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Thursday Edition


Back to the scene of the Crime

By Karl Skanlan with images by Bob T.

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No one, at least no one believable, had stepped forward yet to take responsibility for the bombing, but it was obvious to anyone who watched the news that the police knew who the culprits were. Over the past two days, there had been several skirmishes and incidents with the Two Skulls MC. A few of the member’s homes had been raided, and several arrests had been made. During the course of one of the raids, a police officer had been shot, supposedly in the line of duty, and another had been badly beaten. There was a war going on, and it was difficult to tell who was winning. Either way, tensions were high.

In the two days Karl had spent riding, he had stayed away from the main highways to avoid the police. But now, he simply hit the interstate and hauled ass back, so he made good time. By nightfall he was close to home, so he laid out his sleeping bag on a picnic table under the desert sky for a night under the stars. He had bought a newspaper, and read about the war going on between the Skulls and the police. He wondered if maybe they had forgotten about him, and that maybe he would just slip in and out of town unnoticed. He drifted off to sleep, wondering what tomorrow would bring.

Next morning, he made a short pit stop at a gas station, took deep breath, and headed for his house in town. He rode past the city limits sign, all senses ablaze.

He didn’t make it to his house. He didn’t even come close.

Karl saw the cruiser coming up from behind. For a normal traffic stop, usually the police would hit the lights, and maybe tap the siren momentarily, just to get his attention. But it was obvious that this time, the cops wanted to make a show of it. They hit the lights, and flipped on the siren. As soon as the lights came on, Karl heard someone yelling into the loudspeaker, “PULL THE MOTORCYCLE TO THE SIDE OF THE ROAD AND STOP IMMEDIATELY!”

Ah, Jesus. Let the bullshit begin…he thought as he shut off the engine while gliding to a stop at the side of the road. He kicked down the stand as soon as he had the bike stopped, no sense in playing that game again. Without thinking, he reached under the fuel tank to flip the lever of the gas petcock to off.

“DO NOT FUCKING MOVE!” The voice barked over the loudspeaker.

Karl froze, then slowly sat back up and looked forward down the road. Suddenly he wished that he had not decided to return and face up to this shit. He was sick of this crap. After two good days of riding, his head was clear and he felt refreshed. He’d almost let himself start to believe that everything would turn out all right. Now he returned to this place, trying to do the right thing, and he’s got assholes yelling at him before he even gets into town. It seemed that lately, every time he tried to do the responsible thing, he just kept getting into shit.

“HANDS IN THE AIR!” The voice had changed, it was no longer being yelled out over the loudspeaker. Karl knew that there were likely at least two gun barrels pointed at his back. He raised his hands.

“GET OFF THE MOTORCYCLE!” Karl stood and pulled his right leg over the seat. He had to do a little hop in order to do it, and he grunted.

Suddenly, there was a cop standing in front of him, a look of livid rage on his face. Karl stared at the man. What the fuck is this guy so pissed about?…..dude needs to switch to decaf….he mused to himself. Another officer frisked him from behind.

“Put your hands down boy.” The cop said.

Boy? Karl thought wryly. The cop had to be at least 20 years his junior.

The cop behind Karl wrested his arms behind his back, and literally slapped the handcuffs onto his wrists, then jammed the loops closed as far as they would go. He wanted to inflict as much pain as possible while performing the task of securing the suspect. Karl grimaced and gritted his teeth.

The other cop stood in front of Karl, staring into his face, as if daring him to resist. “Let’s walk back to the car.”

Karl felt the other officer grab his arm and felt himself led back to the police car. The three of them stepped to the right side of the car, somewhat out of sight of the traffic on the road, and also out of sight of the camera that was mounted on the dashboard of the car. Obviously, they wanted a little privacy. Officer number one nodded slightly at officer number two, and the second officer removed the handcuffs.

Karl didn’t like the way that this was going. Why had they removed the handcuffs? What the fuck was this shit?

“So, you’re the Billy-badass we’ve been hearing so much about?” Both cops stood in front of Karl now. Karl’s back was against the car. The rage seemed to have gone from the man’s face, to be replaced with a grim half-smile. It was the kind of smile that you might see on a mean child’s face, right before he stomps on a wounded bird.

“I don’t know what you’ve been hearing, son. But my name ain’t Billy.” Karl looked deadpan at the cop. The look of rage re-appeared on the cops face.

“I know what you’re name is, fuck-face. And right now, it’s mud. I had friends in the government building, and I have another buddy in the hospital right now with a bullet hole in him. You and your buddies stick together, well, cops stick together too. You would do well to learn that, and we’re here to help you understand.” The cop stopped talking and waited for Karl to respond. The cops were whipping themselves up. Karl could see that. But Karl had been in this pre-fight situation many times. He understood human nature. If he responded, it would just inflame these two assholes, and at this point, he could tell that they wanted a fight. The cops weren’t really much different from the Skulls. Hell, if they hadn’t chosen to be cops, they’d probably be in the TSMC. They didn’t need much provocation, but they needed something. Karl knew that all he needed to do was change the expression on his face and it would set these fuckers off. So he just stood there, saying nothing, realizing that most punks will be put off-balance if they are forced to be the aggressor. If you talk, you reveal yourself. If you remain quiet, it makes the aggressor unsure of the situation.

Finally, cop number two, who had yet to say a word, lunged forward and socked Karl in the stomach. Karl doubled over, even though he was not particularly taken by surprise, and he had tensed his stomach muscles a moment before the blow, so the doubling over was almost more for effect than anything else.

Karl knew what was going to happen. These two would beat him senseless, then put him in the car and take him to the station. They would claim that he had resisted being put in the car and no one would question them. They would be the heroes of the police locker room, and would tell the story any way they wanted. Karl felt rage starting to build in him. This was bullshit. He was getting tired of being treated like a piece of scum, by a bunch of scumbags. Cops and clubbers alike, he had done nothing to deserve this, and was having a difficult time convincing himself that he was going to have to stand here and get beat to shit by these goddamned idiots.

He reconsidered his decision to stay quiet. He began to speak as he straightened back up.

“All ri…..” was all that he got out. The first cop had whipped out his nightstick and chopped down viciously on his collarbone, the same collarbone that was already ailing from having been chopped on by a knife.

That was enough. That fucking hurt. It occurred to Karl that these guys were not going to just teach him a lesson, they were going to seriously hurt him. Fuck it.

Karl ducked and dodged to the side, as a second nightstick blow glanced off his upper arm. He rammed his head into the gut of the silent cop while grabbing the nightstick from the hand of the talker. Once he had the nightstick in his hand, the fight was over in seconds. He smacked the first officer in the head and he went down hard. The second officer rolled to his feet and was attempting to pull his gun free. Before he could, Karl threw the nightstick at his face and it hit the man on the side of the head. Karl jumped on him and threw his gun into the bushes. He cuffed him, much in the same gentle manner that he had been cuffed, and then returned to the first man and cuffed him as well. He intermingled the cuff chains so that the two pricks were attached. The dumb-asses hadn’t even called for backup, since they wanted their privacy, so no one was coming. The altercation was quick. The traffic continued. Perhaps no one even noticed what had happened.

Karl walked to the police cruiser, opened the door and pointed the camera at the cops. Before he got on his bike to leave, he looked dead into the camera, and flipped the bird. Moments later he was back on his bike heading into town. The cops moved slowly towards the car, trying to figure out how they would explain themselves to their superiors.

If this is the way it’s going to be, then so fucking be it. They might as well just shoot my ass and be done with it…He thought.


Little Steve spent the night with Alyssa. He was not in a good mood. He had been slowly coming down from the long crank binge. All he wanted to do was sleep, but he still couldn’t relax. He thought that he could get drunk on tequila and pass out, but it didn’t work. He was irritable, and he was impotent.

Alyssa felt that she was in danger. She had been up half the night herself, and had done everything she could to try and arouse the huge biker sexually, to no avail. She felt inadequate, ugly, and confused. She was also scared. She had never seen Steve in such a foul mood. He had gotten a little rough while trying to get aroused with her last night, and she had a few bruises and a cut lip. This morning Alyssa had announced to Little Steve that she needed to get back to work. She called in sick for two days in a row. Of course, she could have called in sick for two weeks and gotten away with it, but she needed to get away from Steve.

He told her he would give her a ride to work on the back of his Softail, and when they left his apartment, he was riding the bike like a madman. He was pissed off at his impotence. He was pissed off that he couldn’t get ahold of that Karl Skanlan guy. He was pissed at the cops. He was pissed at the whole world. Mostly, he was pissed at himself for getting fucked up on tequila the night before, and spilling his guts to Alyssa.

He had told her about the bombing, he told her about the 6 club members who had been in on it, and he told her about how the Skulls were watching Karl’s house. He told her lots of stuff, breaking all the clubs rules about not talking to old ladies about club business. When he found that he couldn’t get it up, he had wanted to compensate somehow for it. He didn’t want Alyssa to start thinking that he wasn’t quite the man that she first thought he was. If she wouldn’t see him as a man for his sexual performance, then she had to know he was the fuckin’ MAN for being able to take care of business.

Alyssa was amazed at what Little Steve told her. She never suspected that the club was so deeply into such things. She was excited, but didn’t really comprehend all he said. She was the kind of girl who didn’t understand things until she saw them with her own two eyes. It all sounded exciting, but she didn’t grasp it. She was scared, and excited at the same time. She suddenly realized she was apart of something big, much bigger than she had thought. But she also had nagging feeling. She was in too deep, and couldn’t get out now. But she was a detective’s daughter, and she was spoiled. She always felt that if the shit got too thick, she could just call Daddy and he would take care of everything. She would just pout and it would all go away. She had the misguided mind of a spoiled 22-year-old.

All that Little Steve wanted to do was get this little bitch to her job, and go back to his apartment and crash. He roared through a yellow light, scraping the bottoms of his exhaust pipes and sending sparks flying. He almost ran into a lone biker on an FXR who was waiting at the light, on the other side of the intersection. Steve caught a glimpse of a hardened face, with slightly familiar features.

Holy shit! He thought, That was the fucking guy!

Alyssa, hanging on for dear life, felt Steve’s sides tense. The huge man jammed on the rear brake, which sent the bike into a barely controlled slide. He turned the bike around and took off after Karl.

Karl saw the man flash a look of recognition when he went by. Karl knew who the man was. It was Little Steve Poulson, Seargant at Arms of the Two Skulls MC. He released the clutch as the light changed. In his rear view mirror, he saw the other Harley turn around and come after him. Grimly shaking his head, he pulled the FXR into a large, automobile dealership parking lot. What a day this was turning out to be.

The Softail’s suspension was maxed out. As the bike pulled into the parking lot, the bottom of the frame caught the small curb and scrunched a protest.

Karl dismounted his bike and stood waiting for Little Steve as if he had been looking for him all day. Steve and Alyssa dismounted the Softail. Alyssa recognized Karl as the man whom the police had in custody the day of the bombing.

“Keep an eye out.” Steve told Alyssa. “You see anyone coming, let me know. I’ve got a little business to take care of.” He advanced upon Karl.

Karl stood watching Little Steve, almost studying him. Little Steve walked up to him and the two men stood eye-to-eye for a moment.

“So you’re the fucking punk asshole who thinks he can fuck with the Skulls, huh?” Steve asked.

Two punches were thrown, and both punches connected. Steve was rocked, but Karl went down, hard. His head rang, and he realized that he was in big trouble. Karl had been in lots of fights before, and was confident in his ability to defend himself, but now he knew that he was outmatched. He would have to use his head, but his head was ringing off the hook. He struggled to regain his feet. He had just enough time to partially block the vicious kick that Little Steve aimed at his ribs. The blow practically sent him spinning on the pavement.

Alyssa was excited and frightened at the same time. She glanced around furtively. The two combatants were mostly shielded from the dealership, and anyone driving by would have to be actually looking in between the rows of cars in the lot before they would see them. She glanced at the dealership building and saw someone coming out of the door.

The sensible thing for her to do, is say, “Steve, someone’s coming.” But Alyssa had always craved attention. She always wanted to be noticed. She might have been an abused little girl, but she was also spoiled, and still young. She didn’t understand that she was not the center of the universe. She never really understood who she was to the Skulls. So, being Alyssa, she urgently whispered, “Steve,” expecting him to stop what he was doing in order to answer to her.

Little Steve didn’t answer, he was in the middle of the fight. He was taking care of business.

“Steve”, she whispered again, slightly louder. She stepped forward to grab his arm, attempting to get his attention. Steve looked at her incredulously. Who the fuck does this little bitch think she is, grabbing his arm in the middle of business?

Steve was getting ready to rain down a blow on Karl. When Alyssa made the mistake of grabbing his arm, the blow ended up on her face, hard. Much harder than normal. He roughed her up occasionally, but usually just enough to keep her in line. She dropped like a sack of wheat, and Steve stood looking at her, realizing that he hit her too hard. Amazingly enough, somewhere deep inside, Little Steve cared for Alyssa. For one brief moment, he forgot about Karl, scared that he had killed the girl. That moment was all Karl needed. Still on the ground, he grabbed the man’s foot and twisted. The huge man lost his balance and hit the ground. When he did, Karl was on him. Karl slammed his fist into the man’s throat. Steve grabbed at his throat, unable to breathe. Karl grabbed the huge man’s head and slammed it once, twice, three times on the pavement. Steve went limp.

Karl struggled to his feet. He was not badly hurt, but he gathered good collection of bumps and bruises for one day. He limped to the FXR, and stiffly threw a leg over the saddle. Time to exit, stage left.

Alyssa rose to her feet. Her face ached, her cheek was red, and her nose was bleeding. None of that would actually hurt her, but when she saw that Little Steve was out cold, she was terrified of what would happen to her when the huge man came to. He would hurt her, bad, she was sure of it.

“Is he dead?” She asked

Karl tried to ignore her. He had no time for Skull sisters. Steve groaned and began to stir.

“Oh my God mister, please take me away from here. He’s going to kill me….” She pleaded.

Karl looked at her. He knew she was probably right. He heard of Little Steve, and he could tell the man was half out of his mind with bloodlust. This girl looked damn young, probably just a club groupie. Some little shit looking for excitement, who got in a little too deep. He knew the sort, he knew a few girls like this himself.

“Ahhh…..Get on.” He croaked.

Karl and Alyssa sped off.

Moments later, Little Steve shakily went to the Softail and roared away. No one seemed to noticed the incident. The person who Alyssa saw coming was just someone checking out a car. He had been oblivious to the conflict going on a short distance away.

“Where are you going?” Alyssa put her mouth next to Karl’s ear as the two sped off on the motorcycle. Karl could instantly feel himself becoming slightly aroused. He fought the feeling, but it had been awhile for him, and it didn’t take much when a man hasn’t had that type of release in awhile. He ground his teeth.

“To my house. I’ll drop you off at the next corner.” He called around to the girl.

Alyssa hesitated. She could taste the blood on her lip, and she knew that someone might call the cops the second they saw her. The cops would find out who she was and then her father would show up. She didn’t want him to see her like this.

“You can’t go to your house, they are watching it.” She didn’t emphasize who “they” were. But whether it was the cops, or the Skulls, or both, Karl knew that she was right. He had been more or less on a suicide mission this morning, but suddenly he wanted to live a while longer, maybe because of the hardening he felt in his pants.

“You got any suggestions then?” Karl said.

“Take the next right.” Alyssa remembered her sister was out of town for a couple of days, and her house was not far away. She could go there, clean up, and decide what to do.

Karl pulled into the driveway, at Alyssa’s direction, of a tidy house on the east side of town. He waited while Alyssa unlocked and pulled open a garage door behind the house. He pulled in and killed the bike.

“What now?” He asked the young girl.

“Come on inside.” Alyssa didn’t know what to make of the man. He didn’t seem to be anything like the guys in the TSMC. He looked into her eyes when he spoke to her, and he seemed intelligent and quiet. Still, she didn’t know whether she was better off with him, or with Steve. She hoped that she hadn’t made a mistake. But the man seemed calm and inquisitive, not dangerous.

Karl walked after the girl. What was he gonna do? On the street he was a dead man. It was evident the cops were not going to be reasonable. The Skulls were out to kill him on sight. His house was under surveillance, and by now the cops would know he was back in town. What the fuck was he gonna do? So he just followed the girl up to the back door of the house.

Alyssa pulled some keys out of her pocket. Before she unlocked the door, she glanced at Karl, then looked at the ground. “Are you OK?” She asked.

Karl looked at her and spoke quietly. “Well, I’ll probably ache for a few days, but I’m not gonna die, I reckon.”

Alyssa looked up at him for a moment, and then averted her eyes back to the ground. “No, I mean, are you OK? Like, if I let you in here, are you going to hurt me?”

A slight laughing grunt escaped his lips. “No, I’m pretty sure that’s not the plan. Besides, right now, it seems that you’re the only friend I’ve got.”

Alyssa looked up at the man and frowned, then smiled a little. He was a lot different from any of the other bikers she knew. Usually, she loved the rough and tumble nature of the bikers. She loved the noise, the constant party, the loud voices. But right now she just felt vulnerable and hurt. She wanted to wash her face. She opened the door and went inside. Karl followed.

“Make yourself at home, I guess. It’s my sister’s house. She’s at work, but she’ll be home soon.” Alyssa quickly added. She didn’t think it would be a good idea to let Karl know that her sister would be out of town for at least another day.

“You could make some coffee or something if you want. I have to go to the bathroom.” Alyssa wiped her eyes, it seemed like they had been full of tears forever. She was tired of crying.

“All right” Karl watched as she left the room. His crotch filled with heat as he watched her ass while she walked away. Jesus Christ. He thought. Too much excitement today, makes a fucker horny.

Karl walked over to the coffee maker and began searching for the filters and the coffee. The coffee can was in the fridge, and the filters were in the cupboard above the machine, easy enough. He could use a cup or two. He snagged a donut out of the box next to the coffee maker on the counter.

He considered his options at this point. He basically had none. From the looks of things, he was stuck. Should he call that prick Deangelo? Not now, not after cuffing up those dip-shits at the edge of town less than an hour ago. Karl had enough experience with cops to know that the shit was out of control. The cops wanted him dead, or at the very least they would send him to prison forever if they could. No, he couldn’t call the fucking cops. The skulls were out to kill him on sight. Karl couldn’t believe how badly shit had gotten in the just the past few days. His life had gone from shitty, to insane. It seemed like everyone wanted to kick his ass. What the fuck had he done to deserve this?

The coffee was done. Karl poured himself a cup, and set another empty cup to the side for the girl. He didn’t know what to think of her. She was young, but certainly didn’t look inexperienced. Just the fact she had been with one of the most notorious members of the Skulls, told him that she couldn’t hardly be the shyest little shit in the world. But she wasn’t hardened, like many girls ended up once they had hung around a bike club for any length of time. It looked like she was just starting to find out that she had made some bad choices, and was looking for a way out.

“How’s the coffee?” Alyssa spoke from the doorway where she had been standing, cautiously watching Karl for a moment.

Karl turned and looked at her. She had showered and tried to cover up her face with some make-up where she had been struck. She stood in an oversized terry cloth robe, presumably her sisters. Karl couldn’t help but get a little aroused just looking at her. He knew that she was probably nude, or close to it, under that robe. He stood and went to the coffee pot, where he filled the other cup. He walked to the table and sat down. “It’s good stuff, thanks. Come on over and sit down.”

Alyssa had showered, and brushed her hair. She found make-up and tried to hide the redness on the side of her face where Steve struck her. She was not a beautiful girl, but she was cute. She was small, compact, and shapely. She was the kind of cute that drove men (even her father) to have dirty thoughts whenever she was around.

She felt embarrassed by the man sitting at the table. He had poured her coffee, and that alone was something different for her. She couldn’t remember the last time a man had showed her any actual courtesy. But she was also a scared of him. He didn’t talk much, and he seemed so…….deep, almost like a cowboy in the movies. She sat and sipped at her coffee. She impulsively whimpered a little when the hot coffee cup touched her cut lip. She touched her finger to her lip and looked at Karl.

“I’m glad you’re a nice guy. It was a rough night. I’m tired of getting beat up.” Alyssa looked at the floor.

“Well, I’m not real big on beating on women. Especially the pretty ones.” Karl smiled at her.

She didn’t know whether to be scared of the man, or reach for his hand. She looked up at Karl and spoke very quietly. “I’m sorry.”

She was sorry. She was sorry that she told Steve that this man was a snitch. She was sorry she had called her father when Steve told her to. She was suddenly very sorry for a lot of things. She could feel the tears starting to well up in her eyes again. She drew in a quivering breath, and let it out. She felt miserable.

“Ah, don’t be sorry. It’s no thing.” Karl gave her a little smile. Without thinking, he reached forward and took her face in his hands. Using his thumbs, he wiped the tears away that were starting to run down her cheeks. Again he began to feel aroused.

Sometimes there’s no real explanation for why two people are attracted to one another. Sometimes it’s just the moment, sometimes it’s the circumstances, sometimes it’s just animal attraction, and sometimes it’s just the only important thing at the moment.

Sometimes, perhaps, two people just want to fuck.

Alyssa looked up at him and came forward into his arms. Both of them were simply overcome by the moment. Karl didn’t know if he was going to live to see another day, and Alyssa was simply reaching out for some tenderness. Besides, Alyssa loved to fuck. Both of them were surprised when they realized that they were kissing and groping.

Alyssa stood and led Karl to the bedroom by the hand. She couldn’t think, but she didn’t care. She felt an almost primal desire for sex, and she realized she was shaking with anticipation.

Karl had one fleeting thought, What the fuck are you doing? You are old enough to be this girl’s father… But it only lasted a second. He was in a “what the hell” kind of mood, to say the least. If he was going to get killed today, or end up in prison, then by God he wanted to get laid one last time before it happened. Besides, at the moment, he felt as randy as any 17-year-old schoolboy.

He pulled her robe open while she panted like an animal. He pulled her tiny panties down and kissed her between her legs, while she moaned with her hands wound up in his hair. He stood and pulled her to him and cupped her ass cheeks in his hands.

She was breathing so hard that she thought she might faint any second. She fumbled clumsily with his belt, moaning. He reached down and helped. She pulled his cock loose and immediately fell upon it. She wanted to suck him right down into her pussy through her mouth. She put her hand on her sex and inserted a finger into her pussy, moaning uncontrollably.

A few minutes later they were both nude, and they flopped onto the bed. Karl suckled on her taught nipples. She moaned and writhed as if possessed by a demon. Karl suspected that the young girl had already come once or twice. There was no way he could wait any longer. He entered her and began to pump rhythmically. Even though he was as overcome with desire as any schoolboy, he wasn’t a schoolboy, and there was no danger of premature ejaculation. He pumped into her with an ancient rhythm that built and the two became one unit. The girl had several orgasms while Karl continued building to a crescendo, then she screamed and shuddered uncontrollably when he released into her in a white-hot explosion that brought black spots into his vision.

They collapsed onto their backs. Alyssa’s breasts rose and fell, her torso was covered in sweat. She rolled her head and looked over at Karl.

“Wow.” She said breathlessly. They both fell into a contented sleep.

The nap didn’t last long. It was just an after-sex-recuperation nap. Karl was the first to wake. He looked at the girl sleeping next to him with wonder.

How the hell did this happen? He wondered. But he didn’t feel guilty, or embarrassed. He had needed the release, and she was willing. He was a man and she was a woman. Besides, it sounded as if she had enjoyed herself.

His wounded body had stiffened up during the nap, and he groaned when he tried to move. Between the fights and the sex, he had worked out damn hard today. Alyssa stirred and opened her eyes. She turned and smiled at Karl.

“That was nice.” She was a little stiff herself. Her face was sore, but she felt mellow and content.

Karl smiled in return. “What’s your name, honey?”

“Alyssa Deangelo. What’s yours?” She spoke in the quiet, dreamy voice of a contented woman.

Karl’s eyes widened a little, Did she say Deangelo? Could she be related to that goddamned drunk detective? The way his luck had been going lately, that would just about figure. Still, that sounded crazy. How could she have ended up with the Skulls?

“Karl Skanlan. Glad to be of service.” Karl reached out and stroked her cheek. “You any relation to Frank Deangelo?”

Now it was Alyssa’s turn to look mildly startled. She looked over at the wall. “He’s my father.”

Of course you are. Thought Karl. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any weirder around here…

“Nice guy, Frank.” Karl said, not knowing what else to say.

“He’s a fucking asshole. I hate him.” Alyssa spat out immediately. She felt that old familiar rage creep into her voice. Why was it that every time she was happy, her father, somehow, had to ruin it?

Karl reached over and gingerly turned her head so that she was facing him again.

“It’s OK, Alyssa.” He looked into her eyes, and watched as the rage left her eyes.

Alyssa looked dreamily into Karl’s eyes. She wondered what it would be like to spend some time with this man. He was so much different than Little Steve, or any of the Skulls. He seemed strong and capable, but in a non-violent way. She felt safe with him, yet at the same time she loathed what he represented. He was order, and she craved chaos. He was a strong, silent type, and she craved noise and attention. She was young, and she wanted excitement. She wanted to rebel against anything and everything, and most of all, she wanted to piss off her father.

“You’re such a nice guy.” Alyssa said, while looking into Karl’s eyes. “It’s too bad.”

Karl could sense a change in the girl. He was suddenly aware of how young, and unethical she was. She had the look of a mean little cheerleader, who was getting ready to pick on a fat girl.

“What’s too bad?” He asked her.

“I know that you are working for my father. The Skulls do too. They are going to kill you.” She spoke in a matter-of-fact voice.

Karl did his best to hold his expression steady, but he felt his insides doing cartwheels. He stared into the girl’s eyes and thought about what she said. How could she know what her father asked him to do? And how could she be laying here in bed with him, if that’s what she thought? He suddenly realized the depths of the young girls deceit. To her, sex was just another high, just an instrument to be used for the purposes of manipulation, it had nothing to do with caring. She used him to get her away from Little Steve when the man had been in a rage, but she would go back to him, and the club. She said that she knew that Karl was working for her father. Karl knew it wasn’t true, but how did this girl know about Deangelos proposal to Karl? He realized that her fucking daddy must have told her. Was her father using her to get to the Skulls? Karl realized that he probably didn’t know the half of everything that seemed to be going on here, but at this point, he didn’t really care.

A wild idea began to formulate itself in Karl’s mind. Maybe there is a way out of all this shit after all. He thought, as the idea began to take shape. Even if it doesn’t work, it’ll be a cool way to die. He smiled inwardly.

“Did your boyfriend tell you that I am working for your father?” Karl asked the girl finally.

“Yes” she lied. “He tells me everything. I know so much stuff, I could get a lot of people busted if I wanted to.” She looked at Karl with a sly smile. She was suddenly proud of herself. She began to remember everything that Little Steve had told her the night before.

Karl took a shot, “Did he also tell you that the Skulls are the ones who blew up the government building?”

“Fuck yeah, he did!” She said enthusiastically. “He tells me everything. He told me that it was just him and six of his brothers who were in on it, but that the whole club would get the credit for it. He said that it was business, and that they got paid a shitload for it. He said that I should be proud to be his woman, and that nobody will ever fuck with the Skulls now. But the best part is that he said that now, we can just party and live any way we want, and nobody can do anything about it.” Alyssa smiled broadly and looked up at the ceiling, caught up in her happy moment.

Karl watched as Alyssa became more and more excited as she spoke. Poor little shit, he thought. She’s got some hard times ahead. He couldn’t figure out how the girl got hold of all this information. He could only guess how fucked up Little Steve must have been to start blabbing club business to her.

“So why are you hanging around with me then, if I’m a snitch? What is your boyfriend going to do?” Karl asked her.

Alyssa had almost forgotten that Karl was there. She looked at him and smiled. “He won’t mind. I’ll just tell him that I went with you to make sure you didn’t get away. You won’t get a chance to tell him anything. But thanks for a nice fuck, Karl. I had fun.”

Karl smiled back at the girl. Just a sweet little bundle of joy, aren’t cha?

“Well, call him and tell him that I’m going to my house. Tell him to bring his whole fucking army, for all I care, because I don’t think they’ll show. And tell him that you’re coming with me, so if he wants you back he better come and get you.” Karl rose from the bed and began to get dressed. “I’m going to get another cup of coffee, you want some?”

Alyssa watched him and her mouth formed a familiar pout. Who the fuck did he think he was? He should be on his knees, begging her to let him try to escape. He should be terrified, didn’t he hear what she had told him? He acted like he wasn’t even worried, like it was no big thing. He was just a big, stupid, jerk. Well, she would show him, and he would be really sorry once Little Steve and the rest of the Two Skulls MC got hold of him. She got up and went to the bathroom, where she had left her purse and her phone.

Karl waited until he could hear her muffled voice in the bathroom. Then he walked over to the cordless phone hanging on the wall of the kitchen, and dialed the number on the card that Frank Deangelo had given him. The phone barely rang once and Frank answered. “Deangelo.”

“Have I got a deal for you Franky-boy.” Karl spat into the phone. He walked into the living room so that Alyssa would not hear him.

“Who is this? Skanlan?” Frank sounded tired, and he was. He had been trying to get in touch with his daughter for two days, but she had evidently not been at work during that time. She didn’t answer his calls to her phone. He was under pressure from the lieutenant to produce results in his investigation of the TSMC, and it hadn’t been going well. There was a war going on in the city, bikers vs police, and it was hard to tell who was winning. Then this morning he finds out that Karl Skanlan had beaten up two uniformed police officers at the edge of town, and left them hand-cuffed to each other. Frank needed a good drunk, but he hadn’t had a chance in days. In fact, he was way behind in his drinking altogether, and it just made him all the more weary.

“Yeah, Skanlan. Listen up, fucker. The Skulls are waiting for me at my house, and I think they are trying to kill me, I don’t know what the fuck’s up. I have to talk to them, but I want you and whole bunch of your state-of-the-art police force to come along.” Karl spoke quickly, holding his hand over his mouth to muffle his voice. He paused and listened, to make sure that Alyssa was still talking on her phone in the bathroom.

“You’ve had a busy day, haven’t you Karl? Flipped off any cameras lately?” Frank said, then added, “You need to come in here and we’ll sit down and talk about this, face to face.”

“Fuck no, I ain’t coming in there. I’m headed over to my place right now.” Karl said.

“Karl, do you have any idea how much shit you are in? You are a fucking fugitive, boy. The only way that you are going to get out of going to prison for a looooong time, is if you give me some of the Skulls on a silver platter.” Frank paused, hoping that his words were carrying a lot of weight with the biker. Then he added, “You will need to wear a wire.”

Karl smiled. He had been hoping that the detective would say that. He played dumb. “What kind of a wire? What do you mean?”

Frank leaned forward and put the phone in his other hand. “It’s just a little bug, a listening device. It’s a surveillance radio. You put it in your pocket, and you turn it on when you are speaking to your buddies. Then we can hear and record what’s being said, and we’ll come in and get you out of there if the shit comes down.” Frank was a hell of a good liar when he wanted to be, it came natural to him.

“They’re expecting me right now. I have to get over there. Meet me in back of the Home Depot on 12th street in 15 minutes. And bring your little wire thing with you.” Karl hung up the phone and smiled. He didn’t know if his plan would work, but it was going to be fun even if only SOME of it came together. This was some crazy shit, for sure. He quietly ducked out the door and went into the garage, then returned a few moments later. He was pouring a cup of coffee as Alyssa emerged from the bathroom with a grim look on her face. He filled her cup from the pot.

“Here you go sweetheart.” Karl gave her a little smile as he handed her the cup.

Alyssa looked at Karl in wonder. She had expected him to smack her around a little when she came out of the bathroom, and here he was being nice to her. She couldn’t remember the last time a man had treated her with any actual respect or courtesy. She thought that the man must be a complete idiot.

“You’re fucked. You know that, don’t you?” She sat at the table and studied Karl.

“Well, so are you, honey. And it was a lot of fun. I’d like to do it again sometime, whaddaya think?” Karl grinned and patted her head. Amazingly, he felt a little twinge in his pants, yet again. Damn, he thought. Maybe I’m not getting so old after all….

“Whatever.” Alyssa sipped at her coffee and glared at Karl. Karl sat beside her and they drank coffee in silence for a minute. Then Karl stood and produced a roll of duct tape.

“Are you into bondage, sweetheart?” Karl asked her. She started at him in disbelief, and didn’t even struggle, much, while he bound her securely into the chair.

Frank Deangelo and another detective were parked behind the Home Depot when Karl jumped the back fence and approached the car. The detective had placed lookouts on the street in both directions with instructions to radio him as soon as the biker rolled into view, so he was surprised when Karl suddenly appeared at the window of the car. Smart fucker, thought Frank. Must’ve jumped the back fence. He opened the door and stood face to face with the man.

Karl didn’t waste any time. He wanted to get the show on the road while he still had his nerve. He knew that if he gave anyone much time to think, then everything would get fucked up. He barked at the red-faced detective as soon as the man opened his mouth to speak. “Let’s have it.”

Frank was really starting to hate this man. He wasn’t used to taking orders, and he certainly didn’t take orders from dirt-bag bikers. And the way that the man regarded him with such a total lack of respect irritated him as well. But still, he knew that he couldn’t pass up an opportunity to have a bug in the same room as the Skulls. He reached into his pocket and produced a tiny transmitter. It was a small box-shaped device, with an antenna about an inch long. He held it up to Karl.

“All right, Karl, your show. You just push this button to turn it on, and we’ll be able to hear you and anyone else in the vicinity.” Frank handed the device to Karl. “You think you can pull this off, partner?”

Karl put the bug in his pocket and looked at the detective. “Don’t get confused, little man. We damn sure ain’t partners. You just try and make sure that you and your fucking boys don’t hurt yourselves.” He turned and walked towards the back fence without another word, leaving the detective to stare after him with his face a whole new shade of red.

I’m sure not going to lose any sleep after the Skulls have killed this mother fucker, Frank thought to himself. He got into the car and slammed the door.

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Good story Karl. I think it flows better than the Zen story I wrote that Bandit put on the site a while back. I think you got something here. Keep it up.

Everett, WA
Thursday, August 22, 2013
Editor Response Damn, I need to launch the final chapter.

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