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Crazy Horse Motorcycles

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Crazy Horse Motorcycles LLC based in Kent, Washington is the manufacturer of the "V-Plus" aircooled 45 degree V-Twin motorcycle engine. Crazy Horse Motorcycles is an OEM supplier of this engine to individuals and custom bike builders. Crazy Horse V-Twin engines are proudly made in America with American components.

Crazy Horse Motorcycles' goal is to provide a distinctive, powerful, and reliable American-made V-Twin engine. By using superior grade components and craftsmanship along with a generous warranty, Crazy Horse Motorcycles intends to be considered among the best engine manufacturers in the industry.

Crazy Horse Motorcycles has authorized dealers who are strategically located to provide a nation-wide source for parts and service. Being engine builders in their own right, they understand the product in detail.

Bikernet/Cycle Source Sweeps Build Part 5 Sponsored by Xpress

Learning Gas Tank Mods from the Mistress of Kustoms Inc.

By Bandit with photos by Jules
I’ve never had so much fun building a bike, and it’s not for me. This one-off custom, art object, long-run bobber, chopper, will be awarded to either a Cycles Source subscriber, or a Bandit’s Cantina subscriber on Bikernet.com.
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Bikernet/Cycle Source Sweeps Build Part 7 Sponsored by Xpress

Final Manufacturing as It Hauls Ass to Paint

By Bandit with photos by Jules and Ron Harris secret associate
Hang on. We are two weeks away from running out to Vegas for Bikefest and pulling the winner of this most magnificent custom motorcycle, specifically built for Bikernet and Cycle Source fans, readers, and subscribers.
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Crazy Horse Restores Gilroy-era Indian Engine Cases

A closer look at how to remedy a weak area of these great V-twin engines

Crazy Horse Motorcycles is the manufacturer of the "V-Plus" aircooled 45 degree V-Twin motorcycle engine. They are an OEM supplier of this engine to individuals and custom bike builder...
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Bikernet/Cycle Source Sweeps Build Part 4 Sponsored by Xpress

Crazy Horse 100-inch Engines

By Bandit, with photos by Prince Najar
Here's the 4th empirical episode and another opportunity to win a world class, one-off custom build for your very own.
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Bikernet/Cycle Source Sweeps Build, Part 3, Sponsored by Xpress

Two New Contributors Step Up: 3Guyz Springer, and Ride Wright Wheels

By Bandit, with photos from Andy at 3Guyz, and the Ride Wright crew
High tech here, and you could win this one-off custom. Just subscribe to Bandit's Cantina or Cycle Source Magazine. This Part covers the 3Guyz springer, and Ride Wright wheels.
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Bikernet/Cycle Source Sweeps build part 2, Sponsored by Xpress

She made the custom oil tank

By Bandit with photos from Kustoms Inc.
Last issue, we discussed the myriad of top-notch components flying at this build, and how Jason built the frame, at Texas Frame Works, around the master's configuration and the pre-bent contoured backbone. The master is the boss of the 28-year- old shop, Kustoms Inc. and Evil Engineering, Gary Maurer. This time we build a Kustoms Ink oil tank.
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Bikernet/Cycle Source 15th Anniversary Subscription Sweeps Bike Build, Sponsored by XPress Lids

You Could Win this Bike, this Year--a Complete One-Off Custom Built Chop

By Bandit, with images by Prince Najar
That's right. You can enter by filling out the coupon, subscribing to Bandit's Cantina on Bikernet, or to the Cycle Source Magazine. With a Crazy Horse 100-inch engine, and a frame from Texas Bike Works this build is already flying together. From issue to issue you'll see your motorcycle being built on the pages of Bikernet and Cycle Source.
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Indian Powerplus The Supreme Stock Motorcycle Engine In the World
Well, that was said back in 1921. And if you want the proof, check out this silent film shot at the Beverly Hills Speedway in the roaring twenties. It features the riding exploits of Hall-Of-Famer, Shrimp Burns on his 8-valve Indian race bike, at speeds in excess of 100mph. Make sure to check out ...
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