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Hang on for this One...

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Barry Green, J.J. Solari, Laura, Joe Smith, Bob T., Sam Burns, The Redhead, Rogue, El Waggs and the rest of the gang

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Back in the ‘70s someone came up with the FUCK OFF T-shirt and it became massively popular. Brothers were pissed. It’s all nuts, but I’m pissed. I even have brothers ask me why I bother about CO2? If the doomsday crowd wins, we won’t ride choppers for long. One brother said I was radical right because I promoted freedom.

Finally, someone is suing the EPA because they aren’t playing by the rules. When you talk to riders and even guys in the industry, they know that fossil fuels aren’t bad. They know that everything from medicine to computer screens use Fossil Fuel technology. If they read, they know that fossil fuels are feeding plant life on earth. It’s amazing and all good.

Here's a more complete list from Da Cat, in Califa...
Here's a more complete list from Da Cat, in Califa...

What bothers me the most is that our society and media like Time magazine are playing this lying game. They won’t even investigate the scientific facts. When this all blows up, what will they tell their kids? “Sorry guys, there was no doomsday. They bullied me to report it like this, so I did it, no critical thinking allowed.”

I’m reading Ian Plimer’s book Green Murder. It’s a kick, and sort of a monster of a book. I just open it up every evening and read to the Redhead as she prepares dinner. I was reading about Doomsdays starting in the 1500s. He keeps pointing out that if one of these doomsday scenarios was correct, we wouldn’t be here. None of them have been correct. They were all designed to scare, or in Al Gore’s case make money.

This chapter will blow your mind. There was a guy in 1970 Paul Ehrlich, who promoted one doomsday after another. That year was big for doom and Paul. He became sort of famous, although he was never right.

Here’s a quote: Paul Ehrlich wrote in 1970: Population will inevitably and completely outstrip whatever increases in food supplies we make and the death rate will increase until a least 100-200 million people per year will be starving to death during the next ten years.” Wrong. There is currently a PhD research topic on why environmentalists are so obsessed with death, doom and gloom and get a great glee from terrifying children.

Okay, all I ask is that you ask politicians, media, schools, whatever to open-up to the other side. Let’s let the facts shine.

And now off to the news:

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.



Frank is now the proud owner of the 1946 Harley-Davidson EL Knucklehead Bobber Fundraiser Motorcycle!

Winner of the 1946 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead Bobber, Frank Hill of Sharpsburg, Kentucky says he first learned of the National Motorcycle Museum about 20 years ago when he got hold of a copy of the J&P Cycles catalog. A story there explained the Museum and the fund raising bike program. He ordered some fund raiser tickets through the mail, and each year since he’s received a set by mail for the next bike. “Most times I would send back a $25 or $50 donation for six to 12 tickets. But this year I only donated $5 and got one ticket.” One lucky ticket!

Frank started riding about 20 years ago and has stuck to American V-Twins, had a Panzer for a bit, and a Big Dog among his several rides. He’s also had a few Corvettes along the way. He’s retired from Whirlpool Appliance and has time to ride and drive on eastern Kentucky’s fine back roads.

Frank has not yet visited the Museum which is about 600 miles from home. He says he hopes to visit as he plans to personally pick up the fabulous 1946 Knucklehead Bobber he won.

2nd Prize – $500.00 J&P Cycles Gift Card was Richard & Judy Lines of Washington

Winner of the $500 J&P Cycles gift card, Richard Lines is a heavy equipment operator based in Lynwood, Washington. He’s currently working in a huge Amazon warehouse and directs tower cranes, does rigging work, signaling, is involved in big construction projects.

Richard and Judy Lines are very supportive of charity organizations that do the kind of things they like. Preserving motorcycle history is one thing important for them, but winning a bike or gift card is not their focus. Helping to make sure the National Motorcycle Museum thrives for many years, they’ve been donating for three to four sets of tickets every year.

A motorcyclist for over 40 years, when Richard’s not working he and his wife Judy have time to go out on their 2015 CVO Road Glide. Judy is learning to ride their 2005 Sportster following in her dad’s footsteps. Though there was one Victory in Richard’s history of motorcycling he’s pretty much a Harley guy. And he’s a J&P Cycles customer with his most recent purchase a Condor chock for the family toy hauler. A couple thousand miles west in Washington state, they have 15 inches of snow on the ground, so their bike is safe in a garage. But they hope to make a journey to the Museum soon. Their $500 J&P Cycles gift card will be mailed this coming week.

3rd Prize – $250.00 J&P Cycles Gift Card was Joan Hamilton of California

Joan Hamilton won the $250 J&P Cycles Gift Card and says, “Thanks so much!” and figures spending it will be no problem at all. She and her husband George recently finished restoring a 1975 Harley-Davidson FLH and the parts they needed came from the J&P Cycles catalog. George says, “If you ask any of the folks on the J&P tech line, they’ll know my name. I have called them a lot and they have been fantastic on parts for this two year Shovelhead restoration project.”

With their home not far from Yosemite they currently have their bikes in the game room of their log cabin, safe and sound. Snow and cold temps are the norm this time of year. But they have wished for some time to get on one of their Harleys and ride east to visit the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa. Their $250 J&P Cycles gift card will be mailed this coming week.

The Museum congratulates Frank, Richard & Judy, and Joan! We wish them good riding with their winnings.

Click for Info.
Click for Info.

CLIMATE DOOM IS OVER—More quotes from GREEN MURDER--Did you know for decades, horticulturalists have been burning fossil fuel gas and releasing the exhaust fumes into glasshouses to increase yields. Why? Because the exhaust fumes are warm, rich in carbon dioxide and contain water vapor and the plants respond by growing bigger, better and quicker. What is it about carbon dioxide the green activists don’t know about?

To claim that there is a climate emergency due to what is effectively plant food production is the cry of the unbalanced. There is no climate emergency, climate crisis or climate catastrophe. These words flow like honey off the tongues of green activists yet not one journalist stops them and asks, “Show me?”

In the past there have been times when the carbon dioxide in the air was hundreds of times higher than now. There were no tipping points, runaway global warming or climate catastrophes. The planet is a self-correcting dynamic system. During these times of high atmospheric carbon dioxide there were ice ages as well as warm times.

--Professor Ian Plimer
Green Murder


New Models Highlight Thrilling Performance of Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin

Harley-Davidson adds performance and factory-custom style to its 2022 motorcycle line with the reveal of eight new models, each powered by the Milwaukee-Eight® 117, the most-powerful factory-installed engine offered by Harley-Davidson. New models include the Street Glide® ST and Road Glide® ST in the Grand American Touring line, the more powerful Low Rider® S, and the new Low Rider ST® Cruiser models, and four super-premium models from Harley-Davidson® Custom Vehicle Operations™ (CVO™).

“As part of our focus on stronghold segments, including Grand American Touring and Cruisier, the 2022 product line is designed for power and performance. Each of these new models feature the unrivalled power of the Milwaukee-Eight 117, for those riders who want nothing but the biggest and the best, building on our position as the most desirable motorcycle brand in the world,” said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO, Harley-Davidson.

Street Glide ST & Road Glide ST

Harley-Davidson elevates bagger performance and brings the purposeful style of the championship winning MotoAmerica King of the Baggers race bikes to the street with the introduction of the Street Glide® ST and Road Glide® ST models. These hot rod baggers combine the V-Twin muscle of the Milwaukee-Eight 117 powertrain with new dark and bronze finishes. For riders who want to strafe corners in comfort, the STs feature the complete suite of Harley-Davidson Grand American Touring features including Reflex™ linked Brembo® brakes with ABS, Boom!™ Box GTS infotainment system with color touch screen and navigation, cruise control and Daymaker® LED headlamps. The Street Glide ST features the iconic Harley-Davidson batwing fairing, while the Road Glide ST rolls with an aerodynamic frame-mounted sharknose fairing with dual headlamps.

Low Rider S & Low Rider ST
The Low Rider S and new Low Rider ST models offer the taut handling performance of the Harley-Davidson® Softail® chassis and the V-Twin muscle of a Milwaukee-Eight® 117 powertrain.

“Our customers truly inspire us and the Low Rider ST was born from seeing the incredible builds at motorcycle shows around the world,” said Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson Vice President of Design. “We took the iconic Motor Company design from the Eighties and gave it a new identity with a modern echo. Add the Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine, a taller suspension and raised saddlebags and the Low Rider ST delivers both a dynamic visual package as well as a dramatic performance punch.”

The Low Rider S model is a performance cruiser kingpin designed for the rider seeking unapologetic power. The new Low Rider ST model offers the versatility of hard bags and a new frame-mounted fairing, plus an available Harley-Davidson Audio system powered by Rockford Fosgate.

Harley-Davidson Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO)

Premium limited-production factory custom models from Harley-Davidson® Custom Vehicle Operations™ (CVO™) offer the most-discerning rider a very special motorcycle designed to represent the pinnacle of style and design from the world’s most-desirable motorcycle brand. Exclusive and hand-crafted paint and designs are executed to a level of intricate quality that is unmatched in the motorcycle and automotive categories.

Each is powered by a Milwaukee-Eight 117 powertrain. Other standard features include a premium Harley-Davidson® Audio powered by Rockford Fosgate® system, a Boom!™ Audio 30K Bluetooth® Helmet Headset, and Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements by Harley-Davidson, technology designed to enhance rider confidence during unexpected situations or poor road conditions. Each CVO model offers all-new paint options for 2022.

CVO Street Glide Model is a super-premium bagger for the rider who rolls loud and proud. The classic silhouette of the batwing fairing topped with jaw-dropping paint and finish details, premium audio and the pavement-peeling power of the Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine make this one outrageous bike.

CVO Road Glide Model is designed for the rider who wants to run out front behind its distinctive dual LED headlamps, frame-mounted shark nose fairing and the unrelenting performance of the Milwaukee-Eight 117 powertrain. Powerhouse audio, an exclusive 21-inch front wheel, fabulous custom paint and extraordinary attention to detail complete this very desirable bike.

CVO Road Glide Limited Model is loaded with luxury and long-haul comfort, head-turning style and power that always satisfies. Premium audio, heated seats and grips, and the aerodynamic Road Glide model shark nose fairing make this motorcycle the ultimate Harley-Davison Touring machine.

CVO Tri Glide Model is a super-premium trike offering distinctive style, powerful performance and long-haul touring capability plus the added confidence of a third wheel. The CVO Tri Glide is loaded with premium audio, luxurious comfort features and an astounding finish and attention to detail, on a chassis designed from the wheels up as a trike.

Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements by Harley-Davidson

Standard on CVO models and an option for all Grand American Touring models, including the Street Glide ST and Road Glide ST models, Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements by Harley-Davidson is a collection of technologies designed to assist the rider in maintaining the rider’s intended path through a curve. This technology package provides the following enhancements:

Cornering Electronically Linked Brakes
Cornering-Traction Control with modes
Drag Torque Slip Control
Vehicle Hold Control
Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS)

Harley-Davidson stands for the timeless pursuit of adventure and freedom for the soul. Go to to learn more about the complete line of 2022 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, gear, accessories and more.


David did a few adjustments to "The Valkyrie". The final image is shown below. Thanks and have a great Wednesday! Greg

Reminder that the 10% discount on this new piece run-through Sunday, then we'll be reverting to the regular Opening Prices going forward. Thanks and have a great weekend! Greg

About two years ago, we announced a new "Aviatrix" series. The first piece in the series, titled "The Aviatrix" was a big success.

We are pleased to announce the worldwide release of David's second piece in the series, titled "The Valkyrie".

"The Valkyrie" - final image
David Uhl 2022
David recently stated "The Valkyrie", maidens in service to the chief god Odin, Viking saga /story. I have always loved the pantheon of the Nordic Gods, and believe they have deep connections to Atlantean times".

We are now taking orders for the Fine Art canvas prints in this edition. Each piece will be hand-signed by David and numbered, with Certificate of Authenticity.

If you own the first piece, The Aviatrix, you have first right of refusal for your matching edition number on this new one. And all orders placed by Sunday will receive 10% off the prices below.

If you don't have The Aviatrix and want to collect both pieces, you still have time. As an added bonus, through Sunday if you get both we are offering special pricing on the package. Please email me if interested. Having both will also grant you first right of refusal on matching numbers as the series moves forward.

Edition specifics for "The Valkyrie":

** Image size 24 x 24, edition of 30 plus 5 Artist Proofs and 5 Hors d' Commerce, $1,295 framed.

** Image size 30 x 30, edition of 30 plus 5 Artist Proofs and 5 Hors d' Commerce, $1,895 framed.

** Image size 36 x 36, edition of 10 plus 3 Artist Proofs and 3 Hors d' Commerce, $2,895 framed.

Shipping is additional.

--Greg Rhodes
International Sales Director
David Uhl Fine Art
Uhl Studios

THE TIM AND LINDA LAQUAY PANHEAD COLLECTION AT THE MECUM AUCTION IN VEGAS—Auction is going on right now. There are two ‘48s and at least six more Panheads. Check it out, quick. They were into the ‘20s and ‘30s this afternoon. Bikes were going for 35-60K.

--Don Whalen
Sierra Madre Motorcycle Company

Click for more info.
Click for more info.

LEGISLATIVE CORRECTION--Chair of the National Transportation Safety Board Jennifer Homedy told the Associated Press last week that a widely cited government statistic that 94 percent of serious accidents are due to driver error is misleading. She wants the Department of Transportation to stop using that statistic and instead focus on a Safe System Approach to traffic accidents. The Next City website posted an opinion piece on why road safety is about more than just crash data.

The Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) has set new guidelines to rate vehicles with partial automation systems. This includes Autopilot, Super Cruise, and other partial automation tech. The Truth About Cars says that the IIHS is impositioning drivers with its new rating system. TechCrunch claims that advanced driver assistance tech in cars today won't pass IIHS' new safety rating. Consumer Reports says it will reward automakers whose automation systems encourage safe driving. Streetsblog USA looks into how automakers can stop drivers from over-relying on autonomous tech in the first place.

Carjackings have soared by an alarming 510 percent in major US cities—in cities such as Chicago, New Orleans, New York, and Philadelphia. On WBBM 780 News in Chicago, an expert claimed that the City's carjackings are not as bad as residents perceive them. Really?

Consumer Reports investigated and released its findings on the big business of bad auto loans.

Allowing 18-year-olds to drive big rigs was in the news this week. The US now allows older teens with a commercial driver's license to drive trucks across state lines. CBS Chicago talked with folks about their concerns for this latest action. In other trucking industry news, DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg rejects hours-of-service court challenge claims. Truck drivers are also speaking out about the Biden infrastructure plan that overlooked parking, critical for driver breaks.


Click to join.
Click to join.

New Program in Montana

Small powersports businesses in Big Sky Country may be eligible to benefit from the Montana Down Payment Assistance Program launched this month by Governor Greg Gianforte. The program has a $37 million allocation to help existing Montana businesses finance the acquisition of equipment, the purchase of real estate or buildings with improvements, and new construction. Loans have a low fixed interest rate for 10 years and range from $250,000 to $3 million.

Program details, eligibility, and applications are available at or by calling Doug Hill, director of in-state loan programs at the Board of Investments, at (406) 444-1217. For information regarding resources offered by states nationwide, the MIC continues to provide information on its COVID-19 resources page.


BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--Bandit's Cantina Episode 97: Clay's Christmas

I like the way it ended. Maybe Clay will straighten up and fall in love with Nicky.

-- Ann Robinson
Location: Long Beach, CA

Chance of a lifetime. Click and join.
Chance of a lifetime. Click and join.

Sole Art Design. I’m constantly on the hunt for the odd and unusual from the mysterious Chopper Empire of metal flake and chrome.

There’s always something flying in the night in a drug-induced haze.

Hell, this chopper image held the code 666.

--Da Cat

Get 30% off our Sling Shot Clutch Control kits today only!

No code necessary.

Don't wait. The sale ends tonight, January 27, 2020, at midnight EST.

Made of Stainless Steel

Consists of both forward and backward internal lever stops. Bolts directly up to Harley big twin frames. Can be used with OEM kickstand and kickstand plate. Kickstand mounting holes are tapped eliminating the need for nuts.

Generator can be serviced without removing the assembly.

Contains replaceable brass bushings.
Can be used on an open or closed primary.
Backing plate and lever are available in either mild or stainless steel (The clutch pivot bolt comes in stainless only).

All necessary stainless steel mounting hardware is included.

Sold in raw finish. The stainless can be polished.

TOLEMAR TAKES OVER TODD'S CYCLE-- After manufacturing their handlebars for more than a decade, Tolemar, LLC has acquired Todd’s Cycle, effective immediately.

“We have been proudly manufacturing products for Todd's in the USA for more than 10 years, making this a great transition for us," explains Tolemar President and CEO Eric Ison. "We look forward to continuing the legacy of Todd’s Cycle, expanding on the product line and infusing new marketing efforts.”

Todd’s Cycle was created by Todd Silicato, with the goal of designing and manufacturing the best looking and functioning parts and accessories for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. That goal is something the team at Tolemar will proudly carry on with all current and future products, according to Ison. Nor will there be any disruption at the dealer level... "if anything we can respond even quicker."

Distribution remains the same as well. Dealers can contact their Drag Specialties rep of click on

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