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Staffer Takes Action and Writes the Governor

By J.J. Solari with some photos from Barry Green

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Author's Note: Late Spring and then early Fall I sent Gavin Newsom, the
governor of California, letters, the second one much much more caustic than the first, regarding his incompetence. I know talent and I know competence. Newsom has none of either.

Both letters are about his "dealing" with the "pandemic."
Both contained my full name, my full address, my full
email, and sent by the US Postal Service. So that they
would exist in their files forever. This, if nothing else, tells
them you PROBABLY are not a threat.

I do not recommend writing to your representatives
critiquing them. Unless you are me. For one thing...they
don't really give a fuck what you think, unless it's praise.
Because you see bureaucrats are deities. They cannot err.

So, telling them they are erring does absolutely no good. I never wasted my time writing to bureaucrats until Trump announced his candidacy My letters to Trump are a whole nuther department from this here.

Critiquing a bureaucrat, especially when angry, unless you are me, is fraught with peril, both real and imaginary. I do not recommend it. PLUS, it's basically a waste of time.

Below are two letters, one relative calm but very
exasperated, to Gavin "the rictus" Newsom and the
second one pretty much at the limit of insult without being

Newsom is now even himself admitting that the recall
effort on him will likely be successful. I could NOT be

Letter 1

Good job weakening everyone's immune system via your
genius "stay safe" policies.

Dear Gavin Newsom;

You may have noticed though I don't suppose you have, that your randomly-decided solution to the annual cold and flu season - isolation, manic disinfecting of surfaces, the forbiddance of crowds, mandatory wearing of bacteria incubators on the faces of everyone including children who are just developing their
immune systems - is creating - unless you're all lying -
more and more "cases."

An idiot would see that you are making things worse with
your whimsical, preposterous, untried, untested remedy
for flu contagion. And what's your solution to the ever increasing evidence that your solution is making things
worse? double-down on the ruinous solution.

"Here's my plan!....hurl everyone into bankruptcy, poverty, and homelessness......and then have them die alone without visitors due to weakened immune systems created by my brilliant medical prowess.....all while at the same time creating a new entire generation of the young with no immunity to anything."_____

J.J. Solari
“Medical Genius From Another Dimension."

letter 2

Dear Gavin Newsom (since you won’t be Governor much longer)

"Doing the exact same thing over and over and expecting
a different result each time is a sign of insanity."___Albert

It's a good thing you're not up against a human enemy. Or even an animal one. Or an insect one. It's a good thing you're fighting a virus. Because if you were fighting anything, say, an
invading army of foreign warriors or even ants in the wouldn't have been conquered just once, but over and over again. Like, once every three weeks.

You did accomplish one thing. You slowed the spread.
Thus justifying your continued strategy for victory: doing
the wrong thing over and over and over. At this rate you
will have slowed the spread for maybe another thousand
years. Giving you an opportunity to be wrong millions of

You gotta be excited by that.

You'll notice, - though probably you haven't - you'll notice
that the current pandemic is affecting fewer people than
your war against it is. In other words, you are doing more
damage to the populace than the flu is. It's almost as
though you don't know who the enemy is. You're fighting
the flu....but you're destroying people - people who don't
have the flu. In other words - - - you're doing more
damage to people than the flu is. In other words - - - in an alleged "effort" to make things better - - - you're making things worse.....and calling it "keeping everyone safe."

In other words - you're destroying keeping them safe. You're slowing the order to make the spread last forever. You're killing people who don't have the order to save them from the flu.

You are "slowing the spread" - - - in order to strengthen the virus - - - so it can kill more order to keep the flu from killing more people. You are destroying people - - - to keep them safe. You are destroying people - to help them.

This is called "nuts" by the uneducated and "sociopathic"
by the mean-spirited. Keep in mind that "nuts" and
"sociopathic" are not synonyms for " being mistaken" or
"making an honest error."

There is a variety of deranged murderer who kills
prostitutes in order to 1: send them to heaven so they will
sin no more or 2: send them to hell where their sins have
destined them to go anyway. Both varieties of murderer
insist their victims were the real killers. Because they
refused to obey.

The courts usually let them live because they are deemed insane. Maybe that's what you are
counting on. Maybe that’s why you curtailed the death
penalty: so that if your tenure ever comes to trial down the road you'll get treatment OR the way things now work in your State, thanks to you, you'll get released.

Apparently I am the only one on earth who has noticed
this total effing utter disconnect between what you say you are trying to accomplish....and what you are actually
accomplishing. In other words, I am apparently the only
one who knows that as an actual commander....if you were a commander of troops they would all be dead before the end of Round One.

Fortunately for the flu .....the only thing you actually
command is obedience from non-combatants on your own team: 40 million people. Because the flu is ignoring you.

We are obeying you. But the flu is ignoring you. Big
shocker there, uh? Maybe you should try your luck at
commanding the tide to stop.

And - again fortunately - the people you are destroying
with greater effectiveness than the flu - are apparently all idiots. Because, hey, they did ask for this: they voted for you. If they had wanted effectiveness they would have voted for Yoda.

And who knows but maybe that is the psychological
justification for your leadership strategy: "If they voted for
me..... they're just too stupid to let live." When you look at it that all makes sense.

--J.J. Solari

Click for more J.J. stories. Scary shit!
Click for more J.J. stories. Scary shit!

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Reader Comments

It's good to see more j.j.solari shit. I know he's been real busy as the curator of the Thomas Kinkade Memorial Museum, but it's great that he can find the time for this.


Sunday, March 28, 2021

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