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Book Review: City Blocks by J.D. Fratto

A Novella that walks you through romancing a city

by Wayfarer

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Editor's Note: Beware, this novella has nothing to do with motorcycles or motorcyclists. However, we mention and review it because of the origins of its publication. A long time collaborator and contributor to decided to pay homage to mentor Keith Ball and also to his own pet cat by forming a publishing imprint called "CatOnBall." This is the first book published under this new imprint. It is a delightful tour in literary romantic prose.
While this novella has no motorcycles, it does reveal new insights into travel and tourism. 
You can download this ebook for Free on Amazon, Monday to Friday, starting June 10.

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In the tradition of Mark Twain’s ‘Following the Equator’ and Jerome K Jerome’s ‘Three Men in a Boat’, a new narrative explores city streets with romantic enthusiasm and curious self-introspection. Our protagonist sets afoot a motion of thought and exploration that pulls the reader along on a journey through daily life, seemingly mundane yet weathered with natural beauty. One may confuse it with anecdotal recollection but it’s a fictional novella from a promising author, J.D. Fratto – whose short stories published at shine a light on his passionate outlook on life and love.

Herein, a story unfolds through outdoor spaces and inner constraints. We may pass through the same streets and sights, yet in our own daydream of persistent anxiety, impending work, ongoing merriment and general familiarity, ignore all the beauty made obvious in the words of the narrator. This narrator, our walking protagonist, is a mystery waiting and wanting to be discovered – in the same subdued desire that one may imagine possesses the mountains and lakes and historic vistas he admires.

If you enjoy a traveller’s lifestyle, you will distinguish it from that of a tourist. You will be mesmerized by the sights, moments and aspirations unfolding on each page. Have fun reminiscing your own journeys as you read this book and safe travels – for thoughts, ideas and dreams will change you forever.

I believe the narrative is truly honest and introspective even though the language may seem complicated to some readers. I thoroughly enjoyed the exploration of people and places in the life of the protagonist. The changing scenario with unchanging circumstance of the narrator, the rich beauty evident in prose and perspective, the message of growth, love and being in the moment---it all shines through.

This is a short, crisp novella, told in a very unique style--maybe as endearing as the protagonist it depicts. I would recommend it, especially to those with Kindle Unlimited. Its a good day's read on a park bench in the thick of the city.
Praise for City Blocks, a novella by J.D. Fratto.

“Wandering ways in a staggering prose displaying steady beauty”

“Life being what it is, you have to take a walk”
~ K. Randall Ball

“A city as perceived through the amusement of a rambling man”
~ Ujjwal Dey

“The joy of everyday things through someday moments”
* * * 

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