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D&D Fat Cat Install Review

A Brother Steps from one Bagger System to Another

Photos and text by Mark Shubin

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Before shots.
Before shots.

After about 40,000 miles, the Pro-Pipe I was running on my 2005 FLHPI finally became un-repairable. The screw slots that held the end cap baffle had chipped away and were no longer able to hold these parts inside the pipe.

After losing these pieces in freeway traffic last time, I discovered that I could no longer get replacements, not that it mattered. I might add that the chrome started bluing about 75 miles after the pipe was installed. I need to add that the Pro-Pipe team initiated some modifications and a new design to correct the problems. But for me for a new exhaust system was needed, something made by a different company.

Wasn't sure where to start looking, decided that it would be good to listen and learn. After talking to Bandit, he told me to check D&D exhaust from Ft. Worth Texas. They have a mere 40 years under their weathered belts. They sounded just like the kinda manufacture I was looking for. They build exhaust systems for most late model Harley-Davidson motorcycles and for several other brands as well.

The whole operation took only a handful of basic tools.
The whole operation took only a handful of basic tools.

One of the main points that caught my interest was what they build for competition such as AMA Pro Harley-Davidson Insurance Grand National Flat Track racers Kenny Coolbeth, Dan Ingram, Nicole Cheza, Willy McCoy, and Mike Martin. Dave Rash worked with 5-Ball racing on several of their Bonneville projects including the Bonne Belle for this year’s Bub Speed Trial.

Nick moved the footboard out of the way to ease the operation.
Nick moved the footboard out of the way to ease the operation.

I went to their web site to pick one out for my year and model. Nice site, clean and to the point. It tells you about them, what works best, and just how far they go with design and testing each pipe to insure top quality. Almost seemed a little over the top until Nick at Eastside Performance, Mesa Az. un-boxed and started installing my 4-inch Fat Cat 2-into-1 on my Road King. That’s when I saw how well it fit during the install, the great quality of the chrome, and it's weight was a tad more than my previous system, which gave me added assurance that this one will go the distance!

Some good friends in Arizona sent me to Eastside Performance in Mesa, five years ago. They took care of my original performance package including Andrews 21G gear-driven cams. This time, it was time for a new top end and T.J. suggested boring the cylinders out to 95 inches and swapping the cams for Andrews 37Gs. He replaced the exhaust valves and used flat-top piston to retain the 10:1 compression. We also upgraded the oil pump to a Fueling Pro Pump.
While in Arizona, I needed to roll through 500 miles in one day, for the break in. Nothing but happy! The exhaust notes sounded really great with out making me loose any more hearing than I already have. T.J. and Nick where impressed with the fit and finish and the sound as well. For long days and long miles it really fit the bill. Once again check out their web site, for how they sound.

During my break-in loop I was able to stop for the Route 66 Teepee shot then to Snowflake Az. to stop in and see my friends Richard and Erin at Lines n Sign's, Dead End Custom Cycles.

The whole operation took only a handful of basic tools.
The whole operation took only a handful of basic tools.

Richard gave the exhaust a thumbs up before I caught the last leg of my ride, thru Show Low then down the Salt River Canyon, then back north to my secret little hide away near Cave Creek…

Since the install I have given the exhaust time and good miles and have zero issues with it. Very Happy with D&D!

--M. Shubin

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I love the exhausts clean lines and what sounds like great performance. Hope to see it on the road in the near future!


Friday, August 17, 2012
Editor Response You will.

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