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Monday Edition

Event Coverage

Event Coverage

We're packin' it up and hittin' the road to bring you all the latest rallies and happenings around the globe.

MOONEYES Summer of 2018

The California Open House

Photos and text by Art Hall
MOONEYES USA Open House, California. Mooneyes speed equipment dates back to the beginning of hot rodding. Art Hall was there.
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The Stealth SmokeOut 19 Report

The temperature was soaring into mid to upper 90s!!!! Sizzling to say the least!

By Mike Pullin with Photos by Chris Lonsberry, White Lightening and Weed
I always look forward to the SMOKEOUT. This year was a very special one for me. Edge contacted me about being a Bikernet bike show judge! I would pick a bike to be featured on BIKERNET! For me this was a GREAT honor!
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Petersen Museum Custom Revolution Exhibit Revealed

We Touched on Most of the Builders

By the Petersen Museum with photography by Peter Linney
Over the last decade a community of alternative custom motorcycle builders has begun to form. With design teams and industry leaders from Ducati, BMW, Yamaha and Harley Davidson constantly watching and collaborating with these custom builders they have begun to create their own Custom Revolution. An Exhibit in the Richard Varner Family Gallery
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The Horseless Smoke Out 19 Kills It in Rockingham

When the Chains Come off the Party Begins

By Prince Najar with photos by Jeff and Chris Lonsberry
Exercising the moral code of a Detroit hooker The Horse Magazine ended its partnership with the Smoke Out Rally and then tried to convince the world the event was not happening at all.
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The Race Of Gentlemen 2018

How The Time/Space Continuum Fractured In Wildwood, New Jersey; June 8, 9, 10

By Vivian Charros
After a 24 hour van ride to a galaxy far, far away (aka New Jersey), we entered the new dimension in motorcycle events that just might be the savior of American motorcycling. My best bud and partner, Berry Wardlaw (“the engine guy”), side kick Dana Peters, Spike Johnson, and I set out to behold the Annual The Race of Gentlemen (TROG) in Wildwood, New Jersey.
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Hanging Out at Heroes Motorcycles Melrose

Bikernet Feature

By Paul Garson
A while back we introduced you to a new L.A. bike shop called Heroes Motorcycles, purveyors of rare and historic motorcycles, the operation run by Serge Bueno who in 2014 had arrived from Paris with his wife, four kids and a ton of awesome bikes.
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The Industry is Kicking Ass

by Bandit with photos by The Edge, KRB, Rogue and Rogue's Son
I arrived at the jammed Tropical Tattoo show corner and was immediately confronted by a large Staff Security who pointed toward more parking down the tree-lined lane. The place was already crammed and I was early.
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On The Rocks

By Sherriff
Landspeed record on a frozen lake was celebrated for the 10th time in SWEDEN 23-24 Feb ! The Viking alternative to race on salt at Bonneville Utah in USA.
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