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A 1970’s Los Angeles to Sturgis Odyssey

Review by Dangerous Dave

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 (A 1970’s Los Angeles to Sturgis Odyssey)
By: Bob Bitchin
Publisher: FTW Publishing Inc.

You know it's going to be a fun ride when the janitor at Bikernet.com has a cameo appearance in the book. Yes Keith Ball showed up on page 73. Now this is a completely fictitious book so any resemblance to actual people or events may or may not have happened.

Bitchin Bob takes us on wild ride via his drug addled memory of a 1970’s summer trip to one of the early Sturgis Rallies. Now I’ve been to the modern day Sturgis and yes if you look you can still find a resemblance to the freedom and debauchery of the original 1% rallies. This story even though it is completely “fiction” is a peak into history, our history. You will get an idea what the original rallies were like.

Put a couple of wild eyed magazine guys in a $900 1959 32 passenger school bus with drugs, guns, and booze. Then put them on the road to Sturgis, shit is going to happen. Scaring civilians at the grand canyon. Trying to stand in four states at one time at four corners. Picking up hot chicks from bars, these guys made a time of it.

Not gonna give away too much, so you need to pick up this book and give it a read.

-- David Campbell
Earl's Garage - Motorcycle, Hotrod, and Event Photography

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