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Tuesday Edition

Book Review: Motorcycle Journeys Through Western Europe

A travel guide from beautiful beaches to historic castles

By Kevin Thomas, book from WhiteHorse Press

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Through Western Europe. Author Toby Ballentine has spent a lifetime exploring Europe, beginning as a child with his parents and as an adult on his own. He combines his love of the continent with his passion for motorcycles in this excellent travel guide from Whitehorse Press.

“This book will focus on what I consider are some of the most scenic motorcycle routes in Europe as you travel to your destination. As a motorcyclist I have always agreed with the mantra” it’s the journey, not the destination” that truly makes a trip worthwhile.”

The book is organized into five separate regions, France, Germany, Austria /Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Each region will one or two airline accessible hubs to pick up rental bikes. Two to five detailed motorcycle routes will be laid out from each hub. Each trip is an average of one week and several hundred miles in length. Each trip has its own little map and turn by turn directions.

Toby gives advice on when to go where to go and of course where to stay when you get there. He likes to mix it up with camping and bed and breakfasts for accommodations and grocery stores and café’s for food. Also covered are where and what to rent as for motorcycle choices.

The back of the book features a Band of Brothers Tour following the route of the historic Easy Company of the 101st Airborne from the beaches of D-Day to Germany. Also included is a Grand Tour tying nine of the previous tours into one grand adventure. Remember to pack a camera and send us some postcards when you go on this trip.

Publisher: Whitehorse Press
Pages 384 Illustrations color
ISBN 978-1-884313-82-0
Format 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Binding Paperback
Author Toby Ballentine

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