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Monday Edition

Book Review: Motorcycle Journeys Through North America

From Whitehorse Press by Dale Coyner

By Kevin Thomas with vintage images courtesy of the Bob T. collection

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Bikernet has reviewed several motorcycle touring books from Whitehorse Press and thoroughly enjoyed each one. Motorcycle Journeys Through North America, a guide for choosing and planning unforgettable motorcycle journeys is a great investment for planning out your next motorcycle trip.

The guide is laid out by geographic area from Alaska to Texas to Florida to Newfoundland and everything in between. The guide is not all encompassing. Where to eat and where to get gas is left up to you (as those businesses come and go over night) and those details can be found on the net or on your phone.

The guide is practical and user friendly with tips for each route. The maps are detailed enough to give you the rider a good idea of the loops and routes that Dale has mapped out. The GPS crowd can use this to program their routes while us more seat of the pants riders might just tuck the book in a saddlebag and hit the road. I highly recommend this book.

You meet the nicest girls on motorcycle trips.
You meet the nicest girls on motorcycle trips.

Title: Motorcycle Journeys Through North America
ISBN: 978-1-884313-93-6
Author: Dale Coyner
Binding: Trade Paperback, perfect bound
Format: 6 x 9 inches
Pages: 400
Art: approx. 500 color maps and illustrations
Price: 29.95

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