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Bikernet West - Zebra's Chop is in the Lead

Bikernet West Struggles to Stay Alive - Bad Drugs, An Empty Bottle of Jack, And Missing Parts Hold The Bandit Back


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Photo 1
        While Zebra spins ahead with his project bike on wheels, Jesse James and his entourage are interviewed as yuppies of the year on the Discovery Channel, Billy Lane of Choppers Inc. carves another rigid frame on the pages of Horse magazine and Jay hunts through the parts bins at Station 34 bike shop for parts, Bandit has dropped to a sour fourth in standings. In a late-night raid on the secret, high security bike shop of the intergalactic headquarters of Bikernet. Com, Bandit lost his front end brakes and controls. This photograph depicts most of the shit the old guy had before the raid (photo 1). 

 In his sullen mood, he continues to assist his brother Agent Zebra, although some of the parts he's now bolting on the Agent's Paughco/Custom Chrome monster look suspiciously familiar. Could it have been an inside job? Could he need cash to pay the rent? Could another psycho girlfriend have taken him for more than his heart? 
 We'll see, in next week's update on Bikernet West. Will Bandit pull this one out? Will he ride triumphantly into the Black Hills of South Dakota? Check in next week.




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