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Tuesday Edition

Crank & Stroker Hardball Vest

The second skin on the professional biker

By Ujjwal Dey

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Like California, the city of Bombay gets pretty high temperatures. I was looking for an all purpose leather jacket which I can use everyday for most of the year. With denims already providing basic protection, I was looking for a real a good deal on leather for rough highway and country riding.

The Crank & Stroker Hardball Vest was an immediate eye-catcher. It is ideal for my daily riding lifestyle in city and suburbs. It keeps me safe without suffocating me in Indian summer. The lining is top quality which is easily washed. The leather is a premium buffalo hide which offers style, toughness and confidence to the rider.

The pockets are designed by bikers for bikers. It has a deep inside pocket for concealed weapons. The stitching in impeccable. The zippers flow like wax, smooth and sturdy.

If you are into touring you probably already have an armoured riding jacket. This Leather Vest is the one you will use daily instead of just during your vacation. My XL size fits me like second skin on my back. It is a real treasure to have in my riding gear.

I ride an Enfield Bullet. I have my eye on the imported Harley Davidson FatBoy. They cost a premium because they are made in America and shipped here. But that is why anyone wants an H-D – because it is made in America and because of the global passion for American culture, lifestyle and the big American Dream. I am already dressed for it. Time to save and splurge on the big boy’s engines.

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