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Bikernet Reviews: New CVO Book from Motorbooks

A new title from Motorbooks reveals the story of H-D’s CVO models, the ultimate factory custom

By Marilyn Stemp

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Since the inception of the CVO line, which began in 1999 on an FXR platform, one fact has become crystal clear: CVO models are not for the timid. Indeed, these motorcycles have absolutely no place at all among the meek. A survey of CVO owners, those individuals who recognize the intrinsic value of top notch performance and knock-out good looks, reveals that while CVO owners are people from varying walks of life, they share similarities: they enjoy making an entrance, they push the limit, they know quality.
Consistent in media reviews of CVO models over the years is often a pointed remark about the bikes' premium price tags. Equally consistent however, is the follow-up by most reviewers that the particular CVO model in the spotlight is a good value! Counterintuitive? Perhaps, but comments such as these make it clear that there’s more going on with CVOs than first meets the eye. It’s a given that these bikes always deliver a veritable visual assault at first glance; they’re good-looking for sure. And while value is found in the limited production numbers and plethora of extra accessories, there’s an intangible element here that checkbook math simply can’t explain.
The opportunity to dig into the ephemeral rationale floating in the mist of the CVO aura drew me to accept an offer from Motorbooks to author this book. Here is their press release:

Motorbooks is excited to announce the arrival of a new Harley-Davidson book, licensed by Harley-Davidson. Chronicled here for the first time, Harley-Davidson's CVO motorcycles are pure eye candy. Harley-Davidson CVO Motorcycles:The Motor Company's Custom Vehicle Operations by Marilyn Stemp will be arriving in stores in early April.


The pinnacle of Harley-Davidson customization--that's exactly what the Motor Company's Custom Vehicle Operations(R) motorcycles are: custom-shop details that push the boundaries of style and performance with high-impact paint, killer wheels, big engines, and exclusive technology. Designed in-house since 1999 at Harley-Davidson's world-class Willie G Product Development Center, built by the factory, and available through Harley-Davidson's dealer network, these machines set themselves apart from the pack. Harley-Davidson(R) CVO(tm) Motorcycles: the Motor Company's Custom Vehicle Operations is the first book to showcase these works of two-wheeled art and the story behind them.

Produced in limited numbers, and always in high demand, CVO(tm) motorcycles are defined by the riders committed to riding the best. Whether you have one of these high-performance motorcycles in your garage or have one in your sightline, Harley-Davidson(R) CVO(tm) Motorcycles provides a close look into the Motor Company's ultimate custom motorcycles.
Click for more info.
Click for more info.

The CVO monster is available in the Bikernet/5-Ball book store. 

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