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Bikernet East - An Eagle in the Garage

There's an Eagle in the Garage

By Special Agent Zebra, Photos: Markus Cuff

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Custom Chrome introduces the world's first rocket-powered Zebra. The power plant of the Great Zebra Northern Steamer for Bikernet Chop-Off 2000 by Special Agent Zebra 05.22.00. The Great Zebra Northern Steamer is to be a biker's bike. No fantasyland Hollywood bullshit in the way of $80,000 paint jobs or diamond encrusted spokes, no chop-shop hoopla, the Zebra Steamer is going to the root of American bike building, tight, right, fast, and reliable. It's being built by the rider, with help from Bandit, Wrench, the Chinaman and the torque kings at Casa El Horsepower, in an anonymous garage in San Pedro, California. 

The scoot is being designed to take a lead wrist and heavy beatings without snapping, leaking, dying, or crying. Our bros at Custom Chrome, legendary for their fine products and excellent customer service, answered our call for horsepower, durability, fit, form, and function, by delivering to the Bikernet garage one 88-inch RevTech monster. The Zebra Steamer's heart and soul arrived crated and mounted on a temporary engine stand, for simple storage prior to installation. And talk about ready to ride. When you get an engine from Custom Chrome, you get an engine, one that's ready to plug in, gas up, and ride, tuned and pruned.   

These suckers come complete with carb and ignition system. It is literally bolt-in ready when it comes off the truck with any OEM or custom frame that will hold an Evolution. The RevTechs aren't a cheap amalgamation of aftermarket pieces. The entire system is designed on a CAD (computer assisted design) system, just like the ones used at the big automotive plants. This means you get the latest in engine technology available. Every component is created from new tooling techniques in a state-of-the-art ISO manufacturing plant. But high-tech engineering manufacturing equipment and techniques aren't any good without great concepts to use them on. Again, Custom Chrome has put its money where its product is and created some revolutionary new thinking in big twins. The RevTech engines use no head or base gaskets. Why? Because they leak and they blow. Instead, CCI uses ultra-high temperature O-rings, which are hard as hell itself. Ignition is computer controlled.  They come in 88 and 100-inch displacement. The 88s have 4 1/4 flywheel stroke with a 3 5.8 bore. The 100s boast 4 3/8 stroke and 3 13/16-inch bore. The cases are cut from 356T6 cast aluminum. Every stress point contains added materials for increased strength (read: you don't walk across the Mojave Desert in August). They also have removable press-in/bolt-in bearing inserts on both the left and right sides of the cases and removable bottom sump-plate permits internal inspection. RevTech’s cylinders have increased fin surface in high-heat areas, for advanced cooling (Fourth of July runs, anyone who rides in New Orleans on the I-10 during rush hour or Miami before or after Christmas day). Steel liners are Perma-locked into the outer aluminum castings. The pistons are cast for controlled expansion, which reduces engine noise and wear. 

  Heads have D-shaped exhaust ports for maximum flow and performance. They’re machined for dual plug applications.  You get wider-spaced head bolt patterns. Flywheels are forged of 4340 steel for maximum strength and flywheels and shafts are one-piece designs. The carb is a Mikuni HSR42, which is highly tuned and tunable. Intake manifold is closely matched to the port for maximum flow. Cams are RevTech 50 with .495-inch lift for good torque across the rpm ranges. Ignition is Thunder Heart, module and pick-up. The package also includes rocker box covers, lifter blocks, smooth cam cover, pushrod covers, RevTech oil filter and bracket, hardware, and air cleaner. 
The entire garage is drooling to get this scientifically designed go-fast mother on the street and wrinkle some asphalt. We’ll go by the book for break-in, giving the engine its best chance for optimum performance. Then we'll throw the reins to that big mother and play love songs on our Avons to the Gods of freedom. As always, I will be well mounted, itching and twitching with a need for speed for Bikernet ChopOff 2000 and Sturgis. I have no doubts my scalding new RevTech 88 will stand and deliver. Full throttle thank-yous to our big-torque gangsters at Custom Chrome for building the new RevTech 88. Can't wait to run the spurs to it. 

Special Agent Zebra





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