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Ride Forever -
Tuesday Edition

Dennis Sanfilippo Passed

Mr Lucky is Gone


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Dennis "Mr Lucky" Sanfilippo
Dennis "Mr Lucky" Sanfilippo

It is with great sadness that I write about the passing of Dennis Sanfelipo.

He affected so many people’s lives, mine included.


Dennis and Charlie
Dennis and Charlie

 I meet him in 2004 when Berry Wardlaw and I flew out to California for the Love Ride and to meet with Charlie Brechtel.


Crew From Love Ride - Rogue Taking Photo
Crew From Love Ride - Rogue Taking Photo

Berry and I did an interview with Charlie about himself, his music, band and other things he wanted to do in the future. Some of the others taking part in that were Dennis, Kim Peterson, Bobby Reynoso, Wild Bill, Sam Burch and Beeb.

 Charlie and Dennis were friends through the music business and over the years they had become closer.

 We stayed at one of Dennis’ houses on a lake and then at a different one where he had the third Dodge Viper ever built.

I later learned he was a big blues fan and had a music production company and recording studio in Sunnyvale, California named Mother Lode Productions. Some of his friends were Deacon Jones, Gregg Allman, Lydia Pense, Lester Chambers and many others. Dennis grew up in Sunnyvale and attended high school there.

 He also had a 280-acre, Damn Ranch in Angels Camp CA. It burned down some years ago. Dennis continued to live in Calaveras County CA for the rest of his life.

 It is reported that he owned over 100 properties in Calaveras County



   Dennis had won the California Lottery on March 7, 1992 for $32 Million. The story that goes with this is that Dennis was a huge fan of the numbers 7 and 11 and he bought the ticket in Milpitas CA at a 7-11. It was one of 11 quick pick tickets bought at exactly 11 PM. At the time it was the largest lottery prize ever won in CA.

 Shortly after Dennis won the lottery his very good friend Johnny Lee Hooker honored him with the nickname Mr. Lucky.

 At the time he was living in Murphys California where he was running a roofing company left to him when his father had died.


 He immediately started doing wonderful things for the community, like helping the hungry and homeless.

 Dennis was a hard worker before and even after he won the lottery. He was a builder and spent a lot of time working on his properties that were mostly rentals.

 He like to travel and Belize was a favorite and after a time he bought an island there. He also liked Mark Twain and knew a lot about the Mexican desperado outlaw, Joaquin Murrieta, and his history in Calaveras County around the mid 1800’s

 Dennis was the only child of an American Italian father and American Spanish (Spain) mother. He has three sons Josh, Dennis and Albert.


Celebration Of Life For Dennis Sanfilippo

Saturday December 17TH 2-6PM

Old Corner Saloon

574 Main St. Copperopolis CA 95228


A lot happened after that meeting in 2004. Charlie continued to make music any place he could. The biker world would get to know him. Dennis always there to help.

 So many stories, but to many write here. More as time goes on.

Dennis On Motorcycle He Rode In The Movie
Dennis On Motorcycle He Rode In The Movie


Then there were two movies made with Bikers and Musicians.

Hopefully you will take the time to view them.

Rebel On The Highway -

Rough Boys

Some Comments

Berry Wardlaw

  Another big loss this week. Honestly, it's just too much to write about, to share, at the moment. Another time perhaps. Gone are Sam, Bobby, Mickey, Deacon, Guitar Shorty, Goodtime Charlie and now Dennis Sanfilippo. I can think of no others that brought more diverse people together, from all over the world, than the dynamic duo of Charlie and Dennis. Charlie had the outlandish ideas and Dennis had the money to get things done. They were the best of friends and the perfect symbiotic relationship. I once called them the Heckle and Jeckle of "hell yeah". It still rings true today. Since 2004, I have had more experiences with these two. These experiences were mostly afforded to us by the unselfishness and giving nature of Dennis. There isn't enough ink is this old computer to even write about it all. I'll put pen-to-paper one day. Not today, though. Thank you for all you did for us Dennis. I'm so glad that I told you this many times. I'll just share of few pictures with y'all at this time. May Godspeed, Dennis Sanfilippo. Much Love my Brother. In the words of our late Brother, Sam Burch, "Until such Time."

Sean Mcintire

  I’m heartbroken to hear about Dennis also known ?as Mr.lucky. I have so many great memories with him and Charlie. I think of the stuff that happened along the way and make me laugh and smile. I got to see and meet a lot of amazing people and places. Thanks for the great adventures. RIP Dennis

Felicia Morgan

  I can't keep up, anymore. People I love are leaving this earth faster than I can process the grief. Yesterday's heart-wrenching memorial for Shifty was appropriately shrouded in a soft misting of rain, then last night the heavens opened

up as an ode to the loss of another precious soul. Godspeed, dear Dennis. You were a brightly shining star during your time here on earth, now we'll keep an eye on the night skies to see you there among your brethern.

Sabrina Mounkes

  There's a moment in life where u look back and just really take a look at how u got to this point in life. My family will forever be greatful for what Dennis Sanfilippo did for us. Not alot of people know what he did for us and it really doesnt matter if you do. What matters is he gave my family a chance and we took it by the horns and ran. My kids had an opportunity they would have never had if he had not cared, We all had the opportunity. I watched him do this for many people he just cared all he wanted was for u to be successful and was always proud of our accomplishments. This is another tough hit for us and will take awhile to heal but we will all miss you greatly and will forever be appreciative of the kindness you showed us. RIP my friend

Rest In Peace My Friend. You And Charlie Are Teamed Up Again In Heaven Doing Good Things And Making Music.

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Reader Comments

My condolences to the family I live with my mom down the street from u Jami & bobby daughter if there's any thing I can do please contact me at 209-916-5018 or 2096/-630-0498 thank u I hope u r all doing ok he will be missed

Chandra pounds
Angels camp, CA
Saturday, December 10, 2022
Dennis was truly a compassionate man, humble, and very generous. We shared the same last name, Sanfilippo, and our families originated from Sicily. I called him cousin, but we never pursued the lineage of our heritage, so really not sure if we were truly "blood related" but I knew we were connected spiritually and were more brothers than cousins.

There are many who could say much more than me about Dennis because I only met him through Charlie Brechtel during filming of the two movies he and Dennis produced. But I spent a lot of time with Dennis during that time, staying at his home and he visiting our home here in Wisconsin. We shared time with Berry Wardlaw too in Alabama, but wherever it was, Dennis was always generous with his time and accommodations for the crew and actors in the films. You could look at Dennis and never know the wealth he had, but it was immediately evident that he was "real" and had a warm heart. He could never say no to someone who asked for a favor, or just needed something and he knew it, and immediately helped out.

He will be missed by his many friends in the bike community and the music community. His family feels the loss more than any, and I pray for their comfort. R.I.P. dear cousin. GBNF.

Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo
Friday, December 9, 2022
How do you say goodbye to somebody you have known and loved for nearly 45 years?

Dennis Sanfilippo was an unique individual, unlike anybody else I’ve ever known in my life. He had such a big heart. His love for his family and friends was second to none. Dennis had a love for numerology and was clairvoyant. Dennis was born and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, that is where I first met him.

Dennis was very supportive to the Blues music community. He always had so many friends and business acquaintances. When he moved to Murphys in Northern California he was at home, he loved it there. Dennis was always in love with motorcycles and had many friends in many different MCs, although he never joined one and always stayed independent.

After Dennis won the California State SUPERLOTTO in 1992, Dennis’s life changed, but he never did. He was always the same person I knew before his jackpot win. In 1999.-2005 I rented his ranch house at the Dam Ranch in Angels Camp, California for my mother, daughter, and I. Dennis had a huge love for the land and was a country boy at heart. While living there, we were able to see Dennis more often, and got to know his three beautiful sons and many of his friends and acquaintances.

I am one of the fortunate ones because I was able to speak to Dennis two weeks before his passing, the conversation, I will never forget and one I will always cherish. Please give Bobby Reynoso a big old kiss from my mother, daughter, and I. Thank you, Mr. Lucky for always being there for us and all your love, kindness and friendship.There are no? goodbyes for us Dennis, wherever you are, you will? always be in my heart xx

Vicki Lou
Hemet, CA
Thursday, December 8, 2022

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