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FXST Detachable Motorcycle Windshield

Learning To Work On A Motorcycle

By Christy

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 This journey started at Space Coast Harley-Davidson, March 2024, one sunny Saturday morning, where I test rode and bought my 2023 FXST Softail Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

 Years ago, I owned a Sportster and recently have been riding one, but I felt it was time to go to a Bigger bike, so I did.

 While I had been riding the Sportster with a windshield, I realized it was a definite must to have on my Softail and couldn’t ride without one.

 Riding on the east coast, there are times when it’s very windy and I feel the windshield protected me. So, with some research I decided on a detachable wind splitter windshield

It features a contemporary contour that sets it apart from the crowd.


 The great feature that sets it apart from other windshields is the contour at the top which manages airflow and turbulence across the top keeping the wind going up.

 With the help of my boyfriend Rogue, I chose Harley-Davidson #57400327 model. It is the 18-inch Clear Windshield with Polished Braces And Clamps.

We began our mission of installation together. He is not a beginner by far, I haven't performed any kind of installation to a motorcycle before, but I was ready for the challenge.

 The kit came with all the correct parts and instructions. We provided the necessary tools for this task. Since this is new for me, the instructions seemed very easy to understand.

 I have built furniture pieces from instructions so following step-by-step instructions was not difficult. I believed with Rogue’s guidance and support, I would be able to accomplish this easily.


 Our first step was to remove the windshield from packaging, and verify that all the parts were in place.


Windshield Mounting Clamp
Windshield Mounting Clamp

Windshield With Clamps Installed
Windshield With Clamps Installed


 Once we completed step one, we placed the windshield on a blanket, so as to not accidently scratch it and proceeded to assemble the clamps and hardware stacks, one clamp at a time till all four were finished and in open position. There are more detailed instructions on the instruction sheet that should be followed.


 Before I installed the windshield I placed a blanket over my front wheel, just in case something slipped and fell on my polished front fender.

 Next, I carried the windshield to the front of my bike and straddled the front wheel, centering the windshield and closing the clamps on the forks.


Torque Wrench
Torque Wrench

Torquing Clamp
Torquing Clamp


 Rogue introduced me to a tool called a Torgue Wrench. An interesting and useful tool, it had a bunch of numbers on the handle. You set it for what tightness you want to make sure you don’t over tighten something.

 This tool is recommended by Harley to be used with any install.


 Suddenly, project complete I was ready to ride.

 Later that wild windy day I decided go for a ride and get a feel for my new windshield.  

I could definitely sense the difference. I didn't struggle with the bike, as I rode and didn’t feel any pressure on my back and neck.

 Later I experienced some Florida tropic rains and only my pant legs and boots got wet. The windshield protected my upper body.

 This experience of installing my windshield has been educational, rewarding and fun. I am a hands on kinda person so being able to install parts to my bike makes me feel better about taking care of my bike. Learning new things will encourage other women to take a chance and give it a try. Thank you, Rogue, for being my mentor through this sunny process.

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Reader Comments

Very helpful article and inspirational.

Jupiter, FL
Wednesday, May 1, 2024
Good information and good job on your first attempt to work on a motorcycle. A major plus is having access to all the required tools--Rogue has the shit.

Palm Bay, FL
Wednesday, May 1, 2024

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