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I have gotten use to having a garage door opener on my motorcycle. As I prepare to install one on my new 2022 Harley Ultra Limited, I wanted to let you know that some of the procedures are different depending on the model motorcycle. It is very important that you follow the instruction that come with the opener and also check if any other parts are necessary. Having a Harley Davidson Service Manual for your specific motorcycle is highly recommended.

On the 2017 and later touring models an Electrical Connection Harness part number 69201599A is required.!15884!3!!!!x!!&gclid=Cj0KCQiA-oqdBhDfARIsAO0TrGFtvgWJ



Remove The Seat
Remove The Seat

Remove The Saddlebags
Remove The Saddlebags

Remove The Left Side Cover
Remove The Left Side Cover

Start off by removing the Seat, Saddlebags and Side Covers.

Okay, I keep saying READ THE INSTRUCTIONS: I do and did. The instructions are 22 pages long because it covers so many different model motorcycles.  Instructions for my motorcycle were easy to find.

Found out a couple things had changed from my previous motorcycle. On the older one I just removed the main fuse with the key in the off position. Now the instructions say to turn the ignition (Key Switch) on before removing the fuse.

The main fuse is under the left side cover.

 After the fuse was removed, turn Ignition Switch to the OFF Position.



Remove the Engine Control Module (ECM) from the electrical caddy on top of the battery.

Using the #40 Torex remove the electrical caddy

Remove the fuse from the Ringed Wire Harness.


3 Way Molex Pin Housing
3 Way Molex Pin Housing


Locate the accessory connector, a black 3-way Molex pin housing with a weather cap under the right-side cover. (On Softail it is on the left side) See why I read the instructions.

Using a small screwdriver raise the connector out of the housing.

Use the Deutsh Pin Tool to release the wire lock and remove the white seal pin. 

Insert the terminal end of the B+ Cable into the cavity and press the secondary lock down.


Route the ring end of the cable to the positive terminal making sure the fuse holder is accessible.

Instructions say using the 10 MM Socket Carefully remove the + Positive Battery Cable. I personally refer to remove the ground cable first. Just saying.




Remove The Outer Fairing

Remove the three screws holding the windshield. Remove the windshield and re-install the center screw just enough to hold the fairing in place. Remove the four remaining screws holding the fairing doing the right side first so that the front end will be pointing to the right when the other screws are removed. This will help assure the fairing will not want to fall. Remove top screw and remove the fairing. Disconnect the headlight.


The Transmitter has three wires The Orange wire with the White Stripe goes to a 12-volt power source when the ignition is turned on. The Black wire goes to ground and the White wire to the Headlight High Beam (Blue/White Wire)


Using the adhesive pads install the transmitter to the motorcycle.


 Install the fairing and windshield following the instructions in the Harley manual as to the order of tightening the screws and to what torque.

 Re-install Battery and Adapter Cables.


Re-install the electrical caddy and ECM

Re-install fuse in adapter cable.

Confirm That The Key Switch Is In the OFF Position.

Install the Main Fuse.

Wiring On Garage Door Opener.
Wiring On Garage Door Opener.

Plug the wires into the receiver and route them to the garage door opener.

Install the receiver into a un-switched 110 power outlet, preferably close to the front of the garage.

After the receiver and transmitter are installed program the system. This will require someone to help.

Make sure everyone is clear of the garage door.

One person presses and holds the set button on the receiver while the other turns on the key but does not start the motorcycle.

The headlight switch is then toggled to a different beam and then back. Example is High beam, switch to Low and then back to High

Check that everything is working like it should.

Now Go For A Ride and Ride into Your Garage Without Having to Stop.


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