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Wednesday Edition

D&D Muffler Fix

Making a D&D muffler whole again

By Bandit with help from Kevin Kahn and photos by Wrench

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In this shot he just added a new sharp gel seat from Saddlemen Seats.
In this shot he just added a new sharp gel seat from Saddlemen Seats.

Remember the installation we performed on Jeremiah Soto’s Dyna. We actually used D&D components on three Bonneville bikes and set two records. We installed lots of D&D exhaust systems on Bikernet shop projects over the years.

Jeremiah’s Dyna was one of them about four years ago and he’s been riding the streets of Los Angeles and out to Vegas numerous times. About a year ago he noticed his muffler moving around, and then he started to lose rivets. His model of D&D muffler was carbon fiber incased and any looseness tore the shit out of the carbon fiber.

He tried to call the company for help, but they dodged him. He tried replacing rivets and adding more. That helped, but then he discovered the muffler clamp had cracked. He had it welded.

That lasted a few months and it started to loosen again. Again, he contacted the company. The service agent ducked any knowledge of big twin bikes. He was a dirt bike guy, but he still let a couple of items slip from time to time, like something about the baffles breaking.

Jeremiah is a persistent bastard and kept after them for a few months, but he could never get help or word from the boss. At one point I suggested fixing it ourselves, by buying a chunk of light gauge tubing and replacing the carbon fiber and welding it.


In the meantime Jeremiah constantly complained about his rattling D&D carbon fiber muffler. The aluminum rivets were failing. He asked for a new muffler but the boss wouldn’t talk to him.

He tried one more time with D&D but the service guy dodged him, but offered to talk to the boss, but the boss never responded. The service guy admitted that the baffles were popping loose, which added to the muffler failures and dangers that it could fly apart while splitting lanes on a Los Angeles freeway.

I told him to go to Phillips steel and buy a chunk of 4-inch tubing, thin wall, like 16-gage and make the muffler solid again. He did, but Phillips is closed on Saturday so Jeremiah blasted over to Action Metals a smelly recycling center on the edge of the Wilmington Ghetto. In the back they stash serious metal pieces and Jeremiah found just what he needed.


He finally tore the muffler apart. Jeremiah is a funny guy. If he feels he’s been wronged, he won’t give in until he solves the issue. The thin baffle mesh holding the glass-packed material was tacked to the tapered sleeve and all the tacks were busted. I told him to shit-can the glass pack material, but he saved every little burnt piece and put it back after I tacked the mesh back into place.

He cleaned the chunk of thin-walled tubing inside and out and made it ready for tacking, which Kevin did, but we didn’t dare finish welding it until Jeremiah double-checked fitment.

During the process of inspecting and trying the D&D clamp he noticed more cracks. More patch welding was required.

After Jeremiah returned from chasing his girlfriend he inspected the tacks and fitment.
I'm learning more about TIG Welding from Kevin Kahl, from the Hot Rod Underground. He basically welds one bead at a time. It's called pulsing and some TIG welders come with a pulsing setting. In that case you must get in sync with the machines rhythm. He handles it with his food pedal. 
 Kevin TIG welded the tube in place and re-welded the clamp, and off Jeremiah went to the store to buy VHS heat paint.

He gave it a couple of coats and backed it in his Bikernet Penthouse apartment oven over night. The next day he cleaned the slightly rusty pipe and the inside of the muffler. It slipped right into place and off he rode to chase his girlfriend once more.

The chase continues.



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Reader Comments

That's a pretty cool fix! Custom fab, indeed.

Pauly D.
Chicago, IL
Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Editor Response Works like a champ.
Say what you will, but this is one reason I have stayed with Thunderheader. They are one piece and they WORK! (plus, eye like the sound...)

Cap'n Bill
nun, TN
Sunday, January 6, 2019
Editor Response Interesting. Jeremiah bought a Thunderheader on line and is going to pull off the D&D unit. I think he has a bad taste from his last experience.

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