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Down Under Softail

Showcasing Performance Machine and Roland Sands Goodies in Australia

By Doc Robinson

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Classy. Stylish. Tasteful. Refined. These are but a few of the adjectives that come to mind while eyeballing this svelte chic who goes by the name of Haley. Oh, and the bike’s not bad either.

In the two short years since Blair Freeth opened Adelaide Bike Works the company has gone from strength to strength, with mechanical repairs, servicing motorcycles and performance-enhancing the mainstays of the business.

As a dealer for Performance Machine (PM) as well as Roland Sands Design (RSD), Blair thought he would showcase a swag of their products and the result is the very tidy bike you seen on these pages, a bike which began life as a 2003, 100th Anniversary Softail Standard.

But before we look at the bolt on items, let’s recognise the fact that the boys at ABW are all incorrigible petrol head bikers and could not, even in their wildest dreams, think of prettying up a chopper without significantly increasing its performance.

So Craig, the ABW performance guru, got to work on the donk, sending the heads to Mark Hood, the hot up specialist at South Australia’s Hood Motor Service who, somewhat conveniently, is just around the corner. While Hoody fired up his flow bench and boring bar, Craig stripped the motor down and fitted a Timken bearing. Once the barrels - now bored out to 95 cubes - and the heads were returned, Craig fitted some Wiseco 10.5:1 forged pistons, Andrews 55G cams, S&S lifters and S&S pushrods.

Hoody had fitted the flowed heads with Crane valves, springs and retainers once he’d worked his particular brand of porting magic on them and, after bolting them back on, Craig installed a Daytona Twin Tech ignition, re-jetted the Mikuni 42mm carby and invited the air fuel mixture in via an RSD velocity stack. The spent gases exit through the RSD Flat Tracker exhaust.

With a rear wheel horsepower output of 95 ponies an Energy One Racing clutch was fitted to beef up the torque transfer. These are proving a popular clutch for higher than stock horsepower bikes and according to their web site, their “Big Twin kits are complete and include a full set of performance friction plates with a maximum groove pattern for heat dissipation and fluid circulation, with a core of either 6061 T6 aluminium or high tempered steel for maximum durability, along with our race proven friction material. All steel plates are made with a high tempered steel and vibratory deburred to extreme flatness for positive engagement and performance.”

Apart from the clutch swap the transmission was left stock as was the final drive belt, however, a stack of other changes were made by Blair himself, beginning with the fitting of a set of Rocker C forks up front, which were shortened by one inch and the front guard was put aside for a rainy day. An RSD Diesel Contrast Cut 21in wheel was slotted in between the fork legs along with matching rotors and a PM 6-spot brake caliper. And, as might be expected, the rear unit is another RSD Diesel Contrast Cut, this time an 18in one, running a matching rotor and a PM 4-spot caliper, with both front and rear calipers fed through custom brake lines.

The RSD Vintage Apes look as cool as all get out, are mounted on stubby risers from RSD and feature PM hand controls and master cylinder. The switchgear is out of sight as is the starter button and indicator switch and up front is a Bates style headlight and when he chooses to run mirrors PM get the nod here also.

The rear guard is an RSD Vintage item given some panel work, RSD also supplied the seat and the fuel tank, along with gas cap, the replacement timing cover and the rocker covers, while the hydraulic clutch slave housing is from PM. Feeling somewhat lonely perched up there on the rear guard is the taillight, said unit having being sourced from CCI.

Blair wisely chose a subtle, almost understated paint scheme in silver and black, partly to pay homage to the 100th Anniversary models and partly because it made the most sense with the silver and black contrasts elsewhere on the bike.

Gun spray painter Troy, of Nightmare Designs, got the nod for the paint and once again came up with a flawlessly executed top-notch job. All told this is a very sweet custom ride and Blair reckons it goes like the clappers and he had a ball on it at the street drag racing meet he sponsored recently.

Finally I’d like to thank Paul Andrews for the studio shots of the bike adorned with the lovely Haley, and Haley herself for making a great looking bike even better.



Make: H-D

Year and Model: 2003 Softail Standard

Capacity: 1550cc

Builder: H-D/Craig Carling



Cases: Stock

Bearings: Timken           

Barrels: H-D bored/Mark Hood

Bore: 3 7/8"

Stroke: 4"           

Pistons: Wiseco forged

Compression ratio: 10.5:1

Cams: Andrews 55G

Lifters: S&S

Pushrods: S&S

Heads:            Mark Hood

Valves/springs/retainers: Crane

Oil: Belray

Ignition: Daytona Twin Tec

Carburetion: Mikuni HSR 42mm

Fuel: Premium 98        

Air cleaner: RSD Velocity stack

Exhaust: RSD Flat tracker

Power: 95hp

Maximum revs: 6500

Top speed: Hang on



Year: 2003

Type: H-D

Number of gears: 6

Gearchange/forward controls: H-D

Clutch:            Energy One

Activation: PM Hydraulic

Primary drive: H-D

Rear Drive: H-D



Front forks: Rocker C

Length: 1" under

Triple trees: H-D

Rear suspension: H-D



F wheel: RSD Diesel Contrast cut 21"x 2.25"

F Tyre: Dunlop MH90-21

Brake caliper:            PM 6-spot

Brake rotor: RSD Diesel Contrast Cut

Brake lines: Custom Goodridge

R wheel: RSD Diesel Contrast cut 18"x 5.5"

R Tyre: Dunlop 180/55-18                       

Brake caliper:            PM 4-spot

Brake rotor: RSD Diesel Contrast Cut

Brake line: H-D           



Type: 100th anniversary Softail Standard

Year: 2003

Rake: Stock

Seat: RSD



Handlebars: RSD Vintage apes

Grips/levers:            PM Hand controls

Risers:            RSD Stubby risers

Master cylinders: PM

Switchgear: No switchgear/hidden starter button and indicator switch

Mirrors: PM (when fitted)

Headlight: Bates 5 3/4"           

Footpegs/forward controls:            PM           

Rear brake master cylinder: H-D

Speedo: Motogadget (just fitted)

Taillight: Custom Chrome



F guard: RSD (in the cupboard)

R guard: RSD Vintage/panel work

Fuel tank: RSD


Paint: Troy at Nightmare Designs

Colour: Silver/Black 2-Pak





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