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Can-Am Ryker: A Small and Agile Three-Wheeler

The all new 2024 version is out and about

by Ujjwal Dey

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The first thing you notice about the 2024 Can-Am Ryker is of course that it is advertised as a “three-wheeled motorcycle." For those who love and ride motorcycles, there is no such thing. You got one wheel too many to call it a motorcycle.

The name Ryker is not of Biblical origin nor a Bavarian legend. It is a silly portmanteau on “Ride”-“Biker” with a “Y” replacing it to re-invent the three-wheeled thing called “Ryker." Plus, it rhymes with Can-Am Spyder.

So, If you like two-wheels in front instead of the traditional two-wheels at the back kind of trike—Ryker is ready and your playground awaits. All day and all night, you’ve got every tech loaded on to it to rule any road and never hold back. All you gotta decide is between the three Ryker variants and the three dozen colors they are available in.

Base model aptly called “Ryker” 2024 is “transport and preparation not included” and priced at $9,599

That’s less than half the price of base model Polaris Slingshot S but twice as ugly. Okay apples and oranges but—basically both have two-wheels at front and one in the rear.

A Harley-Davidson base model “two-wheeled motorcycle” – which is a more accurate depiction of a motorcycle, costs $16,999 and gets you the Sportster S. But if getting three wheels instead of two seems like a bargain then the Ryker wins your wallet.

Harley-Davidson calls its three-wheeled vehicles “Trikes” and they resemble a motorcycle up front and have two wheels instead of bags at the back.

Why am I mansplaining these things in a motorcycling website online since 1996. Well, because if you are reading up on Can-Am Ryker, you probably are new to motorcycles and might want to compare specs, costs, brands and your outlook on life and future on the road.

Ryker Sport will set you back another $2499 and Ryker Rally will cost a competitive $14,599. Sportingly you might just notice that all of them are just without their magic ingredient—“Transport and preparation not included”. Why do they advertise that? Would you not ride it out of the showroom like any other vehicle? Don’t you need a license for it? Of course, you gonna need gas and a helmet and cool Star Wars tee-shirt. But those are not obstacles – meeting girls while using that 600cc or 900cc three-wheeled Ryker between your legs would be the obstacle. Maybe you could be a lifeguard and watch reruns of Baywatch on the beach as you recline on your Ryker.

Yup, Spyder sounds way more cool than saying, “I am hanging at the beach with my Ryker.”

Some specs for those who are serious or getting seriously pissed off….

Ryker 2024
• $9,599 onwards
• Rotax® 600 or 900 cc engine.
• Auto twist-and-go transmission + vehicle stability control.
• Driveshaft tech requires less maintenance.
• Adjusts to all riders; 100,000+ customizations possible.
• Drift-friendly Sport Mode & fuel-saving Eco Mode (900 cc only).

Ryker Sport 2024
• $12,499 onwards
• All standard Ryker (900 cc) features, PLUS:
• Sport model-exclusive styling for an unforgettable road presence.
• Comfortable (still slays corners): KYB† HPG with preload adj. and Sport comfort seat.
• MAX Mount adds long-haul cargo and passenger options.
• Sport Mode for dynamic, drift-ready handling. Cruise control.

Ryker Rally 2024
• $14,599 onwards
• All standard Ryker (900 cc) features, PLUS:
• Access new playgrounds with new, stonger Hyper Silver color rims, rally-ready tires, pushbar, skid plate, intake with prefilter, auxiliary LED lights and Akrapovic exhaust.
• Discover the loose surface-ready features of the Ryker Rally: the Handlebar with hand guards, anti-slip pegs, front and rear KYB HPG shocks with remote adjusters and extra suspension travel.
• MAX Mount adds long-haul cargo and passenger options.
• Exclusive Rally Mode for dirt drift-friendly cornering. Cruise control.

As you can see, clearly, drifting is very important for Can-Am “three-wheeler” customers.

They do make motorcycles you know. Yes, Can-Am motorcycles. Well, they are electric motorcycles and they run on two-wheels and your anxiety.

Imagine being outdoors doing all the fun things a Can-Am is known for and then—boom—all out of electric. Well, let’s not put the cart before the horse. Yes, the Can-Am Electric Motorcycles are yet to be launched and are expected to be available in – ta-da—2024. They are being pitched as “beyond the city” and also one which is a “return to Can-Am motorcycle roots” with a motocross model and yet another model with “all-new Rotax E‑POWER” and “Level 2 charging capabilities," etc.

If that sounds confusing and complicated, you could always just buy a “regular” motorcycle that uses mechanics instead of gizmos and gadgets. Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company trained American citizens who were drafted as soldiers in World War to assemble the whole motorcycle from scratch and repair their own motorcycles and also scavenge for parts in war zone scenario, including parts from other brand motorcycles—to keep going forward and to keep kicking ass. That’s how progress and social structure and civilization survives. This also helped soldiers to transition to Harley-Davidson’s customers after the war was over. Tell your neighbor to repair your smartphone or laptop or smart TV and see where that gets you—that’s your future on electric wheels.

Meanwhile, here is footage from the National Archive because why not!?

Anyways, Can-Am Ryker runs on gasoline, so let’s stop bitching about EVs for now. The engine is born to run and run some more. With modern efficiency, classic soul, the Ryker models use powerful, fuel efficient and reliable Rotax engines. You get to choose between the 2-cylinder Rotax 600 ACE for strong everyday performance or a thrilling 3-cylinder Rotax 900 ACE engine for getting your own off-the-grid, private farm, FBI & ATF showdown.

Ryker models have a rider-focused safety suite: stability control developed in partnership with BOSCH†, anti-lock brakes (ABS), plus traction control are the confidence-inspiring features that keep Ryker planted to the road –that and lack of party invitations.

Since it’s a “three-wheeled motorcycle," you get to also not use clutch or gears. Twist & ride: Can-Am Ryker’s automatic transmission delivers effortless drive and great fuel efficiency. Now you've got more time to admire the scenery and adventures ahead as you hunt big game and spot trespassing hikers.

Apparently these homeless landless farmers love eyeing the outdoors on a Ryker
Apparently these homeless landless farmers love eyeing the outdoors on a Ryker

Ryker isn't sized for anyone, it's sized for everyone with innovative ergonomic features like adjustable foot pegs, brake pedal and handlebar. Why? Cause any idiot should be on the road, riding free forever. But the manual says “to bring the open road within reach of more riders.”

“As unique as your ass-imprint,” is a promo slogan yet to catch on!

“Outdoors” is a word that cannot be uttered without the word “environment” and “protection” and “ban” being said in the same sentence. There's not much here—that's the point. Ryker has a durable steel frame, recyclable materials, and quality construction that’s engineered to last. Minimal fuel use – because you will be embarrassed to be seen on it soon enough – and maximum fun—because you will be thrilled to gift it to your distant, disgruntled grandmother.

Powertrain is untouchable. Ryker honestly admits they would rather you ride than wrench. So, the Ryker uses an integral, reliable driveshaft for smooth power delivery—and no extra maintenance. No one is needed with Ryker by your side (promo slogan yet to be adopted).

So, the overview of this overview is, get the Rally edition
  • Engine = Rotax® 900 cc engine
  • Transmission = Automatic transmission (CVT) with reverse function
  • Suspension = Front & Rear : KYB HPG with remote reservoir 4-position compression adjustable damping and preload adjustement
  • Cargo capacity = Glovebox with USB, 1.85 gal (7 L)
  • Riding modes = Eco Mode, Rally Mode and cruise control

For those considering a Polaris Slingshot—a more apt comparison is a Can-Am Spyder F3 starting $22,099 and Can-Am Spyder RT starting $26,599. Why didn’t I mention it before? Because this is about “Ryker." Not everything is about you, Karen.

Why not just test drive Harley-Davidson Road King Special at $24,999 or for the more calculating rider, the Polaris Indian Springfield at $22,999. You may realize, two wheels are more than enough to thrill you while three wheels are more than enough to reel your spirit in.

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