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Our Mission for This Year

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Sam Burns, El Waggs, Laura, Bob T., Barry Green, the Redhead, Bob Kay and the rest of the gang

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I’ve had a slight Woodbridge Whiskey hangover
New Years Day. So, if this isn’t a stellar New Year’s Report, tough shit. But what the hell, I’m going to rattle-down some thoughts about 2023 and 2024.

First, personally 2023 was a very cool year. I learned writing techniques. I was awarded by the MRF for my FREEDOM resolution. I attempted to make use of my books in the entertainment industry and that’s ongoing. We almost made it to Bonneville with a readied streamlined trike. I nearly built a Knucklehead chopper and a 1913 H-D board-track racer. You’ll see the VLXAFL5 base coat paint in the news.

I met some very cool folks, and I feel honored to work with the entire board of directors of the MRF and Bob Kay with the IMA to make a difference across the country regarding the future of our choppers, motorcycle legislation and safety.

As you probably know, we are severely challenged by uninformed citizens who have been fed a line of bullshit for too long. This year the Climate Doomsday scenario started to seriously crack. The truth and freedom star will glow again in 2024.

Okay, so what about 2024, the election year of election years. This is going to be a year of transition to the truth and a year in which integrity must be cherished once more. Whatever side of the political spectrum you’re on, seek the truth and don’t let anyone bullshit you. At the end of the year, I want to kids to know they are living in the best of times. We better be on our toes, alert, active, informed and involved.

Let’s hit the news.


The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Click for the shows.
Click for the shows.

This year showed ups and downs in our achievements to unmask the deceitful climate alarmists. Fortunately, a positive message came from COP28 in Dubai.
Historic change of direction took place. As might be expected, politicians and the media kept this big change under wraps. I briefly summarize what really took place in Dubai:

1. For the first time in the long series of 28 climate meetings, it was no longer primarily about climate, but almost entirely about energy. During the meeting it gradually became clear that people consider the energy issue far more urgent than the climate issue.
Everything indicates that the scare-mongering narratives about forthcoming climate  disasters have lost credibility.

2. Another spectacular turn of events was that fossil fuels may now be qualified as a "transition fuel”. No firm statements were made about how long that transition should take (as long as needed!). On the other hand, it was stated that nuclear energy may become the new energy source after the transition.

3. Next, the meeting recognized that poor countries have a real chance to develop only if their energy system is going to focus primarily on fossil fuels. The imposition of prohibitively expensive ideological alternatives, such as wind and solar, thus seems to be off the table for good.

Clearly, this startling change will have major implications for the global energy sector. Fossil fuels will continue to be seen as indispensable in the functioning of the global economy for the time being (no surprise that immediately after COP28, stock prices of major oil companies went up).

Of course, it was also concluded that the world should gradually distance itself ("transitioning away") from fossil energy. That was a last minute carrot for the alarmists.

But they now openly admit that this can only happen responsibly if sound alternatives are in place. It also means that all the foolish demonstrations about stopping fossil fuels immediately, look even more stupid after COP28.

Read more about the COP28 in two excellent commentaries by Samuel Furfari and Ross McKitrick.

--Clintel Foundation

Check this documentary on line if you can. I ordered it.
Check this documentary on line if you can. I ordered it.

BARNETT’S CONTROL CABLES-- for H-D, Victory, Indian

Celebrating its 75th anniversary, Ventura, California based Barnett Clutches & Cables offers a full line of stock length and custom length cables for Harley-Davidson, Victory and Indian Motorcycle models.

In addition to offering dealers access to one of the largest 'off-the-shelf' inventories in the market, Barnett also specializes in custom length and "one-off" cables for any handlebar conversion or custom bike application.

Four different casing types are available - Traditional Black Vinyl, Classic Stainless braid, Platinum Series bright silver-plated braid and Stealth Series black on black (for H-D and Victory only). Copper cables can also be custom made to order. All braided cables feature a protective clear coating that is guaranteed not to discolor from sun exposure.

All clutch cables come standard with "High Efficiency" nylon coated and silicone lubed inner wire for an extremely smooth pull and reduced lever effort. Barnett use "long lay" (longitudinally wound) casing and 1x19, 7x19 and 7x7 stainless steel wire rope to eliminates cable flex or stretch.

To ensure durability and optimal performance, cable housings are lined with Teflon, nylon or HDPE. All cable assemblies, fittings and hardware are made and assembled in-house by Barnett.




Product Overview (H-D)

Universally mounted and with a main compartment capacity of 3600 cubic inches, the new Cruising Deluxe Sissy Bar Bags bring a new level of style as well as a whole lot of function to the ride.

Universal Mounting - Saddlemen's Universal Mounting System allows each bag to be installed on just about any sissy bar, backrest or luggage rack.

Internal Shelf - Inside you'll find a removable shelf that helps separate your cargo. Shelf adjusts up and down or can be removed entirely.

Rain Cover - When the weather gets wet, this bag’s High Viz rain cover can be quickly deployed to protect your bag and your things. The rain cover goes over your bag and cinches closed with an adjustable drawstring. When the weather brightens up again, it can be easily hidden away.

Backpack Straps - Padded backpack straps and shoulder strap system is included.

Rigid Roll Bags - A rigid roll bag is included, which is designed to mount to the top of the SaddleStow for extra storage, or can be used by itself almost anywhere on your bike.

Organizer Pouch - This bag’s office organizer lets you keep things like business cards, glasses, writing instruments and cell phone organized and handy.

Dimensions: 16" H x 16.25" W x 9.75" D Main Bag / 8" H x 13.25" W x 9" D Roll Bag


Drag Specialties/Parts Unlimited Part #: 3515-0171
Saddlemen Part #: 3515-0171

THE BIKERNET 2024 MANTRA-- Keep smiling,

It’s going to be a rough year. Hopefully this time next year, if we’re still alive, we will pat ourselves on the back and say, “We made a difference and helped save the country.”


Order Greg's book and learn the facts. Click on the image.
Order Greg's book and learn the facts. Click on the image.

This past year has been a thrilling one to serve as the Executive Director of the CO2 Coalition.

In fact, if you had told me about the whirlwind of change the CO2 Coalition would unleash at the start of this year, I probably wouldn’t have believed it!

We have seen explosive growth in our membership, donor base, publications, staff and, importantly, outreach via television, radio, print and social media.
Right now, leading voices of the Climate Cult are in an uproar as their catastrophic warming fiction comes under fresh assault by our new scientific papers and publications that discredit their claims.

Because of you, the CO2 Coalition has been growing, publishing, researching, and expanding our outreach efforts to the public …

… and it’s because of you that we have systematically advanced our message of an Earth that is thriving and prospering because of CO2 – emphasizing the real climate science, and not the hyperbolic rubbish that has been passed off as “science” for decades.

I am so grateful for your partnership with the CO2 Coalition. Frankly your financial support has enabled the CO2 Coalition to help change the national Climate debate.

--Gregory Wrightstone
Executive Director
CO2 Coalition

"You can join the CO2 Coalition and stay up on the action. It’s important." --Bandit

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--CHRISTMAS MAGIC BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for December 21, 2023 (click here to read)

Tim from Flat Earth did a stellar job on the new dragons! They look amazing...

Sturgis, SD

"And now he’s working on the Knucklehead paint. I will work with him tomorrow." --Bandit


--Sam Burns
Talent Scout™

I have a batch of these CO2 pamphlets. If you would like one or some, reach out.
I have a batch of these CO2 pamphlets. If you would like one or some, reach out.

ELECTRIC BUSES NEWS-- paralyzed in Oslo--From ASB Zeitung:

Oslo, Norway – Winter is here and with it the freezing cold. And now public transport is also paralyzed. Oslo’s brand new fleet of electric buses is not designed for these temperatures – their batteries are failing miserably in the icy cold.

Too cold for the batteries. That means folks are stranded in the snow.

The transport operator confirms that the electric buses are simply not reliable enough in winter: “The range of the electric buses decreases drastically in the cold. The batteries run out more quickly.” In total, around 140 departures were affected.

--from the CO2 Coalition

Read entire article here:

HERO MotorCorp TEASES-- big bike based on Harley-Davidson X440, likely to unveil on January 22

Hero MotoCorp has teased a new motorcycle which is possibly to come as a premium big bike based on the Harley-Davidson X440. The homegrown two-wheeler manufacturer has teased the big bike through an audio clip. The deep brassy exhaust note is similar to the Harley-Davidson X440, which fueled the speculation that a big bike from India's number one two-wheeler brand is coming.

The two brands jointly launched the Harley-Davidson X440 motorcycle in India in 2023 at Rs. 229,000 (ex-showroom) approximately US $ 2,750. This made the X440 the most affordable Harley-Davidson in its history.
The new motorcycle will be carrying the Hero badge but having the 440X engine. How much does Harley-Davidson get paid from sales is unknown but the motorcycle isn't likely to have any H-D logo or design. It is rumoured to compete with the other bikes popular in that price range.
The "R" could suggest a roadster.

With letters M, V, R, I revealed in teasers, it is almost certain that Hero’s new flagship will go on sale as Mavrick 440 Many brands including Jawa, Yezdi, Honda, Triumph and Harley-Davidson have challenged the supremacy of Royal Enfield. Now, it’s the turn of India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer Hero MotoCorp to launch its offensive. The bike in question is a 440cc roadster, based on the same platform as that of Harley-Davidson X440.

Latest update at: 

Full story at

International Editor
Bikernet News Bureau

QUICK, New Bikernet Reader Comment!--THE BIKERS CODE

Like the article people need to understand the difference.

--Tyron Johnson
Harvest, AL

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IF YOU WANT TO KNOW READ THIS ARTICLE--Climate Scientists Say We Should Embrace Higher CO2 Levels

While governments pour billions of dollars into lowering CO2 emissions, several climate experts say CO2 is essential and higher levels are not a problem.

Check it out at:


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Sportster Chopper giveaway

We're giving away this MONSTER of a 96-inch S&S powered chopper PLUS $2,000 cash! NOW there are more ways to win than ever before! Snatch a hat, beanie, T-shirt OR hoodie to get entered!
Check it Out!

click for action.
click for action.

After 27 years of print magazine publication, The Source Media Group, Cycle Source Magazine, Track Side Report and Torque Performance publishers have launched their motorcycle media brand into the future. Grease & Gears TV, a three-year project to bring motorcycle media back to televisions and beyond, has started to pick up speed. After the initial soft launch during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Grease & Gears is growing strong.

Due to the enormous support from Dennis Kirk, Grease & Gears is now available on Apple and Andriod devices, Roku, and Firestick. So, no matter where you are or what screen you want to watch it on, 24/7 motorcycle entertainment is at your fingertips.

So, what is it? "It's kinda like Netflix for motorcycle riders." Explains Chris Callen, President of Source Media Group. It's a collection of stories from the road, inside the garage, and collected over our travels. The great events we go to and the incredible bikes we see all with a deeply personal connection since it is no longer their interpretation of what someone said, but their voice brought to life through video and contained in a place where it will live on forever.

The channel is, as Callen went on to say, "…nothing different than the work we have done for three decades. Subscribers pay us to deliver stories on motorcycles, the people who build them, and the places they go on them. Same thing here. We just have another dimension with the video component." While this is nothing new in social media, as many YouTube sites now focus on motorcycle media, the difference, Callen says, is that Grease & Gears exists outside of the algorithm. Nothing slows the roll for people who want to see great motorcycle media, not even commercials, since they do not exist on Grease & Gears TV.

Collaborators are a big part of what makes it run. With nearly a dozen content creators, some of your favorite personalities like Professional Monkey, Jason Sims, and even Michael Lichter have a home on Grease & Gears where their content can be accessed. With hundreds of hours of programming already up and running, you can expect the regular delivery of fresh new content from the whole team.

In addition to great motorcycle entertainment, and depending on your subscription level, there are giveaways, exclusive content, monthly drawings for prizes, and even talks of "Subscriber Only" events at rallies like Sturgis and Daytona. Source Media has always been strict about its value-added approach to its print magazine over the years, and Callen indicated that this will have the same values. "I always think about the person that sets down their five or ten bucks for a magazine. That's hard-earned money, and if they give it to me to show them part of the world that I get to see, I'm gonna make sure they get more than their money's worth."

While the magazine will continue to be published digitally and in print, this new chapter for Source Media has found new life in media. While citizen journalism has done a very good job in the last ten years to promote the motorcycle business, there is something about the tried and true methods of journalists who have made telling these stories, asking questions, and making sure regular people are counted, an honest approach that will provide longevity to our culture.
You can get more information by heading over to today. Take a look around and see what all the buzz is about.

Click for Action!
Click for Action!


How Much Oil Do Wind Turbines Use?

As the world seeks cleaner sources of electricity, renewable energy is heralded for not burning fossil fuels to produce energy.

However, wind turbines contain moving parts and they require lubricants to operate at peak performance due to environmental and mechanical pressures.

The amount of oil used by a wind turbine varies greatly depending on the size and type of turbine. A small turbine for powering the home only requires a very small amount of oil, whereas the largest offshore wind turbines regularly need topping up with large amounts of oil and other lubricants to keep them running efficiently.

Proper maintenance including the use of oil ensures the reliability of cost-effective wind energy.

As the fleet of wind turbines ages, many are entering a post-warranty period. This means that equipment repairs are becoming more costly for wind farm owners. Thus, proper maintenance including the use of oil to prevent equipment failure is critical to reduce costs and promote renewable energy production.

Why do wind turbines need oil?

Lubrication protects wind turbines from premature wear of many critical parts so they operate at maximum performance for greater productivity. Grease oil and grease are used in the gearbox, pitch gear, open gear, and yaw gear.

Wind turbines contain moving parts and without proper lubrication, this movement causes excessive friction. Most wind turbines contain turbine blades that spin the rotor. The nacelle sits on top of the wind turbine tower and contains the gearbox, generator, controller, and break.

Dust or other airborne particles can be abrasive, leading to equipment failure. Thus, adequate lubrication is critical for avoiding these issues.

Unfortunately, gearboxes are somewhat prone to failure. Variations in wind speed and direction, vibration, and the ingress of water or moisture can create wear and tear, making it vulnerable to breakdowns. Factors that can adversely affect the main gearbox include variations in wind speed and direction, temperature, vibration, and the ingress of moisture. These factors make the gearbox a vulnerable component of a turbine’s drivetrain.

One common issue in gearboxes is micropitting, a unique gear failure mode that occurs in a rolling or sliding contact environment. If left unchecked, it can lead to teeth breaking and the need to replace gears. Unfortunately, replacing a gearbox causes wind farm downtime, leading to operating losses. However, micropitting can be minimized with adequate lubrication, reducing repair costs and wind energy production losses.

In wind turbines, micropitting occurs due to a constantly changing load. In addition, lack of lubricant film thickness, viscosity issues, or foaming can contribute to micropitting in wind turbines. Unfortunately, water and moisture in the gearbox can impact the performance of lubricants, and is difficult to remove water without changing the oil.

Changing the oil in a wind turbine gearbox is a challenging yet essential task that requires several technicians and hours of time. Periodic analysis of the lubricants through oil sampling and oil debris monitoring can help determine when this needs to be completed.

The best way to determine the ideal lubricants, fill volume, and removable filters are to refer to information from the wind turbine OEM. Typically, the oil fill volume is 60% of the gearbox capacity.

In some cases, changing the oil in the gearbox requires merely draining and filling. However, when converting to a new wind turbine gear oil with poor oil compatibility with the previous lubricant or when there are gearbox deposits and contamination, it is critical to flush and perhaps even clean before filling.

--Edward Rivis
Wind Turbine MagazineH

"Click on the next page for the amounts." --Bandit

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Reader Comments

Thanks Bandit .You and the crew have made the beginning of my New Year.You know where I have been since before Christmas.

Brothers and sisters ride hard.

Like Bandit says you never know when the government will take away your freedom.

Just look at California.J ust remember that freedom is not free. It was bought by the blood of our military fathers and our brothers and sisters.

Ride hard.

Torrance, CA
Friday, January 5, 2024
Editor Response Thanks brother. Keep the faith and stay involved.

Happy Holidays. As you know better than I, most fiction stems from or is based on some real experience then weaved into an expansion of one’s imagination.

Brushed the inch or so of fresh snow from the saddle of my ole girl. Kicked he to life and let warm up. Eased out onto the road and headed to the hospice where a good friend was in the last phase of his time.

Pulled into the parking lot shaking off the chill and walked to the counter to check in. Too late he had passed in the night. RIP my friend.

Tears turned to ice drops on the ride home.

We all should relish our time here good times and even not so good times.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Friday, January 5, 2024
Editor Response Got it,

Good one.
Good Post.
It is going to be a Good Year and we will get a lot accomplished.

Palm Bay, FL
Friday, January 5, 2024
Editor Response Or die trying...

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