5 am on November 11th.

Over the course of the next 6 hours, nearly 3,000 men would lose their lives in the final hours of a war that had already claimed the lives of 20 million military personnel. The final death of WW1 came at 10:59 am one minute before the guns of war would fall silent.

Private Henry Gunther was a German-American drafted in the fall of 1917; most accounts state that his final actions were motivated by Gunther’s need to demonstrate that he was “courageous and all-American.” A chaplain from Gunther’s unit recounted, “As 11 a.m. approached, Gunther suddenly rose with his rifle and ran through thick fog. His men shouted for him to stop. So did the Germans. But Gunther kept running and firing. One machine gun blast later, he was dead. His death was recorded at 10:59 a.m.

In every conflict, inevitably a final service member pays the ultimate sacrifice. In World War II, Private Charlie Havlat, the son of Czech immigrants, in the closing days of the war, found himself liberating his parents’ former homeland – word of the cease-fire reached his position minutes after he was killed.

Officially, the U.S. has never declared a final casualty in the Korean War; since the armistice was signed, nearly 100 U.S. Soldiers have been killed in combat on the Korean peninsula. On April 29, 1975, Charles McMahon and Darwin Judge were two of a small number of Marines tasked with safeguarding the U.S. Embassy in Saigon. They had been deployed for only 11 days when they were killed by a rocket attack. The U.S. would complete the process of withdrawing from Saigon the following day.

Staff Sergeant Ryan Knauss was the last of the 2,461 Service Members who died in Afghanistan; he along with 12 of his comrades was killed in a suicide attack during the withdrawal from Kabul.

In every war, there is always one that must fill the dignified but dubious role in history as being the last to give the full measure of devotion. Each year on the 11th day of the 11th month as a nation we pause, not only to honor those that have given their lives but for all those who believed so deeply in American exceptionalism that they were willing to give their lives to defend it.

For most Americans talking about war is conceptual, something learned through history books, news reports, and movies – those that have served do not have that luxury. Not only should we remember that the democratic principles we hold so dear have been defended by generations of Americans whom we honor on Veterans Day, but more importantly we should take inspiration from that sacrifice.

Our country, despite all our self-imposed differences, needs to look to our Veterans and see that there are no divisions in a foxhole – there are only those who stand in defense of democracy and those who stand against it.

While we may only celebrate Veterans Day with a few moments of silence each year, we have an opportunity to use those moments to find our own way to serve as part of our commitment to living up to the legacy of our Veterans.

When the Armistice was signed in 1918 when the Japanese surrendered, and when the last flights departed Kabul and Saigon – these were not simply endings – they were new beginnings. We honor those who serve by recommitting ourselves to making the sacrifices necessary to preserve our way of life.

As Adlai Stevenson once stated, “Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.” Let this Veterans Day be a new beginning. Go forth and find a way to serve, our nation, our communities, and each other – we owe it to our Veterans.

Joseph Reagan is the Director of Military and Veterans Outreach for Wreaths Across America. He has over 10 years’ experience working with leaders within Government, non-profit, and Fortune 500 companies to develop sustainable strategies supporting National Security, and Veterans Health. He served 8 years on active duty as an officer in the U.S. Army including two tours to Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division. He is a graduate of Norwich University, the oldest private military college in the country.


Check this ’46 flathead racer from Berry Wardlaw. A kid bought it for $500 and said his occupation was School Boy.

Randy Simpson would like to sell the ’34 sidecar for $2,700. Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll put you in touch.


Click to check the shop.
Click to check the shop.

VANCE & HINES Launches Line of American-Made Performance Truck Exhausts--

Vance & Hines, the industry leader in motorcycle performance products, today announced a line of performance exhaust systems for America's most popular truck models. Bearing the name Vance & Hines HoleShot Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust Systems, this new line has been developed and will be manufactured at the company's headquarters in California.

Drawing from the most recognized Vance & Hines designs, the HoleShot Series will feature options including its classic Twin Slash cut, as well as the race-inspired Eliminator tip.

Each exhaust system in the HoleShot Series is designed to replace stock exhaust systems after the catalytic converter (Cat Back) to the exhaust tips. The systems keep all emissions-control equipment in place, while delivering a deeper exhaust note thanks to a turbo-chambered muffler design that has also been engineered to eliminate unpleasant in-cabin "drone."

The initial lineup from the company includes systems designed for late-model, half-ton, crew cab, V8, Ford F150, Ram 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado trucks. With nearly 30 million late model pickups on the road today, SEMA Market Research estimates that pickups account for over 30% of all accessory retail sales.

All HoleShot Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust Systems will be manufactured using high-grade 304 stainless steel with CNC mandrel bending at the company's manufacturing facility in Santa Fe Springs, California.

"With four decades of success on the track and on the street, the Vance & Hines brand isn't new to truck owners in the United States," said Mike Kennedy, CEO and president of Vance & Hines. "We believe that owners will love the unique look and the great sound they'll get with our new HoleShot Series. I’m confident our die-hard fans will proudly drive their truck knowing ‘This isn’t the only bad-ass vehicle in my garage."

The HoleShot Series for Ford F-150 features large dual 4-inch tips with a side exit behind the rear tire. Available with three options including mirror-finish Twin Slash tips, brushed finish Eliminator with black end caps and blacked-out Eliminator both with riveted logo badging. They fit 2021 through 2022 crew cab, V8, short-box models and retail from $1,299.99 to $1,499.99.

The HoleShot Series for Chevrolet Silverado features four, 4-inch tips exiting the rear bumper cut-outs in either mirror-finish Twin Slash or blacked-out Eliminator with laser engraved logos. They fit 2019 through 2022 crew cab, V8, short-box models and retail price will range from $1,699.99 to $1,999.99.

The HoleShot Series for Ram 1500 with extra-large, dual 5-inch tips is available with either mirror-finish Twin Slash or blacked-out Eliminator with riveted logo badging. They fit 2019 through 2022 crew cab, V8, short-box models and retail price ranges from $1,399.99 to $1,599.99.

The new systems will debut this week at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the premier trade show for automotive specialty equipment manufacturers.

Vance & Hines HoleShot Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust Systems will be available in the first quarter of 2023 through the Vance & Hines website and select automotive parts retailers around the country.

Click for action.
Click for action.

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Robert A Rhoades
Saturday, November 5, 2022
Editor Response Never Quit!
Long ago in the distant past there are old maps showing commifornia as an island. Maybe it should be once again. A final thought, when I came home in '67, it looked like the home I left was gone. it seems I was right.

Deland, FL
Friday, November 4, 2022
Editor Response Strange times. Make sure to vote.

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