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Event Coverage

Event Coverage

We're packin' it up and hittin' the road to bring you all the latest rallies and happenings around the globe.



By Bandit with photos by Ethan Miller, Joe Hitzelberger/Roland Sands Design and Markus Cuff
We followed the news: Nitro Circus and Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, announced that Travis Pastrana will be jumping an Indian Scout FTR750 when he looks to pay tribute to Evel Knievel. But we wanted to know about the bikes Roland Sands set up for the historic event.
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Custom Motorcycle Builders Support Industry at Flying Piston Benefit

The Sturgis Buffalo Chip hosts to benefit U.S. Veterans & Tech Education

By Bikernet
The 4th annual Flying Piston Benefit Builders Breakfast hit its stride on Sunday, August 5th welcoming a first-ever presenting sponsor, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, and unveiling the Strider Custom program.
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Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trails 2018

The Stage Is Set and the Records Hang Ready to Fall.

By Chris Callen, Supreme Commander, Cycle Source Magazine
So, Speed Week has come and gone at the Bonneville Salt Flats, but for those of us only interested in the two-wheel variety of speed freak fun, the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials are just starting.
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Honda CB 750 — Happy 50th Birthday

Celebrating the Half-Century Milestone of the Legendary Honda CB750-Four…and You Could Win One for Only Ten Bucks!

By Paul Garson
   Ken Tropasso aboard his CB750 leads the pack of Vintage Iron Club members on a ride through their hometown of West Palm Beach, Florida, now hosting an annual bike festival that’s one of the best in the country. This coming January marks the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Honda CB750-4, the ...
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Guardian of the Wheel

I didn’t Know What I Was Doing, as Usual

By Bandit with photos by the Redhead
I received a call from the Supreme showman Prince Najar. So, when the Supreme Prince called me a month before the rally and said, “Make a totally unique sculpture for our charity auction or die trying.” I was so relieved he didn’t ask me to build a bike I said, “Yes, oh supreme one.”
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Mid American Freedom Rally

Celebrating Old School At the Mid American Freedom Rally

By Dangerous Dave
“F...ing lucky” is what I say, my better half says I make the luck. On this little rally jaunt I was one lucky devil. Both me and my ride ended up in the emergency room. On the trip east, coming into Junction City Kansas I saw the sign for City Cycle Harley Davidson, thinking as I cruised, do I need to stop for a break or keep rolling. The decision was to roll. A mile or two after the sign my bike...
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MOONEYES Summer of 2018

The California Open House

Photos and text by Art Hall
MOONEYES USA Open House, California. Mooneyes speed equipment dates back to the beginning of hot rodding. Art Hall was there.
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The Stealth SmokeOut 19 Report

The temperature was soaring into mid to upper 90s!!!! Sizzling to say the least!

By Mike Pullin with Photos by Chris Lonsberry, White Lightening and Weed
I always look forward to the SMOKEOUT. This year was a very special one for me. Edge contacted me about being a Bikernet bike show judge! I would pick a bike to be featured on BIKERNET! For me this was a GREAT honor!
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