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Envy Cycle 750 Honda Four Classic

From a Phoenix Builder Who Knows His Way Around Tools


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Bikernet started to work with Terry and Dana Lee of Envy Cycle several years ago. We discovered a low-key, highly talented builder on the edge of the desert. We started to feature his highly detailed customs, always with a mechanical edge. We like that.
Last year, Terry mentioned he was building 1979 750-cc, 10th Anniversary Honda 4 custom. When I asked to see progress shots, he said, "It's no big deal. No one cares about these old Hondas. It was just something affordable to build during tough financial times."
We persisted and he sent us build shots from time to time. Terry was wrong about a couple of his humble assumptions: First, these classics are more sought-after than ever before. And anytime Terry takes on a project, interesting shit happens. He was correct about affordable. He bought this original on Ebay with only 7,000 miles on the clock for $1750, and built this bike from the ground up for just $4,000 in materials. After it collected dust in the corner of the shop and the tires went flat, Terry started building the 4-out and 2-up, 40-degree frame after modifying his custom-built H-D frame gig. He bought 200 feet of 1-inch, .188 wall chrome moly tubing and went to work. It took him two weeks to build the frame.
"I took the engine in and out of the frame ten times," Terry said. "While bending the tubing to fit, I wanted the engine to dominate look of the bike. I like what new younger builders are doing with their home-built bikes, but I grew up in the industry painting.I can't build a bare bike. It needs a coat of paint to make it right."
He bought a flat 4-by-4 sheet of 16-gauge steel and hammered out the tank. He built the springer front end with the chrome moly tubing.
"A couple of years ago, I was marveled by a Flying Merkel owned by John Parham," Terry said. "He published it in his J&P catalog and I studied historic elements of that machine and incorporated them into my ultra-narrow springer design. I like that brazed and sweated look."
He also discovered Marvin Shaw nitrogen shocks. They afford his springers 3.5-inches of travel and take the pogo out completely.
Terry started messing with dirt bikes as a kid. "I made my own pipes," he said. He learned to stick, gas weld, and braze.
The more we discussed his Honda build, the more I learned from a rider who, with his wife, Dana, live on 2.5 acres on the edge of the Phoenix desert, with their 2,500-square foot shop out back of the home. We kicked around the sheet metal learning process.
"We actually don't use the English wheel much, mostly torpedo hammers, with a leather bag full of shot, and the planishing hammer," Terry said. He built his own English wheel and planishing hammer.
The Bikernet crew is slowly trying to learn the art of sheet metal construction, so our ears perked up. Terry worked for years at Phoenix Antique Auto, where they built '32-'36 ford roadsters, restored cars, and Terry learned how to take a flat sheet of aluminum and form it into a vintage fender capable of hand-rubbed lacquer paint job without bondo.
He hand-built the pipes for the Honda four, in keeping with his StreetWalker line of seven styles of pipes.
"I just added these Honda pipes to the line, plus a killer set of V-rod exhausts," Terry said, "and I'm working on some StreetWalker systems for Victorys.
He started his own pipeline because he ordered a set of pipes and waited six months for them to arrive. He said, "Fuck it," and built his own. He builds Bomber exhausts for eight models, for right and left-side drive bikes and offers them chromed or ceramic-coated, with custom heat shields. He has 140 dealers in the states, plus shops in Canada, Mexico, and Europe carry his line.
A buddy of Terry's recently passed away. Speed Gonzales built these Hondas and Terry wanted to build one in memory. Steve was a major hill-climb competitor and won the 2001 Canadian American Hillclimb Championship in Kitchner Ontario. Terry once enjoyed tackling the hills and in 1969, he took 10th place.
Check the details and hand-made workmanship on this bike. It's amazing, classic, strong, and a rider, even if it is a Honda.
Click on this image to see the StreetWalker web site.
Click on this image to see the StreetWalker web site.

Bikernet Extreme Envy Cycle Tech Chart
Owner:             Terry and Dana Lee
Bike Name:      El Gato Rojo
City/State:        Peoria, Arizona
Builder:            Terry Lee/ Envy Cycle Creations
City/State         Peoria, Arizona
Company Info  Envy Cycle Creations
Phone              602 391 8488


Fabrication:              Terry Lee/Envy Cycle
Manufacturing:         Terry Lee
Welding:                   Terry Lee
Machining:                Terry Lee
Make:                         1979 Honda
Model:                        CB750 F
Displacement:            749 CC (45.7 Cu. In.)
Builder or Rebuilder:  Stock
Cases:                        Honda
Case finish:                Natural
Barrels:                       Stock
Bore:                           2.44 in.
Stroke:                        2.44 in.
Rods:                          Stock
Heads:                        Stock
Head Finish:               Satin polish
Valves and Springs:   Stock
Pushrods:                   None
Cams:                         Stock
Lifters:                        Stock
Carburetion:              four Keihin VB42C carbs
Air Cleaner:               four K&N
Exhaust:                     Streetwalker Exhaust
Mufflers:                    Yeah kind of
Other:                        Black Ceramic Coating with satin finish holed heat shields
Year:                        1979
Make:                       Honda
Gear Configuration:   5 speed
Final Drive:               Chain
Primary:                    Honda
Clutch:                      Honda
Year:                        2009
Make:                      Envy Cycle Creations
Style or Model:        Rigid Chopper
Stretch:                    2” up 3” out
Rake:                       40 degrees
Modifications:          None
Make:                      Envy Cycle Creations
Model:                     Nitrogen Shocked Springer
Year:                        2009
Modifications:           Machined and Grooved outer sleeves
Outside the air-conditioned shop, temp crested 109 degrees, while Scooter Grubb took these shots. Even the shop dog thought it was a tough assignment.
Outside the air-conditioned shop, temp crested 109 degrees, while Scooter Grubb took these shots. Even the shop dog thought it was a tough assignment.

Tanks:                      Terry Lee
Fenders:                   LED Sled Choppers/Terry Lee
Panels:                      None
Oil Tank:                   None
Other:                       NA
Sheet Metal:            Terry Lee
Molding:                  Terry Lee
Base Coat:               Dodge Truck Bright Red
Graphics:                 Terry Lee
Type:                       Modified Scallops
Frame:                     Affordable Powdercoating, bright red
Molding:                   None
Pin Striping:              Tony Perez/
Front:                       Envy Cycle Creations, Glory Ole Wheel
Size:                         21” x 2.15”
Brake Calipers:         DNA
Brake Rotor:             Envy Cycle Creations, Glory Ole Rotor
Tire:                         Metzler ME880 2.15x 21
Rear:                        Envy Cycle Creations, Glory Ole Wheel
Size:                         18” x 5.5”
Brake Calipers:         DNA
Brake Sproter:          DNA
Tire:                          Metzler ME880 180
Foot Controls:           Envy Cycle Creations
Finish:                       Affordable Powdercoating, bright red
Master Cylinder:       Jay Brake
Brake Lines:              Envy Cycle Creations
HandleBar Controls:  Joker
Finish:                       Black Anodized
Clutch Cable:            Honda/ Black
Shifting:                     Custom linkage Envy Cycle Creations
Kickstand:                Terry Lee
Ignition:                     CDI
Ignition Switch:          Starting Button
Coils:                        Honda
Regulator:                 Honda
Charging:                  Honda
Wiring:                     Terry Lee
Harness:                   Envy Cycle Creations
Headlight:                 E-Bay
Taillight:                   West Eagle
Switches:                  E-Bay
Battery:                     Interstate
Seat Pan:                 Terry Lee/ Mike Veselik@ Hide Art  hand tooled leather
Mirrors:                   Swap Meet
Gas Cap:                 Led sled
Handlebars:             Terry Lee
Grips:                      Arlen Ness
Pegs:                       Terry Lee
Oil Filter:                 Honda
Oil Cooler:              None
Fuel Filter:               J&P Cycles
Fuel Lines:               J&P Cycles
Throttle:                   J&P Cycles
Fasteners:                J&P Cycles 
Credits: Thanks to Greg and Rich at Affordable Powder coating for all the beautiful powder coat, and Tony Perez for pinstriping this bike and all my others.

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Reader Comments

Fuc da bike I want dat chick ta sit on my face!

caun kelly
Columbus, MI
Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Outstanding craftsmanship. Fine detail. Truly impressive, and the bike is pretty nice too.

Sam Burns
San Marcos, TX
Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Got some coding issues there!!!! Sweet ride, Hot lookin woman, Sure wish I could read the captions.

I really like the old Honda chops, I always thought about buildin' a Amen Savior 750 chop, just never seemed to happen. Had a stretched 450 of my own, when I was just a kid.

Keep it up, it's always good to see someone following the old ways with new style.

Palm Desert, CA
Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Editor Response I'll check the code. Could be your browser.
Well... what battery aught to last... minutes?

Lexington, KY
Monday, July 26, 2010

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