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Bikernet Investigates the State of TP Engineering

TP Expands Services, Sales and Manufacturing Strategy

By Canyon Carver
6/11/2010 12:09:41 PM

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TP Engineering, Inc., is a premier manufacturer of performance Evo V-Twin motorcycle engines. We reached out to them recently to discuss how they are dealing with the state of the economy. TP Engineering offers high-performance v-twin motorcycle engines to the custom motorcycle industry. All products are completely manufactured in the United States using American forgings and castings. President Tom Pirone is the winner of Easyriders’ 2004 Industry Leader of the Year and holds U.S. patents for the Pro-Series Oil Pump and 2004 Product of the Year winning Pro-Vent Rocker Boxes.


Just this week we discovered that TP Engineering just opened a new web site . It’s still in progress but customers can now order parts directly from TP online. Riders will also be able to get some technical info directly from the site.

Tom Pirone TP Boss and his vast assortment of V-Twin Awards.

We caught up with TP Engineering boss Tom Pirone and quizzed him about the Market, and you will discover that in addition to reaching outside the motorcycle market TP has enhanced their services to offer rebuilds, engine upgrades, direct sales through their rebuilt website and motorcycle sales. Let's see what Tom had to say:

Bikernet: The V-twin aftermarket has been experiencing severe shrinkage. How have you addressed the situation for your company?

Tom Pirone: The name TP Engineering has always been associated with quality and precision. We’ve used our reputation to make inroads into manufacturing parts for other companies.

Bikernet: What do you see in T.P. Engineering’s future?

Tom Pirone: TP Engineering’s heart and soul will always be in the motorcycle industry. We will continue to improve and develop products where possible, but realize that right now we cannot survive on motorcycle business alone.

Bikernet: TP has supplied many motorcycle manufacturers with factory motors and transmissions. We’re sure that the demand for these has shrunk, as some of these brands are no longer active. Do you support riders who may need replacement parts to service and upkeep their aftermarket bike?

Tom Pirone: Absolutely. Up until last year we really didn’t do any motorcycle service. Now, we have bikes in our shop for all kinds of service, and we are rebuilding engines from S&S, Harley Davidson – virtually all manufacturers.

Bikernet: What makes a TP motor stand out from the rest if someone is considering getting one for a frame-up custom bike build?

Tom Pirone: While performing as well as, or better than other’s, our engines are smoother, quieter, and have a broader power-band. We have patents on our oil pumps, rocker boxes and flywheels. We offer more finish options than anybody else.

Thanks to our exclusive MegaTorque intake port and detonation-free combustion chamber, riders experience an arousing level of useable power across the engine’s entire RPM range. Our dyno testing shows a significant increase in both torque and peak horsepower. We’re making over a hundred ft. lbs. of torque at seventeen hundred RPM – once you ride one you’ll be sold. Several years ago we re-designed cylinders, and the new top end has a rounded, muscular look. The Pro-Series performance top-end is standard on all TP engines available later from TP Engineering.


The TP Engineering Service Shop Menu

TP Engineering is proud to offer a complete array of shop services to take care of your needs. From complete engine rebuilds to upgrades we do it all. Even if we didn't make it, we'll try to help!

Engine Rebuilds
For any V-Twin manufactured engine, including S&S, H-D, you name it.

Engine Upgrades
107 Cubic Inch to 114 Cubic Inch
113 Cubic Inch to 121 Cubic Inch
116 Cubic Inch to 124 Cubic Inch

Performance Upgrades

Flywheel Rebuilds
Complete Rebuild
Balance Flywheels
True Flywheels

Bore and Hone
Ball Hone

Valve Jobs
Compression Release Installation

Show Polishing
Powder Coating
Diamond Cutting

Call our Customer Service Department for details and pricing.


TP Engineering Bike For Sale

Frame: Daytec Skulker - Rubber Mount
Engine: TP 114SP
Trans: Baker 6 speed overdrive, hydraulic clutch
Controls: P/M Contour
Wheels: P/M Silhouette

Front: P/M Dual Disk
Rear: P/M Single Disk

Front: Avon Venom MT90
Rear: Avon Venom 180
Exhaust: Bassani


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Reader Comments

Hi. I just recently acquired a TP Engineering engine and are trying to find out the displacement etc. for it. The Vin # on right side front of lifter block is N02007. I can't seem to access their web site with my Desk top ..."word press error" what ever that means? Are they still around, still building engines? Its a beautiful looking v-twin for sure. Thank you for any info you might have.

Dennis Kuharchuk
Prince George, BC, Canada
Friday, February 2, 2024
Editor Response Hey,

That might be a Big Bear Chopper. Tom Pirone from TP Engineering said he would reach out to you. I hope you can make it live again.
I bought tp engine, need to know year cid #ro3861

joe ponder
imperial, MO
Sunday, March 6, 2022
Editor Response Hey Joe,
I sent your info to the TP boss. I'm sure he can help.
I just bought a non-running bike with a 113 CI TP Pro.
The guy said it needs to have a compression release valve installed.
He said it ran once but he killed the battery trying to start it.

Is this an easy fix?

Pittstown, NJ
Saturday, September 26, 2015
Editor Response It can be. There are some compression releases installed in the spark plug holes, so no drilling the heads. I would suggest reaching out to Tom Pirone at TP for the best advice. Tell him Bikernet sent you:
Good info. I love my TP Pro Series 121-inch, except I go through 3 to 4 regulators a year. I would greatly appreciate a solution to this problem. Perhaps, is there a heavy duty regulator that doesn't blow out the diodes so often?

Mark Flynn
Vallejo, CA
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Editor Response Hey, I would suggest checking your alternator and all your grounds. It probably doesn't have anything to do with the engine.
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