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Thursday Edition

Cool Choppers by South Side MC member Patrick

From Sweden With Love...(Love of Harley-Davidson and Custom Choppers)

by Sheriff Media Group

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This is a follow-up to our article on Long Fork Run at Sweden 
South Side MC…
South Side Mc is a club started in 1988 by 5 people (drunks...) who wanted to wrench with bikes,  drink and party. It's been a club where you always had to have a Harley to be with and even maybe be a little more interested in building a bike or rebuilding the bike.
The club has always had the heart a little extra warm against long forks. It is a bunch of bikes that have been built that have received good dividends at exhibitions over the years.

Today we are 12 members and have managed to have good regrowth the last few years. Today there are 2 members left from the first years Niclas Gunnarsson and Bärsa 60.
Here is an interview with Chopper builder Patrick, a Member of South Side MC.

PATRICK, Who are you?
I am a restless soul who has always had a lot around me, in my younger years I cycled BMX / MTB in all my free time until it was time to start work, and then there was not much time left because I started milling asphalt which in Sweden means 4 hard and long working days Monday to Thursday.

Meanwhile, a growing interest in motorcycles grew which led to me getting a Harley because I joined South Side MC which is an old Harley / chopper club.
Thought then; why not build one? because I like to keep busy things and do as much as you can yourself.
And then the red one grew Suicide Machine came forward and that project started in 2014 and took a while more than a year.
When I built Suicide Machine, I was introduced to stainless which has become a material that I prefer to build my parts as much as possible. So on the white I have made oil tank, flatfender, tripple Trees, barney legs, sissybar, controls, exhaust and lots of smaller details in stainless steel.
All the time is it's a lesson in how to succeed in streamlining and working with the material best as when it comes to polishing and sanding, the Angle Grinder is a cherished property that replaces many other expensive real professionals machines.
When I built the white, an idea arose to start my own business ( which sells and manufactures / modifies parts for Choppers. I have no real plan what to make for parts though there will be everything possible and probably a lot of it in stainless.

There is a bit left to do on the premises before everything can start 100% but not far off now. Winter is approaching and it is the Swedes' best Chopper builds season.
Why three bikes?
It has probably been three bikes because I have a bit of a hard time selling off any of them. Had the time been enough, there would probably have been at least one more in the garage....
(The black is a Shovelhead -74 1570cc with a 28 "over fork
The red one is a Shovelhead -73 1200cc with a std runner)
You often think about what will be the next building for yourself the creation is probably almost what is closest to me of motorcycle interest. The black Chopper will get a little about construction where I am intended to build a pair of Invader wheels and narrow it a bit.
That's fine the bike I ride the most. But it probably comes mostly because it is properly trimmed so there are good clips in it and who does not like to go fast?

Maybe not the best bike for the purpose as all three are open primary chain, suicide footclutch and manual transmission and no front brake.
I likes to ride all of them but the white one has to stand another year with refueling at Covid 19, there will be some exhibitions next year instead, then it will it is used for happy life.
Next project?
I think of building something on a flathead or knucklehead but even there it will probably be the same common thread to try keep the bike stripped and narrow. Guaranteed the same there without front brake and with foot clutch / manual transmission perhaps with primary cover to change something against the others.

Also has a vision to build your own runner that will be really slim. But we'll see what it will end up as ..

Info Panhead -48

Fabrikat: Panhead -48 with a stainless neck gusset tube
Rake: 45 degres
Stretch: Zero
Stand: Stainless 3” extended - Homemade
Gas tank: Modified Narrow Frisco Sportster
Oil tank: Stainless Horse shoe - Homemade
Foot controls: Stainless Mid controls - Homemade

Farbikat och typ: Panhead -48
Cylindervolym: 1200cc
Carburetor: Chromed Linkert M74 whit a homemade stainless intake
Top Mount: Stainless - Homemade
Exhaust: Stainless Up-sweep pipes - Homemade
Ignition: Jo Hunt Magneto

Primärdrivning: Open primary chain
Cluth: Suicide foot cluth
Växellåda: 4-speed and Jokey Shift
[photo ]
Front End
Handelbar: Stainless rabbit ear - Homemade
Headlight: Bezel 4” chrome

Triple Trees: Stainless narrow
Överben: 41mm Tolles showa
Underben: Stainless Barneys - Homemade
Längd: 24” over

Front Wheel
Hub: Ribbed Spool Hub - Made by Ringö Chop Shop
Rim: Stainless WM1 (1.60”) By Devon Rim Company
Brake: No No
Tire: Heidenau K39 2.75-18”

Rear End
Seat: Homemade and Dressed by Pelle (Kalles sadel makeri)
Rear fender: Stainless flatfender - Homemade
Brakelight: Stainless Ford 1936 whit a Custom pussy casting by a German guy

Rear Wheel:
Hub: Stainless Star Hub by TTS
Rim: Stainless 3.5 Wide xBy Devon Rim Company
Brake: Mechanical Drum
Tire: Vredesten  Sprint Classic 165x15”

Chrome:  Dala krome in Borlänge Sweden
Polish: Done by me and friends Magnus & Crille N
Paint: Two tone flake paintjob ”blow” in first layer ”snowcone” in sekond layer (flames and tones) no candy!
Flake: Painthuffer Metalflake - Blow and Snow Cone
Painter: Crille N Custompaint

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