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Classic Cop Bag Installation Review

By RFR in Texas

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So, I received the Villain 2 Hero bags, this set is either for the next gen Dyna’s or possibly just a change? They bolted right up but were pretty close to the new Progressive shocks. I sent the vendor some images and he suggested drilling a second hole to raise them up some. I had noticed but of course I had already taken it out briefly, so my new shocks have marks on them now.

I actually like the original style better as it gave you a bit more room and I believe that lock setup would be a bit more secure? Not a big fan of having to drill on the new brackets and without a press, but came out okay, I guess. I like the product but unsure why the changes? However, they’ve were less cost wise and will do what I need them to do, so the savings went to other items.

Still needs a new seat, handlebars, LED taillight, but since I only have a total of 117 miles on her since September 30th time to put her into the daily 130-mile rotation



Villain2hero was formed by hardcore riders who are committed to meet the increasing demands of Harley Davidson Dyna owners looking for quality and affordability. Now we are focused on providing 2 essential products needed for functionality and looks: a T-Sport/FXDXT Fairing for protection from wind and debris and
Dyna Defender/FXDP Saddlebags to safely store and protect your belongings.

v2h proudly supports our troops and veterans. Contact us directly for military discounts.

(fiberglass, with powder-coated steel frames)

After two years of R&D, road-testing and manufacturing enhancements, we are very pleased to offer you the finest saddlebag set available. These will mount to any year Harley Dyna by utilizing a 3-point mounting frame. There is no need to buy the obsolete FXDXT rear fender with this set-up.

These will work with any shock configuration except piggy backs, and mount with or without passenger back rests. (See Turn Signal Relocation Kit.) If you have oem FXDX/FXDXT shocks, you will need either to reverse the shock bolts and use existing bolt cover as a spacer, and/or to rotate the upper and lower shock bolt housing. If this does not work, you can purchase HD part #:54557-90A, or just add spacers to existing hardware. Some bikes will require longer fender strut bolts and/or shock studs.

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Yes, I saw this after market FXRP hard bags online, looks like they don’t have that back bracket which combines the two from behind the back fender.—Frank Ball Jr.

Thanks RFR, we needed a tech.
Thanks RFR, we needed a tech.

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