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Ride Forever -
Thursday Edition

Chop N Grind Surfaces

The Brothers from 18 Palms Report in

By Bob T, and Johnny what's his name
5/23/2010 10:07:15 AM

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Bubs banner


It’s that time of the year again; race season is about to start! With much success at BUB`S International Motorcycle Speed Trails at Bonneville Salt Flats, the Chop N Grind Crew will be racing again at El Mirage and Bubs Speed Trails.

We now hold the AMA National Land Speed Record for the Modified Pushrod Gas with a 1650cc at 148.307 mph.using a Harley Davidson Evolution/Twin Cam 100 inch Motor.

Thanks to all our sponsors last year the race was a huge success.

We are now acquiring sponsorship for the Bubs Speed Trails and go for multiple land speed records.

Our crew consists of 5 members:

Larry Petrie- Pilot of the racer, with years of experience racing and motor building. Dealership Harley Davidson mechanic. USMC Gulf war veteran.

Bob Tronolone – USMC Vietnam Era veteran. Public relations with all sponsors. Former Crew member of the Easyriders-Jammer streamliner designed by Bob George. (the streamliner was the world fastest motorcycle for fifteen years piloted by Dave Campos.)

“OC” Danny McPherson – Vietnam Era Navy veteran .Pit crew chief, mechanic and fabricator. With over 40 years riding experience.

Rob Tronolone JR. – K-9 Officer. Team photographer and all around mechanic, Journalist and chase truck driver.

Steve Thurston - Army Veteran. Mechanic, parts, pit area, back up driver.


One of our sponsors, Nick Roberts of AMSOIL ,will be supplying lubricates for the race bike and will be riding out from Kentucky to join up with us and give a helping hand. Nick will also be racing his bike in the "Race What You Brung" Class.

Jim Leineweber ,of Leineweber Enterprises, is grinding our cams. Jim is a local in our town. He has been grinding and racing since the 1950`s.

Big Mike, of BMC Choppers, will be on board again and is talking about joining us also.

AVON TYRES has committed today, the tires they supplied last were great.

Our crew and sponsors have a great camaraderie that brings us all together to form the team we have.

Bubs Speed Trails is entering its 4th year this September. It’s an all motorcycle event and old school camaraderie. It’s a passion which no one ever forgets.

We developed a large following of racers and spectators, due to our helpful nature. One of the Bubs officials commented on our pit area being organized and clean and thanking us for helping other racers in need. That was a great comment for us.

We are again looking for sponsors, we will promote your product to the racers on the Salt.The race bike will have full exposure of your product, as well as the crew, pit area with banners, chase truck, and trailer. We ,as a team, look forward working with all our sponsors and making history.

A DVD and Press time will be provided at the end of the races. Our T-shirts, featuring our world famous logo, will be ready for sale in about a month. We sold out before we got to Bonneville last year, so act fast.

All sponsors are invited to join us on the Salt in September. This is an experience you will never forget, and yes, we will all be riding out from So Cal again. Last years ride to the Salt Flats was outstanding, so anyone out there who wants to ride out contact us. We can help line up the rooms. Seven months left. So plan on it now!

Thanks for your time and support

Chop N Grind Racing

Bob Tronolone


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Reader Comments

Have seen these guys race on the Salt Flats in Utah. They were very professional and friendly group. Also my son is one of the founders.

Linda Oliver
Rupert , ID
Saturday, May 4, 2024
Editor Response Yes, they helped us more than once. Good group of brothers except that old guy from 13 Palms, California. He's sorta shaky...
Bob is that you doing good was just talking to Mike Parti just before he Died. He was telling me that he was at the Stateline remembers the time we were all partying when you were biting the tops of everybody's beer cans. The good old days, me and Paul still talk about them.

Long time no see. Like to here from ya.

6661 w87th pl westchester, CA
Monday, June 27, 2016
Editor Response Hey Trav,

I passed this along to the notorious Bob T. in the desert.

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