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Billy Lanes Sons of Speed Daytona 2019

Old Motorcycles without Clutches or Brakes Thrill Spectators during Daytona Bike Week

Photos and text by CAT

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Sons of Speed inspired by Billy Lane's passion for the thrill of old school early board-track racing, took place under sunny skies during Bike Week. It was not far from the Cabbage Patch and other sandy camping hangouts at the New Smyrna Speedway.

The ride over to the racetrack was beautiful, warm and sunny compared to the -22 below wind chills I left behind in Wisconsin. Daytona, with family, friends and temperatures in the 70s was heavenly. I love antiques and am an adrenaline junkie. Excited women that I know, will be racing with the guys, yes this will be awesome! Each racer must ride a pre-1925 motorcycle, even more awesome!

You pull into the parking lot that is gravel and set up like a county fair. Going inside you are met by grandstands. As you walk past the stands you start to see the vision Billy must have had.The paved track had banks so high they were even difficult to maneuver as I walked down to the pits. The engines roaring, the smell of oil and fuel intoxicating. Each racer had their own crew assisting with needs of the riders. The buzz drew you in. Walking through the bikes stripped down, simplicity in their glory.

Brittney's Heat
Brittney's Heat

I arrived just in time for Brittney's heat's. So glad I didn't miss this iconic vintage racer. Brittney Olsen on the track has been tearing it up for years now. After watching her success with that heat, I headed over to meet up with a couple other gals as she was surrounded by her fans.

CAT and Shelly
CAT and Shelly

Shelly Rossmeyer-Pepe known by many because of Rossmeyer's Destination Daytona Harley-Davidson. She's not just a pretty face behind a counter, no she is passionate about everything she does including racing her 1915 Harley-Davidson 8. If she was nervous you never saw it. We talked briefly as she readied for her heat, I wished her speed and headed to meet up with the next female rider.

Jody Perewitz
Jody Perewitz

I have to say I know this next rider from many events through the years. What I find so cool about Jody Perewitz is her authenticity. She is kind, friendly and has no problem sharing her passions. When I met her years ago one might have thought she was just a daughter in her famous father's shadow. Let me put that to rest. She is fierce and successful on her own. Her land Speed records of well over 200 speak for themselves, so it seemed only natural for this adrenaline junkie to race old school. Though she was not pleased with runs of the day she was very sure she would be back and faster then ever. I look forward to seeing Jody and her success in this type of racing.

I love seeing women participating with men and winning races on motorcycles. I love how men are embracing women and their passion for adrenaline and encouraging them to participate with them! I love the vision Billy Lane has and his passion he shares with all of us! I look forward to many more of these types of motorcycle events.

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