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Monday Edition

Bikernet Begins Morris Magneto Investigation

Just Scratching The Surface

By Wrench and Dave Shaw
6/10/2010 11:35:41 PM

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knuckle engine
Ten years ago we installed this Morris mag on the Milwaukee Iron Dicey Knuckle. It still starts on the third kick.

This is one of those features Bandit complains about then hands to me. He gets all the complete features and I get ones with shots and not text, or text and no shots. Or it get’s worse. I get the article about the yellow flamed bike and photos of a black scooter covered in skulls.

Dave Shaw is working with Bandit on a Morris Magneto for the 1940, 45-cubic inch flathead with a K-model top end for another pass at Bonneville. Departure Bike Works is still looking for pistons and we’re hoping Ross Pistons can help us. In the meantime Since that bastard Bandit installed Magnetos on may of his bikes we decided to do a feature on the Morris Magneto Line-up.

Magnetos are wonderful things for performance bikes and kickers only. They eliminate batteries and the right mag will last forever and even start when full of water according to Bandit. Talk about a simple chopper, hook up the regulator to the lights and run a kill button and that’s all. So here’s some of the Morris Magneto line-up. We’ll try to bring you updates on a regular basis. We have shots here of mags not featured on their own web site, so don’t hesitate to call ‘em and ask questions.


M-5 Fully Automatic Morris Magneto for 1970 and later Big Twin Harley-Davidsons.

Over a decade ago, we recognized the need for an ignition that would out-start any other ignition, kick or electric start, on any size motor from stock to totally radical. THE M-5 DOES JUST THAT! The secret is in the drive under the magneto. A spring winds up, then at the proper moment, the magneto whips through to provide a hot spark, no matter how slow the motor is turning.

Billet cam-cover and mag available in 'as machined' or polished finish.


Impulse G-5 For generator-style Big Twins

Same features as our M5, and more... no interference problems with cylinders, frame, and relay boss. Fits '36 to '69 and aftermarket Gen/Alt cases. The startin'est thing around!

This mag is a test to tune, but once on the mark it automatically retard the spark for easy starting and kicks it back to advanced position once it’s rolling. It also pre-winds the mag for the largest, most powerful sparkplug charge. The instructions call for light, easy kicks, no leg-breakers necessary.

Illustration of the 45, 1940 Bonne Belle by Chris Kallas.

Mag 3a
Here’s the puppy that will be used on the Bonne Belle, 45, 5-Ball racing flathead with K-Model Top end. You’ll see more on installing and tuning with this puppy in the near future.

MM3 For '57-'70 XL; K, 45 & 80 Flatheads

Firm mounting- no more base leaks. Use with or without a battery. Auto advance. Manual retard for easier starting. Easily installed 2-piece design. No extra mounting hardware to buy. Also available in kit form MM3K for converting stock mags (note: no provision for base-driven mech. tach).

Mag 7

NEW! MSF (PAT. PEND.) Our Latest Creation

In-line solid state adapters to convert your magneto to single-fire, for single or DUAL-PLUG applications! Now you can run dual plugs from a single mag! (Dual plug operation requires the use of 2 MSF units.) Only the live cylinder fires.

Mag 9

"The picture of the yellow wires (I think there's 2 or 3) are the single fire units (p/n MSF),” said Dave. “The generator mag works similar to the G5 and M5, but also a special gear has to go into the cam cover.” We may bring you a tech on installing the single fire unit in the near future.

Mag 3

"The mag pics with the stem are the Flathead ones,” Dave said. That’s the unit we need for our 5-Ball Racing 45.

Mag rotors
Ah, rare-earth Morris Magneto rotors.

“There's a picture of the rare-earth rotors we put in our mags,” Dave added.

MagH5in case
Here’s a M-5 being mocked up in a generator case. This is an exciting unit. We hope to bring you an installation tech in the near future.


The rest of the mag pics are our H5 generator-hole- mounted mag, available mid-January ('07, I hope!),” Dave said.

Mag in bike

Here’s an open H5 that slips in a generator hole, so you can see the inner workings of a magnificent magneto.

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Morristown, NJ 07960
Telephone 973-540-9171
Fax 973-605-8910

Magnetos are classics and so is she. Photo from Bob T. Collection.


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