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Ride Forever -
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A Fücker is somebody you could trust your life with, friend for life sort off

Story and photos by the Sheriff, Sheriff Media Group

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Editor’s Note: In a changing world, I ask myself constantly about the mindsets behind different chopper movements in the States and as you will see here in the Nordic Countries. I would love to listen to their conversations. The chopper movement in the States has changed, but what about the thinking behind each new trend? So, ask me what I was thinking with a fifth of Jack Daniels in my hand in 1970, as I swayed next to a fire in Fresno, CA at 3:00 in the morning?


Twelve years ago the car/MC club Jokers had their last big car/bike show. What was fun in the beginning went into headache in the end, liquor license security fire and rescue, yeah you get it, they quit.

However same year they started Fücker a MC-show on two wheels. Fully loaded choppers travelling to new locations every night, immediate success. This format meant you did fly under the radar from the government!!!

During two Corona years they had a Safari instead, same thing but shorter and few out of Sweden visitors.

2022 the 7th of July 5PM everything was back on track.

Djupsås Peoples Park, an old dance hall where farmers and blue-collar workers danced in the ‘30s and ‘40s perfect spot to gather the tribe. Pre-pre party… like 100 first night. Germans, Danes, Belgium, Finns and even one Canadian at the starting point.

Friday high noon, most sober to avoid the Swedish hard driving rules. Sebastian one of the Jokers hand out small piece of paper to each one, analog directions how to get to next stop. This continues through the three days. You never know where the camp spot is. Hang on or read map!

Friday the 8th we come to a small lake, where’d Swedish law allow camping 24 hours then clean and leave, old rule since the 1200s! Warm weather so many tattooed bodies scare the shit outta the fish maybe. A support van full, with Danish Beer, so life is good.

Saturday 9th 1200 kickstands up, riding on a gravel road 6 miles, it is a rolling show so just hang on. Lysvik Värmland where the big party starts. One hour from the Norwegian border so more bikers from our brotherland.

A couple of bands playing with late ‘60s vibe. We ended up in another Peoples Park, old veterans taking care of the buildings and helping with food and logistics . Fantastic to see 80+ years people just smiling among bikers whose average age is just 30+!

The format in short, like one week ahead on Instagram people will know the starting point, be there and join in. Everybody welcome on a chopper and if it breaks down you could come on a stocker but hide in the shadows, haha.

People arrive and leave during the rolling show so numbers are tough, 100-250 I guess.
10 % women, everybody ride with camper gear as back support so.. ladies have to drive their own wheels. This year Shovelheads everywhere, the prices on Knucks and Pans really changed the market.

Jokers no club in that sense no clubhouse, just good friends from west coast of Sweden.
The Fückers format bring back flashback memories for me, the kids good builders, try to copy the old, however in the old days they never drove that much as these kiddos!!

Last no fukkin sponsor, and yeah you smile for at least a month afterwards!!!



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Reader Comments

Excellent description of the event! Best weekend in a long long time, kind of reminded me of the parties in the '70s.

Ronny Rönning
Malmö, Skåne, Sweden
Friday, July 15, 2022

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