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Covid Action, At Least Shelly Could Stage a Bike Show!

Photos and text by Rogue

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 The city of Daytona restricted vendor permits during Biketoberfest this year. Bummer. They attempted to shut the event down, but the riders kept coming.

A result of severe lock-down meant no vendors at the speedway, boardwalk, main street etc. Events did not happen or were moved.

 But wait! Destination Daytona was open and had a good turn out Friday, the day I rode over.

 It was hot and I stopped to get a bottle of water. Yes, I did say Water. While drinking it, I checked out some of the bikes in the ride-in bike show.
 My bad, I do not have a lot to report on it. Remember, I was drinking Water...
photo by Walt Lumpkin
photo by Walt Lumpkin


 I did take time to check out the entry by Steve Cole, of the Raycycle, originally made by Miami Motors of Middletown, Ohio.



 A single cylinder, belt drive motorbike I believe made in the pre-teens.

Pedal Start and a Belt Drive
Pedal Start and a Belt Drive

 Steve did an excellent job restoring it, and it did win a trophy. You can see why if you look at the photos.


I liked a trike with a late model engine and transmission.



There were also a lot of baggers. Okay, I needed some whiskey to be in the correct mood. But between the city restrictions and water, I wasn't in the best of moods. I'm sure Shelly's Destination Daytona web site can help. 



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Reader Comments

I always enjoy Rogue's stories. This year is just an off year all the way around. I haven't spoken to anyone who has had a "good" year. It all went downhill since March!!

Anyway, even a short story from Rogue is better than no story from Rogue. Hopefully BikeWeek in March will be much better and Daytona Beach will be up & ready to party again!

Ruth Sidow
Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Editor Response You made his day!

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