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Ride Forever -
Thursday Edition

DORF Reviewed

A Book about Two Brothers Riding from Los Angeles To Sturgis

Book by Bob Bitchin, Review by Rogue

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 I was thinking about all of you on Quarantine and how much I think you would enjoy reading this book by my friend Bob Bitchin. I will tell you ahead of time, it is an ADULT PUBLICATION and if you are offended by Sex, Drugs, or Rock and Roll it is probably not for you.

 If you are a Biker who was around in the '70s you will like the memories. If you were to young then, well you missed what I consider a great time during the lifestyle.  To be fair Not All Of The Sturgis Rally Was Like In This Book.

Bob and Degenerate Jim and I hung out a lot in the late '60s and early '70s and we did have a lot of interesting times together. NO, I Was Not Part Of This Story.



 As this didn’t actually happen, it didn’t actually happen about mid-August, 1973.

 What I am trying to allude to never happened…and when it did, I wasn’t there, because, if it were labeled as non-fiction a whole lot of people could be highly embarrassed (or worse!).

 Well. Not a lot, because most of them are dead by now, or in jail. Just in case, and to keep from having what little I have left taken away from me by lawyers and other blood-suckers, I will label it as FICTION! There, no one can sue me for anything.

 But those of you who were there, you will know. You will also know when I stray from the facts. Ya gotta have a little poetic license, right? I mean, hell, if Tom Clancy can use the Royal Family and sitting Presidents in his “fiction” I guess I can use a bunch of degenerate bikers in mine, right?

 By the way, degenerate is not a derogatory term in this book. In fact, at the time this DIDN’T happen (wink-wink, nod-nod) it was my fervent hope that I had reached the pinnacle of being a truly degenerate and sleazy outlaw biker!

 Okay, if this had happened (wink-wink, nod-nod) it would have been about 50 years ago, and if I were there I would have been in my late twenties.

 As we reach senility sometimes things that happen get foggy, and things that didn’t happen seem to warp into some kind of fuzzy reality. So once again, this never happened, and when it did, it was a long time ago, and in my alleged drug-addled state of mind, it could have all just been a dream.

    Or a nightmare.

    Read on and judge for yourself.

 This book is available by contacting FTW Publishing, Inc The ISMN Number is 978-0-9662182-9-9 in case you wish to order from or Amazon

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