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Saturday Edition

Book Review: Trogs Forever

By: John Chavers

By David Campbell

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Trogs Forever - Kindle Edition
By: John Chavers
Publisher: David Wiggins (August 31, 2018)

A roller coaster ride short stories, everything from a modern-day cowboy range war to a street fight with aliens the author keeps the stories coming. I was intrigued to see the direction of the next story and kept coming back when I had some free time. As I went from story to story I was excited to see what was next, always looking forward to the next hero, the next motorcycle ride, the next damsel in distress or as it may have been, psychopathic bitch.

Every story is a little different. Every story takes a different direction but with a common thread of two wheels and a beating Harley engine. Whether it be a widower looking for his next adventure or alone traveler broken down and alone in a godforsaken town. The stories were well developed and took interesting turns.

Scuz “John Chavers” has put together an intriguing set of short stories in Trogs Forever. He has developed some characters for which you can quickly develop feelings. Those feelings may be excitement, lust, admiration or repulsion but you will develop feelings.

Please look past the formatting errors and issues with conversion from paper to e-book, continue to read on through the errors and the story will shine through. It’s well worth your time to figure out those few words got messed up and understand where the author was going. You’ll enjoy it when you get to the end of the a journey worth taking.

For some quick escapism I recommend taking this book for a read.

--David Campbell
Officially Certified Book Review Writer
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