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We Hit it Hard this Week

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Bob T., Barry Green, the Redhead, Sam Burns, Laura, RFR, Johnny White, Geno, Buck Lovell, and the rest of the crew

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Karley, Bandit's step daughter wandering the Wilmington docks.
Karley, Bandit's step daughter wandering the Wilmington docks.


It’s so interesting.
Speak to anyone about major issues over Climate or Gun Control and you receive vastly different responses. Even my son said, “You can see the smog.”

For a younger, uneducated generation, they look at grimy oil fields and dirty black coal pits and cringe. They look at a solar panel and see progress. Even young folks look at wind farms and wonder. They don’t look so cool, make noise, fuck the view, kill eagles and don’t turn most of the time.

Karley bartending at the club and there's Toby behind her working on a Sportster performance tech for Bikernet. Yeah right...
Karley bartending at the club and there's Toby behind her working on a Sportster performance tech for Bikernet. Yeah right...

The above made it easy to question oil and coal. Coal was nasty at one point, but now it’s safe. Oil was a pollutant at one point and that’s almost gone due to new technologies. But are we Doomed and should be forced to use unproven green technologies immediately? There’s the core issue. The greens chose to lie to us and then accuse anyone who questions them--deniers. They must be censored. That’s against the American Code and our constitution. But since Al Gore’s movie in 2006 it’s been the driving force behind the Green movement. Did you know that Al’s movie was banned from schools in the UK because of multiple inaccuracies?

Since I’m a grubby biker and brothers across the country questioned and fought helmet laws, that were also fed to the public behind lies, I questioned Al and his proponents. I kept digging and learning. The news contains several Climate milestones. If you love Choppers, you’ll dig them and be relieved.

Let’s hit the news.

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An Inconvenient Ruling for “An Inconvenient Truth”
A British judge has ruled that Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth can't be shown in schools unless accompanied by materials explaining the film's inaccuracies.

Inaccuracies in Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth - A Ruling of the British High Court

The decision by the British Government to distribute Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" has been the subject of a legal action by New Party member Stewart Dimmock. The Court found that the film was misleading in nine respects and that the Guidance Notes drafted by the Education Secretary’s advisors served only to exacerbate the political propaganda in the film.

In order for the film to be shown, the Government must first amend their Guidance Notes to Teachers to make clear that 1.) The Film is a political work and promotes only one side of the argument. 2.) If teachers present the Film without making this plain they may be in breach of section 406 of the Education Act 1996 and guilty of political indoctrination. 3.) Nine inaccuracies have to be specifically drawn to the attention of school children.
The inaccuracies are:

1. The film claims that melting snows on Mount Kilimanjaro evidence global warming. The Government’s expert was forced to concede that this is not correct.

2. The film suggests that evidence from ice cores proves that rising CO2 causes temperature increases over 650,000 years. The Court found that the film was misleading: over that period the rises in CO2 lagged behind the temperature rises by 800-2000 years.

3. The film uses emotive images of Hurricane Katrina and suggests that this has been caused by global warming. The Government’s expert had to accept that it was “not possible” to attribute one-off events to global warming.

4. The film shows the drying up of Lake Chad and claims that this was caused by global warming. The Government’s expert had to accept that this was not the case.

5. The film claims that a study showed that polar bears had drowned due to disappearing arctic ice. It turned out that Mr Gore had misread the study: in fact four polar bears drowned and this was because of a particularly violent storm.

6. The film threatens that global warming could stop the Gulf Stream throwing Europe into an ice age: the Claimant’s evidence was that this was a scientific impossibility.

7. The film blames global warming for species losses including coral reef bleaching. The Government could not find any evidence to support this claim.

8. The film suggests that sea levels could rise by 7 m causing the displacement of millions of people. In fact, the evidence is that sea levels are expected to rise by about 40 cm over the next hundred years and that there is no such threat of massive migration.

9. The film claims that rising sea levels has caused the evacuation of certain Pacific islands to New Zealand. The Government was unable to substantiate this, and the Court observed that this appears to be a false claim.

Also, the Court's interim ruling included the following:

1. The film suggests that the Greenland ice covering could melt causing sea levels to rise dangerously. The evidence is that Greenland will not melt for millennia.

2. The film suggests that the Antarctic ice covering is melting, the evidence was that it is in fact increasing.


SPEAKING OF MOVIES--Coming Soon: The Biker Movie Official Program and Online Magazine!
* Behind The Scenes Stories about The Making
Of The Biker Movie!
* The Biker Movie Reviews from our Viewers. and Journalists!
* The Story Behind The Biker Movie Posters!
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*How to rent The Biker Movie and what TV equipment do you need to rent it.
* What is a Fire TV?
* What is a Roku device?
* What is an Amazon Fire stick?
* About Film Highway.
And Much More!!!

--Pete Alva
Supreme Executive Producer
The Biker Movie

Tucker's DragonFire Racing and QuadBoss Brands to Participate in Sand Sports Super Show

Fort Worth TX - September 7, 2022 - DragonFire Racing and QuadBoss, two of Tucker Powersports off road brands, will display their newest and most popular products at the annual Sand Sports Super Show in Orange County California this month. The Sand Sports Show is the largest dune and dirt sports show in the world and attracts attendees from around the United States.

"The Sand Sports Show is the premier consumer event in our industry,” said Kyle Frederick, Brand Manager for DragonFire Racing and QuadBoss. “We’re happy to show some of our newest products for the first time at this year’s show.”

Highlighting the exhibit space is a newly created, custom 2022 Polaris RZR XP decked out with the newest DragonFire Racing paddle tires, custom wheels, custom pro-series seats, lighting package, and resplendent in a British Racing Green finish with gold striping.

QuadBoss, the go-to brand for keeping UTV's rolling for work or for play, will highlight a new high-performance battery at the show, an addition to its expansive line of upgrade and maintenance parts for four-wheelers.

DragonFire Racing will be debuting new paddle tires and two styles of wheels, helping the brand meet the needs of customers who want style and performance that sets them apart from everyone else.

The Sand Sports Super Show runs from September 16 to September 18 at the Orange County (California) Fairgrounds.


What’s the best thing about Switzerland?
I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.

Did you hear about the mathematician who’s afraid of negative numbers?
He’ll stop at nothing to avoid them.

Why do we tell actors to “break a leg?”
Because every play has a cast.

Did you hear about the actor who fell through the floorboards?
He was just going through a stage.

Helvetica and Times New Roman walk into a bar.
“Get out of here!” shouts the bartender. “We don’t serve your type.”

Yesterday I saw a guy spill all his Scrabble letters on the road. I asked him, “What’s the word on the street?”
Once my dog ate all the Scrabble tiles. For days he kept leaving little messages around the house.

A woman in labor suddenly shouted, “Shouldn’t! Wouldn’t! Couldn’t! Didn’t! Can’t!”
“Don’t worry,” said the doc. “Those are just contractions.”

I childproofed my house
Somehow, they still got in!

Knock! Knock!
Who’s there?
Control Freak.
OK, now you say, “Control Freak who?”

How do you drown a hipster?
Throw him in the mainstream.

Did you hear about the claustrophobic astronaut?
He just needed a little space.

Why don’t scientists trust atoms?
Because they make up everything.

I don’t have a carbon footprint.
I just drive everywhere.

Editor - Bikernet Blog

If you sign up for a two-year Cantina Membership, you will receive a signed book and lotsa swag from the crew. Click for more info.
If you sign up for a two-year Cantina Membership, you will receive a signed book and lotsa swag from the crew. Click for more info.

Climate alarmists often claim that current temperature, and other aspects of the weather, are “unprecedented”. But in our latest “Backgrounder” John Robson examines the past history of the planet and finds that, just since the end of the last glaciation 12,000 years ago, a series of natural cyclical peaks have frequently been warmer than today, and without any runaway “greenhouse effect”, terrible weather, mass extinctions or any of the other dire consequences we’re told will accompany a further half-degree rebound from the depths of the Little Ice Age.

Indeed, the current warming cycle seems to be weaker than any of its predecessors during the Holocene.

Order this book on Amazon, quick. It's easy to read and understand. Very educational.
Order this book on Amazon, quick. It's easy to read and understand. Very educational.


Knuckle single! (down is a ''peashooter'' engine, taken from a 21-cubic-inch 350cc--BA Model single-cylinder Harley from 1926.) On top it is attached to an EL front cylinder!!! A lot of work here to accomplish such a rare machine.

--Sam Burns
Tech Editor™

Sign-up for editorial notifications from the staff. No sales pitches, no charge. Completely free, forever. --Bandit
Sign-up for editorial notifications from the staff. No sales pitches, no charge. Completely free, forever. --Bandit

MIC and MSF Call on Safety Administration to Protect Riders from "Self-Driving" Cars
The MIC and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation sent a formal letter to Dr. Steven Cliff, administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, stating that autonomous vehicle technology must recognize and react to motorcyclists out on American roads. The letter highlighted two crashes in July, both involving Tesla cars, and both raising questions about the potential danger to riders everywhere.

The letter states that "America can ill afford using public roadways as a testing laboratory for companies, and autopilot/self-driving features should be kept off public roads until the safety of motorcyclists, pedestrians and other vehicle drivers can be assured."


INTERMOT 2022: The first motorcycling highlight of the year

Premieres, innovations, special events and test tracks are waiting for motorcycle fans

It’s the first trade fair highlight of the year for motorcycle and scooter fans from Europe and the specialized trade from all over the world: INTERMOT, the International Motorcycle, Scooter and E-Bike Fair, from 4 to 9 October 2022. Around 500 exhibiting companies and brands from around 29 countries, including many big names, will present their new and current models and product innovations to the international specialized trade and the biker community. In addition to motorcycles and scooters, the INTERMOT offering also encompasses accessories, clothing, parts, heritage and customizing, travel and workshop equipment. INTERMOT is organized by Koelnmesse GmbH, and the conceptual sponsor of the event is the German Motorcycle Industry Association (IVM), based in Essen, Germany.

Starting in Cologne are, among others, the brands Benelli, BMW Group, Energica, Honda Deutschland, HOREX Motorcycles GmbH, Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V., KTM, MSA with the Voge brand, the Piaggio Group with the brands Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Vespa, SUZUKI Deutschland GmbH, Triumph Motorrad Deutschland GmbH, or ZERO Motorcycles. Announced are world premieres and innovations presented in the context of INTERMOT 2022.

INTERMOT will be staged in Halls 7, 8 and 9 and in the neighboring outdoor areas of the Cologne fair grounds. The big brands will thereby be distributed through all halls in order to ensure a steady visitor flow to all areas and segments. Horex, KSR with the Benelli brand, the MSA Group with Voge, Piaggio Group with the brands Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Vespa as well as Suzuki will present themselves in Hall 7. Kawasaki and Zero, among others, can be found in Hall 8. The BMW Group, Energica, Honda, KTM and Triumph will appear in Hall 9.

As an event-oriented trade fair, INTERMOT Cologne 2022 will also offer its visitors interesting special events and many other highlights on the topics of motorcycles and scooters in addition to exhibition presentations. Visitors will be able to try out the new models for themselves on the various test tracks in the directly neighboring outdoor areas. Whether novice, returner or experienced motorcycle or scooter rider, there is a test track for everyone: rookies as of 15 years of age can make their first rounds on the 125 cc test track, while experienced riders can test the new models on the big bike test track. On the e-test track, everything revolves around electromobility – pedelecs, electric kick scooters, scooters and motorcycles with e-drive are ready to ride here. There is, of course, expert supervision and instruction on all test tracks.

The best 40 stunt riders of Europe will compete at INTERMOT from 7 to 9 October 2022 for the European Street Freestyle Championship. Organized by FIM Europe (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme), the international umbrella organization for motorcycling, only absolute experts are at work here. One unbelievable stunt follows the next – an absolute audience highlight!

The Institute for Motorcycle Safety (ifz) dedicates itself to the theme of "safety" in breathtaking action shows. A mix of stunt, action and riding demonstration takes place here four times a day. Important safety topics are thus presented in a uniquely entertaining and memorable way.

And those who are looking for a new tattoo or want to shape their beard can take a short detour to the tattoo and barber shop of INTERMOT in Hall 7.

The "Bike Woman of the Year" award, sponsored by the trade journal Bike und Business, will also be presented here on 5 October 2022.

The 125 cc special show, realized by Motorrad magazine, presents the whole world of 125 cubic centimetre bikes. From petrol engines to electric drives. Whether cross/supermoto, street/naked, scooters or specials, including café racers, flat tracks and choppers. You can also test-ride all the exhibited models on the 125 cc test track. And you don’t even need a license. Those 15 and over can participate when accompanied by an adult. Protective clothing will of course be provided on location.

The next events:
* INTERMOT Cologne - International Motorcycle and Scooter Fair (04.10. und 05.10. trade visitor and media day), Cologne 04.10. - 09.10.2022
* MOBILITY - Moving Cities, Cologne 24.05. - 26.05.2023
* THE TIRE COLOGNE - The international trade fair for the tire industry, Cologne 04.06. - 06.06.2024

* 'American Pie' Album Remains In iTunes Top 10 Albums For 2022
* McLean Set To Appear On 'Good Morning Britain' This Friday In Advance Of European Tour Kick-Off
NEW YORK, N.Y. – Don McLean's "American Pie" reach the top spot on SiriusXM's 70s on 7 listener-voted list of 1,000 songs of the 1970s during Labor Day weekend. The Grammy award honoree, Songwriters Hall of Fame member, and BBC Lifetime Achievement Award recipient continues his 50th Anniversary American Pie World Tour with nearly 40 shows throughout Europe, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and Austria. The tour kicks off on September 11 in the UK and concludes on November 13 in Austria. McLean will appear on Good Morning Britain (ITV) this Friday in advance of the tour.

“2022 has been an incredible year for us. I launched the tour on Feb 3rd, honoring the ‘day the music died’ and will be ending the year of touring in Europe,” says Don McLean. “Performing has been something I have been looking forward to. The pandemic kept all of us musicians locked up, so now getting back on the road and traveling is something exciting and fun. The fans in Europe have always been exceptional and I am looking forward to seeing them next month.”

As tragic as the backstory behind the song “American Pie” is with the much too early death of the new rock’n’roll-hope Buddy Holly, the track is also magnificent and legendary. And “American Pie” still goes to heart as soon as originator Don McLean plays this classic at his concerts. Still, it’s worth remembering that the 76-year-old composer has written and sung numerous other melodic and harmonic successes in his decades-long career with “Vincent (Starry Starry Night),” “Castles in the Air,” “And I Love You So,” and “Cryin’,” all of which will be heard and reveled in along with newer pieces on the upcoming tour.

Along with the 50th Anniversary American Pie World Tour, THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED: THE STORY OF DON McLEAN’S “AMERICAN PIE” launched on Paramount+, both in the U.S. and internationally where the service is available. With a narrative running deeper than a catchy tune and cryptic verses, “American Pie” is a musical phenomenon woven deep into the history of American culture, entertaining audiences around the world for over 50 years. In THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED: THE STORY OF DON McLEAN’S “AMERICAN PIE,” McLean powerfully reveals and shares the secrets behind his iconic song. In addition, the documentary highlights cultural moments in America’s history that are as relevant now as they were in 1971 when the song was released. The film tells stories of the people who were a part of this moment from the beginning and shows the point of view of a new generation of artists who are motivated by the same values and ideas that inspired the song’s creation.

50th Anniversary ‘American Pie’ World Tour 2022 European Dates:
September 11, 2022 – Cardiff, U.K. – St. Davids
September 13, 2022 – Ipswich, U.K. – Ipswich Regent Theatre
September 14, 2022 – Birmingham, U.K. – Symphony Hall
September 16, 2022 – Bath, U.K. – The Forum
September 17, 2022 – Torquay, U.K. – Princess Theatre
September 18, 2022 – Bournemouth, U.K. – Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre
September 20, 2022 – Brighton, U.K. – Brighton Dome Concert Hall
September 21, 2022 – Southend-on-sea, U.K. – Cliffs Pavilion
September 23, 2022 – Manchester, U.K. – Bridgewater Hall
September 24, 2022 – Gateshead, U.K. – Sage Gateshead
September 25, 2022 – Glasgow, U.K. – The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
September 27, 2022 – Edinburgh, U.K. – Usher Hall
September 28, 2022 – York, U.K. – York Barbican
September 30, 2022 – Leicester, U.K. – De Montfort Hall
October 01, 2022 – Sheffield, U.K. – City Hall
October 02, 2022 – Liverpool, U.K. – Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
October 04, 2022 – London, U.K. – London Palladium
October 07, 2022 – Dublin, Ireland – 3Arena
October 09, 2022 – Nijmegen, Netherlands – Concertgebouw de Vereeniging
October 10, 2022 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Koninklijk Theater Carré
October 14, 2022 – Bergen, Norway – Peer Gynt Salen
October 15, 2022 – Stavanger, Norway – Stavanger Kuppelhallen
October 16, 2022 – Oslo, Norway – Sentrum Scene
October 18, 2022 – Göteborg, Sweden – Lorensbergsteatern
October 20, 2022 – Turku, Finland – Logomo
October 21, 2022 – Helsinki, Finland – Kulttuuritalo
October 23, 2022 – Stockholm, Sweden – Göta Lejon
October 24, 2022 – Malmö, Sweden – Palladium
October 25, 2022 – Greve, Denmark – Portalen
October 27, 2022 – Hamburg, Germany – Fabrik
October 28, 2022 – Neuruppin, Germany – Kulturkirche
October 29, 2022 – Berlin, Germany – Admiralspalast
October 31, 2022 - Bremen, Germany - Metropol Theater Bremen
November 01, 2022 – Antwerp, Belgium – De Singel
November 03, 2022 - Holstebro, Denmark - Musikteatret Holstebro
November 05, 2022 - Leverkusen, Germany - Bayer Erholungshaus
November 09, 2022 - Halle, Germany - Steintor, Variete
November 12, 2022 – Munich, Germany – Prinzregententheater
November 13, 2022 – Linz, Austria – Posthof Zeritkultur Am Hafen

For tickets and more information, visit


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Well,...I just hadda scope it out:

Pauly D.
Chicago, IL
Sunday, September 11, 2022
Editor Response Anxious to see what you found.
Huh?? Chia v. Oatmeal? What's the deal??

Pauly D.
Chicago, IL
Friday, September 9, 2022
Editor Response I don't know. I hiked to Wild Bill's grave this morning to consult with the souls on Mt. Moriah.

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