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Firebrand Monarch 4.5 Slip-on Mufflers for HD Touring Models



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Like most people I know, I wanted to change the exhaust on my new motorcycle.

For now, I have decided that would only be the mufflers, but there are so many to choose from.


I think the 4.5-inch mufflers is a real good choice for sound, looks and power.

When I was doing my research, I looked at mufflers that had sound with the advertisement.

I ended up choosing the Firebrand Monarch. To hear what it sounds like go to.


The Asphalt Black finish works well with the rest of the factory exhaust.

Firebrand is claiming an increase in power in their advertisement, and though I did not dyno the motorcycle I do feel some.


 One of the things that finalized my decision was the baffles. I have run many different exhaust systems over the years with and without or modified baffles. The size and angle of louvers as well as other factors make a difference. As it turns out the Firebrand Monarch produced what I was looking for.

Oh, and they are made in the Heartland of the United States of what I think is good quality material which I observed before installing them.


The install is easy and I feel that people who do work on their motorcycle would not have a problem installing a set.


Basic hand tools are needed

5/16” socket (I prefer 1/4” drive or screwdriver to remove heat shields

1/2 " Drive Ratchet with 9/16 Deep Socket
1/2 " Drive Ratchet with 9/16 Deep Socket


1/2” drive ratchet

3/8” drive ratchet

 9/16” Deep socket to remove left side muffler clamp

15MM Deep Socket
15MM Deep Socket


15 MM Deep socket to remove the right-side muffler clamp

 1/2 “socket to remove 2 bolts on muffler

Square or other measuring device for setting muffler depth on pipe


3/8” and 1/2” Torque wrench recommended.


Stock Factory Muffler
Stock Factory Muffler



Start of by removing the saddlebags


Loosen and or remove the heat shield to get at the muffler clamps.

Loosen muffler clamps, different sockets needed for each side

Remove the two bolts holding the muffler to the rear bracket.


Remove the muffler from the exhaust pipe. This may take some wiggling and maybe even some penetrating oil if they have been on the motorcycle for some time. In some cases, it helps to have someone hold the pipe while the muffler is being removed so as not to have pressure on pipe at the exhaust port.

It is always a good idea to clean the exhaust pipe before installing the new mufflers.

You will notice with this system there is a right and left muffler, different size pipe and axle nut dimples.

Install the clamp on the muffler paying attention to the position of the tightening nut in the down position

Measuring The Length Muffler Is Out Past Saddlebag Bracket
Measuring The Length Muffler Is Out Past Saddlebag Bracket

For this particular installation I recommend installing the RIGHT-SIDE MUFFLER FIRST The reason for this is that this muffler will only go on so far while the other has much more adjustment.

Slide the muffler on to the pipe to the length you want (At least the width of the clamp or more)

Align the muffler so that the two back bolts can be installed. It is recommended these bolts be torqued to 15-18 Foot Pounds.

When front clamp is lined up tighten to 40-45 Foot Pounds.

Reinstall heat shields

Repeat on other side of motorcycle.


When done wipe off any fingerprints and start motorcycle


Enjoy The New Sound Of Your Motorcycle

For more information on other mufflers, exhaust systems and products go to

Click for action.
Click for action.


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Reader Comments

For quite some time, it was considered that a four-inch diameter muffler was a good idea for a big twin. Engine displacement and the EPA have given a need for an even larger muffler. This is oversimplified, but oddly a principle that not that many riders seem to be aware of. Always good to see tech from Rogue. Congratulations on the new ride.

Monday, October 24, 2022
Editor Response Thanks, you made Rogue's day.

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