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Bennett's Performance 106 Dyna

Bennett's Performance 106 Dyna

Bennett’s Performance Final, Maybe

It’s the Mechanical Dyna of Dynas

By Bandit, photos by Wrench
Bennett’s Performance touts being the Performance test bed for all big twin performance and handling in Long Beach, California. The team is also very involved in Bonneville Land Speed Record efforts. Unless the California Air Resources Board decides to shut down every California custom or performance shop, they will be burning rods, turning lathes, and twisting wrenches until they die.
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Bennett’s Performance Dyna Build, Part Two

With the Upgraded S&S 106-Inch in Place, Time to Spruce the Primary Bearings, Clutch, Carb and Air Cleaner

By Bandit and Ron Benfield
So we got to work. Eric hadn’t ridden his own motorcycle in six months, broke up with his girlfriend three times, and needed his two-wheeled Valium. Working with D&D they altered a stock D&D system to fit ’91 to ’13 Dynas. But more to come including a JIMS inner primary kit, a hot rod Rivera/Primo Clutch, Alloy Art and Speed Merchant front end parts, and a new S&S Carb and Cleaner
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Bennett’s Performance 2004 Dyna Build 106-Incher

Giving a Twin Cam the Best of All Worlds

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
This time he decided he would take it to the concrete and rebuild every aspect of the bike to be moderately fast, ultimately reliable, precision, and built with absolutely all the best mechanical intentions and components in mind.
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