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Tuesday Edition

Bikernet Banners For Your Use

Select A Banner To Fit Your Site

By Bandit with art from the Bikernet Staff

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Here is a vast selection of banners from our staff of famous artists and photographers. Feel free to use these on your site to promote Bikernet or in exchange for your links on our site. The first banners were created by terrific girl photog Sam Dixon. He also designed the banners. His work is available on SamDixon.com.


Racing Girl



Many of these logos were created by Chris Kallas. He’s an incredible artist and we’re proud to feature his material. Keep in mind all this material is copyrighted, so use it with respect, don't steal it, or we'll be forced to send Leroy and the Rat Eaters to your town.

New logo

The Bikernet logo/banner above was created by a young upcoming artist, George Fleming. He’s very talented and currently attending college in Southern California.

Livia ad

This Sam Dixon shot takes in Livia, his cousin. They travel all over the country posing Livia with fantastic bikes. She compliments every bike she graces.

5-Ball Racing logo

Our Bonneville racing logo by Chris Kallas.

Tiny logo

A small, clean Bikernet logo by George.

Off grass

Just a break from Bikernet logos. Enjoy. I don’t get it either.

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Reader Comments

I think the banner idea is great. I'm just wondering if it'll work for my business, which is a small b&b in real American Indian Tipis on a biker crossroad in Florida. I hope it will.

Oleg Shifrin
Friday, December 30, 2016
Editor Response Hey, we can help. Drop me a line to Bandit@Bikernet.com with your logo and a description about your business. I will post it in the news--no charge. Send me news whenever you have something. I'll be glad to keep the news flowing out to the world of riders.

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