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Friday Edition

Bikernet Brings You: The Notorious Elbow Inn

Along the Devil's Curve on Route 66

By David Campbell

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Everyone should travel Route 66 or at least visit some of the landmarks along the notorious highway. I am hitting sections of the famous road as I travel the US.
While at the Mid American Freedom Rally in Buckhorn MO, it was recommended that I scoot on up the road to Devil's Elbow and have a drink. Well, Sunday afternoon was open, so I fired up the Road King and slipped out of the campground. A few short miles later I was sitting down at the bar of the Devil's Elbow Bar and Grill, in the middle of Pulaski County nestled on the slippery banks of the Big Piney River. The bar had a great view of the river and restored bridge. This place started out as a coffee shop and ended up as a sweet little rustic bar, serving up some great Missouri BBQ.

When you stumble into a bar and there are bras stuck to the ceiling, it's gonna be a good time. As a good friend once said it's not a party until you have titties. Apparently there have been many rockin' parties at the Devil's Elbow Bar. The waitresses were terrific and chatted a bit as I sipped a cold beer.

Now there are a couple of things Missourians love, and I know as well, I am a native. We love our rivers and we love to drink. This place has you covered. You can camp right down next to the river. This is one of those easy rolling Missouri rivers, the kind you can float on in an inner-tube and drink beer on all day long. In fact, as I looked over the river from the bridge, kids floated comfortably along comfortable currents, while playing in the warm water.

If you travel Route 66, I would recommend pulling in the for the night, pitching your tent and slipping up to the bar for some BBQ and beer. I am a fan of smoked wings. The Devil served up some of the best. A light smoke and KC style BBQ sauce made these wings worth the wait. Now, these are not your flash fried Hooter's wings, nope they serve them right off the smoker. I ordered the hash-brown casserole to fill my plate and had a couple of cold beers. This is home cooking, just like mom would make. Right out of the oven, hash-browns with a smooth country gravy and cheese, umm umm. Let me tell you, the homemade sides will take you home. If you ever watched Hew Haw, this is the kind of supper Grandpa would have made.
This is a Bikernet Approved bar and grill and I would highly recommend it if you are traveling trough Pulaski County down Route 66. Stop in and say David from Bikernet sent you.

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Reader Comments

Thanks again David for doing an article on the Mid America Freedom Rally in 2015 but also this one for the Elbow!

We both go "hand-in-hand" as not far away and have had many a memorial events start here or end here. A big "thumbs up"!!!

Sue Miller - Mid America Freedom Rally
Waynesville, MO
Saturday, October 10, 2015

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