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EXCLUSIVE: President Donald Trump’s Farewell Address

Ladies and gentlemen of America

By J.J. Solari with images from associated Press, Politico and Barry Green

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Ladies and gentlemen of America; I want to tell you how much I cherish the honor of having been the President of what was once the hope of the world but is now scheduled to be the next conquest of the global Islamic/Marxist Jihad: the United States of America.

The United States is united in what way exactly..... at this point it is impossible for me to say. Over and above the fact that passports will soon be required to go from State to State with armed guards at every border-crossing, half the Country wants liberty....and the other half wants lockdowns, facemasks, riots, black supremacy, white guilt, mandatory-Islam which is basically one word, Communism, equality – meaning everyone having nothing, - hopelessness, bums in the street, human feces in the street, a reversal of progress which they call "progressivism," the abolishment of fuels that get the job done by fire and fission..... to be replaced by air and sunlight NOT getting the job done. At least not at night or on windless days.

Half the Country wants to live life via productivity and reward for effort and to work our way to the stars..... and the other half wants to live life via punishments for
productivity.....and rewards for indigence and sloth..... and to return to living in tents and praying to the earth like pagan primitive prehistoric Pleistocene Australopithecines.

They want to punish the healthy for not being sick by quarantining them, and they want us to work our way, not to the stars, but back into planet earth, probably in caves, and into the year 20 million BC. They even want to get rid of BC.

We are in a battle where both sides, the Republicans and the Democrats, are now both fighting for the same thing: Marxist/Islam. The difference is one side, the Democrats, want it now and the other side, the Republicans and the Conservatives, want it down the road but not now, but they don't know what they do want now so they just drift along with whatever current is carrying them at the moment, time enough later to figure it all out.

I came into the world of politics and government and bureaucratic chaos from the world of business. Business: which is taught in government schools to be evil. And it is declared evil because it is where agreements are voluntarily made between individuals with clearly stated agreed-upon goals and voluntary terms of finance all for the purpose of pleasing .....voluntary customers...... and I left that world and I entered a world of compulsion and discord and deception and forced payment for nothing-specific via compulsory taxation and mob rule, where there are no agreements, where there is only the minority giving tyrannical orders to the majority, which the Left then grandly declares is Democracy. Which is taught to be a caring and sanctified way of life in direct proportion to the degree of forced obedience.

When you're in the world of business, at least as an owner, but not necessarily as a CEO - you must talk normal. You can't say things like "mitigate the moment" or "flatten the curve" or "lessen the gradient of the achievable slope" or "be existentially aware of the overarching threat if we don't turn the corner on the unresponsiveness of the commonly held belief of the teachable mandate."

Except for me, when I talk..... nobody knows what anyone else in office is ever talking about. That's why I got so much press: the failed novelists of the journalism profession could actually understand what I was saying. And they didn't like what they were hearing. They had no clue what anyone else in office was saying. Nobody does.
I actually thought I could fix all this. But then, real Americans often try to achieve the impossible.
The first three years of my administration were spent with the House and the New York Times and the CIA and whatever else is called "intelligence" around here..... trying to convince America that Vladimir Putin and I conspired to rig the election. Vladimr Putin wanted to have to deal with me rather than with Hillary like I want to deal with Pelosi rather than with showgirls.

The final year of my administration had to deal with a flu that emerged two days after the Senate tore up Pelosi's and the so-called-intelligence community's collusion caper.

And now, mysteriously, the guy who could not attract more than 200 people to an event and whose entire political platform was "Wear a mask" has won an election that the Squad is going to usurp. Not that they're not actually running things already. Ocasio is in full Marxist overdrive and her three Marxist sisters from an emotional and spiritual and intellectual hate-factory even Satan would envy are already making lists of who to execute Che Guevara style.

You could be on that list.

Meanwhile I have actually been considering colluding with Putin for real. He has 11 time zones in his Country, most of which are open scenic wonderlands. What with all the ice melting I might try and teach him real estate development tips and we can collude for real and create a land where normal people can live in peace. Russia and the USA are already colluding in space with the space station and have been for years, but apparently the failed novelists who call themselves journalists don't consider that a threat to the rule of the so called 4th estate. But me chatting with Putin one on one is of course a threat to the rule of the so-called 4th estate. Which would be the failed novelists of journalism.

In case you don't know what the 4th estate is. It's the branch of government journalists - or failed novelists - have created. Which in many ways is actually, in fact, the operating governmental mechanism of the United States. Who no one apparently knows how to handle. Except maybe one person.

I had one particular pest for four years begging me to make him "Press Hack" as he calls the position of press secretary. I should have done it. I might still be President. We are heading toward a one party system. The difference between libs and conservatives is that libs know government is a con.

Conservatives are convinced the "con" aspects of government are freak aberrations and that there is some normal or proper or correct version of government that the libs are in some way impeding with their libness. Or in other words the libs know what the hell is actually going on and want more of it, and the conservatives are in a dream world where
The Perfect Government exists.
In reality the perfect government - government in its most complete form - is demonstrated by Marxism and Islam. Both of which, you may have noticed, the Left does not have a problem with as being at all antithetical to their goals of universal poverty in the interests of equality. Much the same as they tout universal quarantine.... whether you are sick or not.

Normal people call this imprisonment. Libs call it "you doing your part in not overwhelming the health care system." Like, that's your job now: not overwhelming the health care system. being immune to the flu and therefore "a risk to the community." No one apparently is ever going to ask "why is it my job to keep the health care providers from being overwhelmed? Maybe they should work faster. Would that fix things? If they actually made an effort?" No one asks that.

Another thing no one asks is "Why is my not being sick a threat to others who are not sick?" No one asks that. Critical thinking is apparently as extinct as the passenger pigeon.

Speaking of the "healthcare system," you ever see some of these great and mighty warrior-slugs on the so-called healthcare "front lines"? You would think American
combat veterans and combat personnel would be irate over the press hacks calling someone sitting at a desk and overflowing the chair with hanging sheets of body
fat...."the front lines."

What are the "front lines" of the annual cold and flu season? The press is even calling the cashiers at the supermarkets "the front lines." You'll notice the cashiers are all still alive at the treacherous front lines of the check-out, one year into the global plague of unstoppable death. There's not a high body or casualty count at the front lines of the supermarket. Brenda is still right there, like she has been for 10 years, right there at the front lines and charging you for a bag.

Human-caused climate change is an age-old pagan idea. So, it's not surprising that the "progressive" Democrats like it since it is, like everything else the liberals like, from the Pleistocene. Stone-age people think humans affect the weather. The chieftains used to tell the people to beat drums, arrange bird feathers in design-y shapes and throw a few of their children into volcanoes to make the weather obey them. Now the chieftains tell the primitives to stop using their air conditioners to change the weather.

The air conditioners DO change the weather. The weather affecting YOU. Oh, but you being comfortable on a hot day is not fair to the people who can't afford an air conditioner. So your air conditioner has to go. And instead you have to make the earth cooler.

That is your assignment, citizen: make the earth cooler by not having modern conveniences and make everyone safe by not overwhelming the health care system by staying at home. Without air conditioning. And eventually in California, without electricity, natural gas, gasoline, or running water.

Mayors and governors and city councilmen and county supervisors know how to alter planetary climate via your obedience, but they don't know what a sidewalk is for. A sidewalk is a place on the side of the street where people can walk.

Mayors and governors and city councilmen and county supervisors think a sidewalk is a place were people can live in blue tents, with stolen propane tanks, with free needles and narcotics, where cement is a toilet, where fingers - theirs or someone else's, it doesn't matter – are toilet paper, where stolen shopping carts and stolen bicycles accumulate faster than the fleas and plague rats that are accumulating there......speaking of disease, have you noticed that the mentally deranged and criminally insane denizens of the sidewalks are exempt from all social distancing rules?...from all shoplifting laws, from all public sex laws, from all mask laws, from all arson laws, from all stabbing laws, from all assault laws....and it's your fault because you won't house them in your living room.

So private hotels have to be confiscated so that the so-called homeless - who are living a more fun life than you probably are this year - can contaminate the building and ruin it's interior with urine, dung, blood, precious bodily fluids, pus, saliva and any other kind of putrid liquid they can muster from their inner anatomy and cause the former owners to commit suicide from despair....and you are being blamed for all of it. Because you keep resisting new zoning laws that will turn your nice neighborhood into a spitoon. And what you can't resist gets taken from you in taxes - allegedly "for our kids" to pay for the upkeep of these dregs who have more rights than you do.

Yet the people encouraging this aboveground sewer system....know how to cool a planet's climate. And know how to "keep you safe" from the annual cold and flu season.

The same people that don't know how to chase-off people living on the sidewalk and don't know how to keep them from defecating on the floors of supermarkets and in your yard and don't know how to keep them from starting fires with their renegade and probably stolen propane tanks and which fires you are getting blamed for for driving your car to work..... they don't know how to do those things.....but they know how to alter climate and the weather.

All they need is your obedience. Your cooperation. Your getting on board their high-speed train to stagnation. They refuse to use atomic power because that would solve too many problems and the Democrats are not in the business of solving problems. They are not in the business of business. They are in the business of shutdowns and elimination and stagnation and who you can stand next to at a six-foot distance and a return to the Pleistocene, which they proudly are calling The New Normal.

They pour out their adulation for every primitive culture on the planet.... and curse Western Civilization. They claim to revere art but, like Hitler, if it's a sculpture of
someone they don't like, down it comes. Columbus; Junipero Serra; Jesus....these statues represent people that do not meet the rigid moral standards of the Left.

The Left defines morality as.... doing what they say. They are the standard of morality. If you don't obey their are immoral. They say eternally "you can't judge a man by the color of his skin." Unless you're a lib: then black is beautiful, brown is iffy, white is ugly and they don't say squat about the asians. They don't dare. The asians would be in their face.

I have been criticized by the failed novelists - or journalists as they call themselves - for being self-centered. The cure to being self-centered to the Democrats is to be self-sacrificial. A good example of which is the bizarre and Declared Moral Mandate to isolate yourself rather than "be a threat" to others. Who the others are you are advised not to be threat to is never explained.

But I can explain it. The "others" are everyone but you. You in particular are being ordered to protect others. Especially if you're not sick. Who the others actually are is never made clear. The lockdowns and shutdowns and arbitrary costume changes and antisocial distancing decrees-from-out-of-nowhere are not for the purpose of keeping "others" safe. They're for the purpose of keeping you poverty-stricken, dependent on "stimulus checks" and to visibly demonstrate to the tyrant petulant nobodies who found themselves a job in the public sector your spineless and clueless compliance. They want a visible proof of their lordship. Facemasks are a good start: easy to see, making it easy to reinforce their encouragement to inflict more crap.

It's arbitrary clothing and arbitrary attire and arbitrary voodoo religious costuming that is decreed and declared and commanded to have the magical voodoo power to
"slow the spread." And who knows, it could actually be doing that. It's slowed it for a full year so far. The annual cold and flu season is now a year long. We'll be wearing masks for the next ten thousand years at this rate. And all of this bull is so that there will be no "disadvantaged"..... financially or materially or by not being possessed of a functioning immune system.

Everyone will be equal. Equally poor and equally destitute, equally masked and equally begging some crazed, wild-eyed bureaucrat, many of whom look
even nuttier and worse-dressed than the homeless..... for a handout.

While I have not been re-elected for one reason or another (chief among them being
mandated-voting-chaos and a restructuring of the normal polling procedure into a bewildering banana-republic, Iranian, Red Chinese bounce castle of who the hell knows what for the purposes of staying safe from a flu that emerged one day after the Senate tore up the impeachment papers......) while I have not been re-elected, the reality of my one-term as President should be enough to encourage others from the real world of Actual Employment (as opposed to coming from the legal profession....) to either follow
in my footsteps....or else stay the hell out of politics forever and try to encourage Elon Musk in his efforts to transport normal humanity, if there is such a thing, to another planet.

Planet Private, as I would like to call it. My Presidency - and I have to admit my highly criticized personality - has enlightened at least half, and I am sure a lot more than half, of the American population to the reality of the degree of the total utter vagrant-level of degradation inhabiting the souls of almost everyone in the public sector with the exception of firemen, policemen, and servicemen......these three jobs being jobs which Americans would do voluntarily because they are actually necessary. As opposed to every single other present job description in the public sector.

Do you really need the Department of Motor Vehicles in your life? Do you really need the IRS? My Presidency has shown to many who never noticed before..... that wanting to make life better for the citizenry rather than for the bureaucracy - which is basically the goal of everyone in business as opposed to everyone in government - is a no-go zone as far as the bureaucracy is concerned.

Never underestimate the cunning of evil: the real war against me was to discourage other normal people in the real world of commerce and profit-and-loss and industry and employment....from running for office.

The flu hoax, I am now convinced, was a desperate ploy by the Swamp and their failed-novelist allies..... that they never dreamed would be successful. They clearly did not realize the level of avarice and dreams of sadism of America'a governors, mayors, city council members, county supervisors and the new species of bureaucrat called the unelected health advisor. These spiritual monstrosities, declaring themselves guardians
of the public health, issued decrees more ruinous than any flu, and declared the "healthcare providers" as your responsibility to protect.

You are ordered to protect the health care providers. By staying home. And leaving your grandparents and elderly spouses to die alone. So that you don't by virtue of your selfish antibody-collection "overwhelm the system" by "contaminating" others with your functioning immune system.

Go right now and sneak over to a hospital. Try and find a bedlam-center in it. While the failed novelists are publishing photos of Chernobyl workers in lead suits and
clean-room technicians at NASA in full sterilized mode and pictures of mass graves from World War Two and staged and arranged photos of coffins lining the streets....try and find any of this on your own.

The current mantra is "We are all in this together." Which is true. But we are not in it voluntarily. We are all in this together by command. That's the part you are not suppose to pay attention to. Yeah: we're all in this together. Against our will.

Nobody asked us to be all in this together. It got decreed. It got decreed by our great and mighty governors and mayors: they can control the weather....and they can control disease. Just like witch doctors and voodoo chieftains.

The two great forces of Planet Earth, the weather and biology: these the bureaucrats can control. But they can't move bums off the sidewalk and onto an island. And controlling biology and the weather they need your obedience to do. There's a reason your elected and non- elected officials are blaming your children for being threats: their own cowardice. They don't want to be prosecuted for "not slowing the spread." Like that's working.

They don't want to be blamed for you getting sick. They don't want to be blamed for anything. They just want you to obey them. Politics is the revenge-job for the bullied in grammar school. Politics is the go-to career for born

What I wanted to do was make America great again. What Joe Biden wants to do is make America wear facemasks. What his soon to be successor Kamala Harris wants....well, nobody really knows what she wants but they might want to find out because she could become President-elect before I even finish giving this speech.

And if you find out Biden wants to put you in facemasks like he said he does, Harris wants to put you in jail. That's all she knows how to do. She's a prosecutor. Her job is putting people in jail. And she likes that job. And if you have a gun: that's likely where she'll put you.

"Oh but the 2nd Amendment!!" Well the First Amendment didn’t stop the Flu
Tyranny, and the Second Amendment won't stop President Harris.

Gavin Newsom just before Thanksgiving ordered all children over 2 years of age in California to wear mandatory facemasks. So, they won't spread the flu. So they will have guilt complexes all their lives, when Gavin and his successors tell them they killed millions during their childhood years by not wearing facemasks as ordered-to by sociopaths.

That's right, kids: you killed gran'ma. Gavin Newsom and his ilk said so. I hope you're proud of yourselves, kids: being murderers and all.

Here's how it works in Lib World, kids: we get to kill you, that's right, as long as it's before you change locations from inside of mommy to outside of mommy.. But you don't get to kill us. So, you have to wear a mask. Because you're immune. And your natural immunity is a threat to us adults. And that's not fair. Welcome to earth, kids. And that birthday party you wanted to have with all your friends? I don't think so. You'll all be superspreaders. Because you're all bad.

Gavin Newsom wants everyone over 2 years old to be responsible for everyone else over 2 years old. We're all responsible for everyone else not getting the flu. It's your 3 year old's do the government's job. Of keeping people safe. Or whatever the government's job actually is. Since no one actually knows. What government's actual duties and responsibilities are is never made clear. A magician couldn't figure it out. Apparently it's government's job to order people not to give other people the flu. No wonder crazy people run for office. It's designed for crazy people.

Joe Scarborough said I should be tried for manslaughter for not having everyone around me wear masks. He has not been laughed out of a job. He is being hailed by
Democrats and his failed-novelist peers as a warrior as brave and fearless as Alexander the Great. This is what is known as the perversion of right into wrong and wrong into right. According to my Bible that's usually the last straw for the slow-to-anger Deity Who claims to be the actual Owner of this planet. And Who single-handedly determines the climate.

I think my plan - to make America great again - appealed to a majority of Americans but if the ballots are didn't appeal to enough of them. Apparently it didn't appeal to a majority of Americans who is actually larger than the majority of Americans. Ghost
Americans, apparently.

I - who wanted to make America great again - was defeated at the polls by someone who wants everyone to wear a facemask. Maybe Americans really want stupidity over greatness. If there is one lasting positive aspect of my Presidency it will be to inspire other members of the private sector to enter into the public sector of the Swamp to try and drain the soft sand and refill it with solid ground, as I think Jesus suggested would be a good thing to do in all areas of human progress.

I like to think I broke the mold by leaving an actual job to try and fix all the millions of messes people who never had an actual job and are being voted and appointed into
office....are creating: if creating is the right word for making everyone equally poor and miserable which is the Progressive, Democrat, Liberal goal; from each according to his ability to be enslaved..... to each according to their claimed need..... until everyone is equally-in-need. Except for the Gavin Newsoms and the Governor Sisolaks and the Lori Lightfoots and the Cuomo Families of the world.

The problem with the public sector is that except for the military and the fire department and the police department and possibly NASA....not one other public sector job would ever be filled by volunteers. Because no one would pay to have those government services performed unless forced to by law and by threat. Because except for those jobs mentioned, public service jobs are what are commonly called in legal circles and Mob circles as featherbedding.

Public office, as you are perhaps learning if you live in California for example, is apparently an attractive nuisance for sociopaths. Since there is no actual job description to any public sector position other than the three and perhaps four I mentioned, the public sector traditionally attracts people with no empathy.

The failed novelists of the press and ilk like The Squad say I have no empathy. I actually have empathy for an entire nation. I feel its disappearance into a history-obliterated abyss caused by the ilk that destroys statues and burns cathedrals and changes the English vocabulary into Marxist definitions.

I think I have a LOT of empathy. I am saddened by the loss of the United States. I should say the loss of America because the States are still united, and apparently they are united in lunacy. Just look at the Biden/Obama/Kamala/Ocasio agenda, and it will save me a lot of time here, if you wonder where we are heading.

So, while the public sector attracts people who have no idea what an actual job is or what the economic/capitalistic concept of goods-and-services is....I am hoping my Presidency will be a first assault upon the Swamp of DC and its perversion of the
intelligence and counter-espionage agencies into domestic terrorists and de-stablization agencies aimed against Americans instead of against our enemies.

The day I got in.....the Liberal Marxist Islamic Democrat Front went to work: four years of impeachment and flu fraud and a nationwide election fraud got the job done. I know what you're saying, how could there be a nation-wide election fraud. Well, there's a global wide health fraud. And there's a global-wide weather fraud. And they're going exceptionally well.

So, turning all voting over to a Post Office I more than once threatened to eliminate...would be warmly received by the Postal Workers Union. So, leaving the vote count to the Post Office was not really wise. But it was really strategically cunning by the other side.

Ayn Rand defined cunning as the evil person's substitute for actual intelligence.

And speaking of unions: what are public sector jobs, created by fiat and not by customer demand, doing with unions anyway?

In closing I would like to remind you that the Democrats want to eliminate the emissions of carbon dioxide. Keep in exhale carbon dioxide. Eventually a lot of you 8 billion earthlings are going to have to be culled. To keep everyone else safe. And to keep the ice from melting.

Thank you.....and may the God of the guns-and-Bible citizenry bless you all.

Click for more J.J. stories. Scary shit!
Click for more J.J. stories. Scary shit!


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Reader Comments

Outstanding! Sadly its where we are. All freedom loving Americans should be outraged at the current state of affairs. Wish I could pass this piece on to everyone I know.

Edward Hardison
Corolla, NC
Friday, December 18, 2020
Editor Response You are welcome to share it with and however you can. Merry Merry.
Cool shit as always JJ.

Doc Robinson
Somerton Park, SA, Australia
Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Editor Response He's amazing! Have a terrific holiday season.
Looks like the ones who lay in front of my bus when I returned are close too taking our country away from us. I need more ammo. The government spent a lot of money teaching me how and what my weapon was for.

alex jemery
deland, FL
Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Editor Response Life is nuts and we'll fight for freedom as long as we live... Happy Holidays or try...
What does this have to do with motorcycles? You've just lost a subscriber.

Miami, FL
Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Editor Response No sense of humor. California just banned Camaros. They just lost another resident...
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