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Ride Forever -
Thursday Edition


For Twin Cam and M-Eight Touring

Photos and text by ROGUE

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The Feuling Billet Dipsticks are made In America and they vent excessive crankcase pressure from the oil tank on Harley Touring Models through a PCV style breather.

Blow by is pressure that is forced past the rings and cylinder walls and ends up in the crankcase and then into the oil tank. All internal combustion engines have a certain amount of crankcase pressure and it does increase with miles. Large cubic inch engines have a tendency to have more blow by as well.

The Vented Dipstick comes with a sheet of instructions and I suggest you read it before starting installing this product.


Remove the stock dipstick and make sure the oil tank is full. If not add oil.


Feuling Vented Dipstick - Top -  Stock Harley Dipstick - Bottom
Feuling Vented Dipstick - Top - Stock Harley Dipstick - Bottom

 The assembly screws into factory fill spout just like a stock part. Lubricate the O-ring on the Feuling dipstick with O-ring lube or engine oil.


Cap Removed - Flapper Valve Viewed
Cap Removed - Flapper Valve Viewed

The breather consists of a perforated disc, replaceable filter element and umbrella flapper valve.


There are two ways that this system can work. One is with an internal porous filter element. Though this element gives a clean look it can produce an oil misting residue on the top of the dipstick.


The other option is with a quick disconnect fitting and line with a filter element on the end of it. This is the recommended method


Cap Installed with Quick Disconnect Fitting
Cap Installed with Quick Disconnect Fitting


Tighten Hex Screw
Tighten Hex Screw


The cap is screwed on to the dipstick using a little 545 Loctite, this will help prevent leaking. Loctite is also added to the small 0.050 hex Allen screw in the side of the cover to lock the cap so it does not unscrew when the dipstick is removed.

The line will need to be disconnected to remove the dipstick to check or ad oil but it does like the name implies disconnects quickly.


 The line is run inside the frame rail, up under the seat then back down with the element resting between the engine and transmission mating area neatly out of the way. The line is secured in a couple of spots to hold it in place making sure the plastic wire ties did Not Pinch the Breather Line


For more information on this and other fine Feuling products go to


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