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It's All Hot and Steamy

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Sam Burns, J.J. Solari, Bob T., Laura, Barry Green, the Redhead, Joe Smith, Steve Bauman, Steve Phiel and the rest of the gang

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This could be a good one.
The World is in turmoil and we need a solid Code of the West, or Dharma, or freedom mantra that most folks can agree on and will save humanity from tearing itself apart. Maybe I’m asking a lot and maybe not enough.

Let’s see how the news pans out and what might pop today. Hang on! Let’s hit it.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

I was contacted by Tory Duvarney about the upcoming David Mann Chopperfest. They are using a magnificent David Mann art piece from the Jammer Catalog in the ‘70s to promote the event. I just happen to have a connection to this piece.

Tory also asked me about a piece Mike, from Born Free, came across which looks like a David Mann but was signed by Means ’66. It has a major connection to David’s Tecate Run print, which was signed by Roth at the time, the publisher.

“Here is the Tecote Run David did for Roth in 66’,” Tory wrote. “You can see the similarities between the two pieces. It’s hard to imagine two different artists did these…That is why the piece I sent you signed by MEANS is such a mystery.”

David painted a bunch of posters for Ed Roth back in the ‘60s. Roth signed some of them until Tiny stepped in. Then we saw David Mann’s name start to shine. He pulled away from Roth and ultimately came to work for Easyriders for the rest of his life. His style changed immensely, but I always liked the attitude and action in his older pieces.


Yo Bandit; I wrote a book. I’m curious to know if you came across this in the discard bin at Barnes and Noble. Would you be curious to read it?


The non Mafia-member’s guide
to journalist/bureaucrat
words, expressions and phrases


This is called the non-Mafia member’s guide because on this planet only members of the Mafia would have absolutely no problem with anything that is contained in this book. Everyone else is going to, guaranteed, find something, probably tons of things, that are going to send them flying into snowflake-mode hysteria.

Right Wing, Left Wing….it’s gonna fucking happen. Only Mafia guys are going to say “Yeah, sounds about right” to everything in here. They’re not going to say that in reality, of course. Mafia guys can’t read. Certainly not at my level of prose. They sorta can read a subpoena. But, anyway, that’s not a problem.

They don’t need to fucking read. They don’t have time for one thing. They’re too busy. Unlike you. Also, Mafia guys know most of the stuff in this book, and if they didn’t, and if it was explained to them they’d go, and I believe I already explained this, “Yeah, that sounds about right.” So they don’t need this.

Everyone else does. But only, at best, half of “everyone else” is going to find it 60 to 70 percent enlightening: and 30 to 40 percent aggravating. The other half, however, is going to go total fucking ape-fire. They’re going to find it 100% infuriating. Screw them. They’re the fucking problem.

Journalists and bureaucrats are working together with vigor and enthusiasm to turn you into even more of an idiot than you already are. This interpretive guide to their language - which you think is the same language you are speaking - which it is not - will at least give you the opportunity, or at least hopefully show you that it is possible, for you to get a fucking clue and maybe self-install a fucking brain into your head. I know what you’re saying: “That’s kinda rude.” Actually, it’s more than just “kinda” rude. It’s basically right there over the plate rude. So, yeah. You’re right. I’m sorry.

NEW FROM THE LOWBROW FRONT--Good print is here to stay!

Some of the earliest products Lowbrow Customs starting carrying back in 2004 were hard-to-find chopper publications like DiCE Magazine...
We started stocking it around issue #4.

--the Lowbrow Crew

Click for Action.
Click for Action.

We have received tremendous response regarding Dr. Greg's book. We need to know the facts, so I ordered more. Just drop me a line to with your address and I will send you a copy.
We have received tremendous response regarding Dr. Greg's book. We need to know the facts, so I ordered more. Just drop me a line to with your address and I will send you a copy.

Executive Director Greg Wrightstone was recently interviewed on Epoch TV's Crossroads with Joshua Phillip discussing how the true science behind climate change is being manipulated.

Wrightstone told Phillip: “What I found, frankly, shocked me. I was amazed at how much information—misinformation—was out there and how much science and the scientific process was being trampled on.”

Though usually pay walled, Epoch Times has provided a unique link for our newsletter subscribers. Please click the video image to see the complete interview or go here.

FIRSTGEAR Introduces New Rogue XC Pro Jacket and
Pants and ThermoSuit Riding Gear

Fort Worth TX – October 20, 2022 - FIRSTGEAR today introduced the next generation in riding gear, the Rogue XC Pro Jacket and matching Rogue XC Rogue Pants. In addition, the brand launched a one-piece riding suit, the Thermosuit Pro.

The Rogue XC Pro Jacket offers an understated look in its solid black or grey/black exterior colors, yet packs a punch when it comes to features that deliver comfort, safety and convenience.

Nothing makes miles pass by slower than ill-fitting riding gear, so FIRSTGEAR designers paid special attention to rider comfort in the Rogue Jacket and pants with features like an adjustable collar, action back, and premium mesh liner. Cool air is delivered through oversized arm vents, zippered vents for intake and exhaust, and through patented, easy to operate Fidlock magnetic vents as well. Personal fitment for riders comes from hook and loop adjustments on the waist, forearms and biceps, which deliver a secure fit, and an interior drawstring waist to get just the right fit in the mid-section.

Moisture repelling vent storm flaps take comfort and protection to the next level. Using 100% waterproof materials and constructed with sealed seams, this jacket handles all types of weather and keeps rain on the outside where it belongs.

Protection from the elements isn't the only thing the Rogue XC Pro handles well. The ballistic nylon construction has a reflective weave, offering additional visibility in low light situations. Since not all riders are the same size, pockets for the SAS-TEC CE Level 2 shoulder, elbow and back protection are adjustable to ensure the pads (included with the jacket) are in the exact right position to do their job.

For rider convenience, the jacket features two exterior hand pockets and an interior slash pocket, as well as a pass-through grommet for a heated gear controller. The Rogue XC Pro Jacket and pants are designed to allow riders to use their favorite base layer. Both are a perfect match for FIRSTGEAR's line of heated shirts, pants and glove liners.

Rogue XC Pro Pants feature similar technology and comfort features as the Rogue Jacket, and also include leather knee panels, and stretch sections in the knee for comfort and movement. The waist is adjustable, there are hip-to-cuff side zippers with magnetic storm flaps, adjustable cuffs and Fidlock magnetic vents on the thighs. The Rogue Pants and Rogue Jacket feature an ergonomic jacket to pants interface.

Both Rogue XC Pro Jacket and Rogue XC Pro pants are available in a full range of sizes. Suggested retail is $599.99 for the jacket and $599.99 for the matching pants. Both are available at FIRSTGEAR dealers this month.

The FIRSTGEAR Thermosuit Pro is the best setup for riders who put on lots of miles or find themselves in dusty or wet conditions. It's sturdy, one-piece construction offers great protection, superior fit and allows the rider to handle a variety of weather conditions.

The Thermosuit Pro has an adjustable collar with two-piece magnetic closure, leather knee panels and an adjustable waist for the ultimate fit. Weather protection comes from 100% waterproof materials, with a waterproof chest pocket and a waterproof hand pocket. The thigh-length side zippers have a hook-and-loop storm flap and there are integrated boot gaiters in the cuffs.

The design of the suit is great for riders who want to use their favorite base layers and it's a perfect match for FIRSTGEAR’s heated shirt, pants and glove liners.

The Thermosuit Pro is available in sizes small through 3XL in black with reflective panels on the back. Suggested retail price is $599.99 and it's available at FIRSTGEAR dealers around the country this month.

“We are always more afraid than we wish to be, but we can always be braver than we expect”
~ Robert Jordan

“The best way out is always through.”
– Robert Frost

“If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it”
~ Paulo Coelho

“Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.”
~ Rabindranath Tagore (poet, Nobel laureate)

“The search for lost things is hindered by routine habits and that is why it is so difficult to find them”
~ Gabriel Márquez (author, Nobel laureate)

“We can only feel sorry for ourselves when our misfortunes are still supportable. Once this limit is crossed, the only way to bear the unbearable is to laugh at it.”
~ Marjane Satrapi


Seventh Win of the Season Seals American Flat Track Title at Volusia Double Header

Vance & Hines Racing team rider Jesse Janisch raced a Harley-Davidson XG750R motorcycle to the Mission Production Twins presented by Vance & Hines national championship in the final weekend of competition on the 2022 Progressive American Flat Track series. Racing at the Volusia Speedway Park half-mile in Barberville, Fla., Janisch won his seventh race of the season on Friday to take a 21-point advantage into the season finale on Saturday night. His eighth-place finish in that final race secured the championship.

Harley-Davidson also won the Mission Production Twins manufacturer’s championship, as Harley-mounted racers scored 365 points on the season, beating Yamaha riders by 10 points. Janisch led the class with seven wins and added six other podium finishes on the season. Billy Ross (Roof Systems Racing) and Michael Rush (Hellipower Racing/Las Vegas Harley-Davidson) each won a Mission Production Twins race on their Harley-Davidson XG750R motorcycles.

“I’m so happy to win this title for Vance & Hines and Harley-Davidson,” said Janisch. “Vance & Hines have worked so hard in flat track, and my Harley-Davidson was fast right off the truck for the first race. I don’t think we even started making adjustments to the bike until mid-season. That’s a credit to my mechanic Josh Sutter, crew chief Steve Polk and team manager Craig Koontz.”

Janisch battled Mission Production Twins defending champion Cory Texter for much of the season, and Janisch held a 9-point lead before the final two races at Volusia Speedway. His win on Saturday and a 6th-place finish by Texter aboard his Yamaha meant that Janisch only had to finish 15th or better in the last race to secure the title. Texter won the final race, but Janisch wrapped up the championship with 320 points, 7 points ahead of Texter.

“When you work for Vance & Hines there’s an expectation that you will win races and championships. There are no excuses. I started this season with that mindset,” said Janisch. “There are some tracks on this series that are tough for me, and I always tried to stay in the points. The West Coast swing, with wins at Castle Rock and Sacramento, was the strength of our season.”

Janisch started racing at age 4 at local tracks in central Wisconsin and became an AMA Pro rider in 2003 at age 16. He has raced in just about every discipline in the sport, and in 2018 and 2019 finished top-10 in points in the American Flat Track singles class. Last season, however, the 35-year-old racer from Palm Coast, Fla., was without a ride until he was called by Vance & Hines to replace injured rider Dalton Gauthier for the final six races of the season. Janisch scored five top-four finishes, including a win at Charlotte, results that earned him a full-time seat at Vance & Hines for 2022, and he took that ride all the way to a championship.



BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--BRILLIANT BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for October 13th, 2022

Enjoyed reading about Cate Digley and" Ezy Rider" telling about black motorcyle clubs in NYC. She took some really great black and white photographs too.

It was a short write-up but I thought especially interesting because I have not seen a lot of black bikers (not that it matters that much) out here in sunny California.

I kind of thought that blacks just were not into motorcycles, I guess, or maybe it's because I'm not really looking anyway and I've just been stereotyping.

--Ann Robinson
Long Beach, CA

Click to order...
Click to order...

NEW STUFF FROM THE S&S FACTORY-- Monarch 4.5” Slip-ons for HD Touring Models

4.5” seems to be the ideal muffler diameter for sound, power and looks. Firebrand has taken that formula one step further on the modern HD touring machines with a highly tuned louvered stainless steel baffle.

How do you tune a baffle? Isn’t it just a tube with some holes in it? This is where Firebrand’s expertise comes into play. The size and angle of the louvers as well as their location within the muffler are critical to capturing the exhaust gasses as they pass through.

Too big and they slow velocity, too small and you risk a pitchy sounding muffler. Get it right and your bike sounds and performs like a proper v-twin should.
The new Monarch Slip-ons from Firebrand does exactly that and finishes the muffler off with a durable and perfectly matched coating as well as a billet tip.

Available for 1999 through 2022 HD Touring bikes in Asphalt Black or show chrome. All Firebrand exhaust are made in the heartland of the US and available at your local HardDrive dealer or check them out at

When is someone going to make a full size slip-on that makes an authoritative sound but doesn't break the bank? How about now? At just $599 the new Monarch Slip-on checks all the boxes. ~ DZ

--David Zemla

Texas Native Justin Toole found this 1967 genny Shovel motor of all places on a Facebook site. The genny Shovel has always been his favorite Harley motor so you can only imagine how stoked he was. “The time it took for the bike to get shipped seemed like an eternity,” said Justin.

--Choppers Magazine

Irish Rich and I are working on a custom urn for Mike.
Irish Rich and I are working on a custom urn for Mike.

We just lost a brother unexpectedly. Mike and Vickie Kelly moved to Sturgis, South Dakota just eight months ago from Florida. They’ve been together 40 plus years.

They bought a little home and started to work on it for their retirement, when Mike got sick. With a history of heart problems Vickie rushed him to the hospital. The VA started exploratory surgery, but his heart could handle the stress and he passed the next day.

I’ve known Mike and Vickie back to my Easyriders days. He’s been a biker all his life and Vickie a tattoo artist until her back wouldn’t allow her to sit still long. Now, she’s strapped with his funeral arrangements plus trying to make their home livable, so she can try to live out their retirement dream in the Black Hills.

Help out if you can. Here's their GoFundMe:

Keith “Bandit” Ball

During driver's ed class, many of us drove lesson cars with speed governors. Newbies needed them so they wouldn't endanger themselves or their trainer by accidentally hitting the gas instead of the brakes.

But no one ever imagined speed governors (now called limiters) would become standard equipment on a car, especially when driving requires situational awareness and the ability to speed, brake, avoid, honk, etc.

Built into the vehicle, the device limits how fast you can drive by using telematics. If you exceed the limit, some sound alert will commence, or the speed governor will stop your acceleration. Stored data on the street's speed limits will cross-reference with a vehicle's GPS position to make you stop or at least not accelerate.

Intelligent Speed Assistance or ISA is the name of the auto technology that might soon make driving a living hell. For years, the federal government has wanted to put them on commercial vehicles, but now they want them on all vehicles.

If this happens, drivers will no longer have the flexibility to make safer choices in the situation because they can no longer exceed the speed limit under any circumstances.

If you need to make a long pass of several slower vehicles, forget about it.
If you need to accelerate past a truck to merge onto a highway, forget about it.
If you need to flee to safety (from a road rager or even a tornado), forget about it.

Lane Courtesy would no longer be needed either since passing would no longer be possible. Everyone will be using all lanes simultaneously, driving at the same speed. Traffic congestion will likely be worse than ever if drivers are not allowed flexibility.

Many of us like to drive and enjoy that we control what we do—not be controlled. Several motorists commenting in a recent CNN report stated that a speed limiter is an 'overreach' and 'intrusive.' We want to drive cars, not appliances.

Deputy Mayor of New York City for Operations Meera Joshi announced recently that the city would be the first in the US to use speed limiter technology to keep city vehicles from exceeding speed limits.

The NYC fleet driver would still have the option to override the cut-off and then manually speed for 15 seconds with a touch of a button under the steering wheel. Joshi said pressing this button could be used for merging lanes or keeping up with traffic flow. She also happily called the accelerator cut-off 'a dead pedal.' But what if you need more time to accelerate and get around a situation—will your vehicle dead-pedal you right in the middle of the maneuver? How safe is that?

Landline reported that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will unveil its speed limiter system for commercial vehicles by June 30, 2023. In May 2022, the FMCSA issued an advance notice on speed governance. Under its initial proposal, trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 26,001 pounds or more and equipped with an electronic engine control unit capable of speed governance would be subject to the mandate. Upper-speed possibilities include 60, 65, or 68 mph. In the 2022 notice, nearly 16,000 comments were submitted, most from truck drivers adamantly opposed to the speed-limiter mandate.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has fought against speed limiter mandates for years. President Todd Spencer wrote OOIDA's formal comments to the FMCSA on July 18, 2022.

"Professional truck drivers strongly object to any speed limiter mandate for several other reasons based on their owner experiences. Speed limiters take control of the truck away from the drivers, denying them the ability to use the truck's capabilities to avoid accidents and unsafe road and traffic conditions."

The National Transportation Safety Board released a report to the federal government earlier this month requesting a way to incentivize auto and truck makers to implement speed limiters in all new vehicles. If this comes to pass, customers pay for the privilege of having an ISA on their new car, whether they want it or not.

Can you imagine every vehicle on the highway with a speed limiter?

Achieving a safety objective without fully considering other factors will likely create unintended consequences.

Click to join.
Click to join.

BIKE FEATURE OF THE WEEK—Sportster from One-Way Machine.

--Sam Burns

Join the Cantina, Quick! Touch her.
Join the Cantina, Quick! Touch her.


Hey, the whole world's businesses & investors are worried about economic slowdown or even collapse. But not to worry, there is always coffee and you could reuse your grandfather's clothes if you don't fit into your own anymore.

This below news is not a joke nor satire nor fake news. Look it up.


This Levi's jeans from the 1880s was auctioned for $76,000

This pair of jeans is one of the oldest known Levi's from the gold rush era, according to the auction listing, and "the holy grail of vintage denim collecting."

Kyle Haupert, a 23-year-old vintage clothing dealer from San Diego, bought the pair of jeans at an auction on October 1. "I'm still kind of bewildered, just surprised in myself for even purchasing them," Haupert told the Wall Street Journal.

He bought the jeans with Zip Stevenson, the owner of vintage clothing company Denim Doctors. Haupert paid for 90 per cent of the winning bid and is hoping that Stevenson, who is more experienced at this, will be able to help find the next buyer for the jeans.

The antique Levi's pair was in an old mine years ago, reported Long John, a denim magazine that first broke the news about the auction. As per the report, it was used by a miner and feature suspender buttons on the waistbands and a single back pocket.

This pair of jeans marked with candle wax is one of the oldest known Levi's from the gold rush era, according to the auction listing, and "the holy grail of vintage denim collecting." It also added that the pair is in "good/wearable" condition.

"You could wear them to a Starbucks," Stevenson told the Wall Street Journal.


Just reprinted my first book again. It's about a bro getting his motorcycle stolen and going after it. Based on a true story. I'll sign every copy.
Just reprinted my first book again. It's about a bro getting his motorcycle stolen and going after it. Based on a true story. I'll sign every copy.

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Reader Comments

Please tell us more about Jake the photographer.

Saturday, October 22, 2022
Editor Response Jake was a shy guy from back east. I'm going to talk to president, Dave Perewitz in the next couple of days. He knew Jake. He'll remind me.
Do you have any info on Bill Gruhlke the builder of the Mystery Sled frame?


Saturday, October 22, 2022
Editor Response No, don't think so. Wait a minute...
I am like a few of us from the old school. I like the early Easyriders centerfolds and Dave's older stuff.They depict the way it use to be with our culture. Dave influenced so many builders and dreamers of a build that it isn't even funny.

Torrance, CA
Friday, October 21, 2022
Editor Response Yep.

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